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The Fantastic Podcast Ep. 3: Why we need to grow up and must not grow up!

In episode 3 of the Fantastic Podcast, Andrew Knight talks about something nobody wants, but everyone is forced to : growing up. But what does ‚growing up’ actually mean and do we really have to give up so much, just to be considered „an adult“? It’s not the matrix, so why do we have to choose between the blue and the red pill? Thank you for listening to the podcast. Be sure to leave a like or comment. Support us by subscribing to the podcast and sharing it with your friends! If you like...


Fantastic Podcast Ep. 2: Fantastic Communities and where to find them

In the second episode of the Fantastic podcast, Andrew Knight talks about the importance of community and why we need more fantastic communities. He brings forth a couple of examples, which illustrate different types of communities. Topics in order of appearance: Overwatch Dreadnought Classic World of Warcraft Scientific Community in Academia Youtube Communities Wrestling Communities Main Topic: Fantastic Communities Intro/Outro: Yung Logos - Epic Journey Background Music: Remember The...


Fantastic Podcast Ep. 1 – Fantasy meets Reality: An argument for more fantasy in our daily life!

In the (really this time, previous was Episode 0.5 – go check it out!) premiere episode of the Fantastic Podcast, Andrew Knight brought some galactic adventures, brain-smart-phone and a life in City 17 with him. Also: A quite philosophical take on how Fantasy matters in daily life. Topics in order of appearance: Star Trek Discovery iBoy Half Life 2 Dystopia...


Fantastic Podcast Ep. 0.5 - Introduction, Blizzcon, Stranger Things, Outlander, Star Trek, and more

In the premiere episode of the Fantastic Podcast, Andrew Knight introduces us to a world of fantasy and starts a journey into some of them, including Stranger Things, Blizzcon, Stephen King, Outlander, Alias Grace, American Gods, Star Trek Discovery and The Expanse. Topics in order of appearance: Introducing the Fantastic Podcast Blizzcon Alias Grace Stephen Kings Bazaar of Bad Dreams American Gods The Expanse Star Trek Discovery Stranger Things 2 Outlander Intro/Outro: Yung Logos - Epic...