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FarrCast Episode 12

It's the beginning of the year, and the markets are melting up. Michael and regular Kenny Polcari discuss how the fundamentals and the technicals interact, and where the momentum is taking us. The central banks around the world are gradually changing their policies, and Michael & Kenny explain what changes could bring to the markets. For all of the numbers, fear is the enemy of the long-term investor. Matt Leffingwell joins to talk about the week on the Hill -- and the possibility of...

Duration: 01:00:44

FarrCast Episode 11

It's a New Year, is it a new market? Not yet -- the bull is still stampeding. On the latest FarrCast episode, Michael and Kenny talk about the milestones the market is crossing: Nasdaq 7000, S&P500 2700, and Dow 25,000. Kenny explains algorithm trading and how it has changed the market -- and the dangers it presents. In the second segment, Matt Leffingwell comes in and makes some sense out of what is happening in Washington -- and gives his personal insight into journalist Michael...

Duration: 00:54:39

FarrCast Episode 10

Michael Farr wishes everyone Happy Holidays and presents his top ten stock picks for 2018 - stocks he believs in so much, that he himself will be buying them in the coming year!

Duration: 00:28:15

FarrCast Episode 9

On this week’s Farrcast... Kenny Polcari explains the rotation to value, the stupid Apple call, and why he expects a correction in Q1. Matt Leffingwell eats crow over the new tax bill and explains what changed in DC that made it possible. Congressman Jon explains Washington’s “politics of disruptive “ and what can be done about it. Plus a November 2018 prediction for republicans staying in the majority in both the House and Senate! PLUS. Added bonus Farr’s Top Ten Stocks for 2018!!!...

Duration: 00:53:06

FarrCast Episode 8

Another great episode of The FarrCast this week. Michael talks with Kenny Polcari about the recent market rotations, valuations, expectations, corrections . . . and rigatoni with sweet sausage. As always, Kenny gives a great insight into what to look for in market trends as they occur. Regular Matt Leffingwell joins Michael to talk about the latest from the Hill. Tax reform looks more likely, but there are still big hurdles. The Mueller investigation still has a long way to run. Finally,...

Duration: 00:55:19

FarrCast Episode 7

We are back from Thanksgiving and what a week in Washington! Tax reform continues to make its way towards some sort of legislation, and the markets are beginning to react to the specific proposals. Michael and political analyst Matt Leffingwell discuss what is happening on the Hill, in the markets, and where they collide. In the second segment, Michael is joined by Washington Post financial reporter Thomas Heath. Tom talks about what he has learned as a financial reporter, and tells us his...

Duration: 00:45:39

FarrCast Episode 6

On this week’s FarrCast we are again touching third rails of American politics. This week we talk about trade. What’s wrong with protectionism? Our guest Tony Fratto explains how the protectionist bent is harmful to the economy – and ultimately to your pocketbook. Matt Leffingwell talks about Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions. “I forgot” is now the catch phrase to get yourself out it trouble it seems. Will the Congress forget to pass any meaningful legislation as they play politics, though? As...

Duration: 00:54:10

Episode 5

On this week's FarrCast, Michael explains the yield curve, and Kenny tells us why the markets might not be as robust as the indexes might make you think. Kenny stays on for the second segment as Michael welcomes guest Becky Tallent, former staffer for both John Boehner and John McCain. Along with regular Matt Leffingwell, they make sense of the developments in Washington and what comes next -- and what it means for the markets. In her career on the Hill, Becky became an expert on...

Duration: 01:01:03

FarrCast Episode 4

This week’s FarrCast is packed with information affecting the markets today (and tomorrow!) Big news out of Washington this week as the the Mueller investigation gets well and truly underway, and it appears the choice has been made for a new Fed Chair Political analyst Matt Leffingwell walks us through what lobbyists do and where Manafort has allegedly fallen afoul. Michael and Matt talk about what happens next in Washington — and how that could change the market. But first up, regular...

Duration: 00:57:02

FarrCast Episode 3

This week on The FarrCast markets, doom, wealth gap, taxes, and more about the markets. 30th years after the 1987 crash, Michael, Doug Kass, and Kenny Polcari -- all on the ground in 1987 -- talk about what happened, and what could happen to the current bull market. History doesn't repeat itself, but it usually rhymes. Today's news from DC injects new uncertainty in the markets. Who will be the new Fed Chair? Can tax reform happen? The Republican Whip is working. Does the market care?...

Duration: 00:54:49

FarrCast Episode 2

This week's FarrCast opens with a discussion with Michael Vogelzang, Chief Investment Officer of Boston Advisors, LLC, an investment firm with over $5 billion in assets under management. Michael and Michael talk about the direction of the market and if it's time to get out. Regular Matt Leffingwell joins Michale discussing the latest rumblings from DC and what it means to the market. Does tax reform have a chance of being passed, and does the market even care anymore? Kristina Saunders,...

Duration: 00:57:59

The FarrCast Episode 1

In his debut show, Michael begins by talking to Kenny Polcari - the Managing Director at O'Neil Securities Inc - about the latest market trends, and then he talks to Matt Leffingwell - the former head staffer on Ways and Means - about the current administration and it's impact on the market, and also with Gretchen Zierolf - a Senior Vice President and portfolio manager at Farr, Miller and Washington and her client "Phil from Albquerque" about sound investing strategies.

Duration: 00:55:57