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NASCAR's New Format & the 2017 Daytona 500: Everyone's OK with the changes, right? RIGHT???

NASCAR's new format is one race in the books. EVERYBODY BREATHE. Why did NASCAR give teams so little time to get ready? Did segments really make the racing better? And should fans be asking themselves how long THIS format will last before they get another "new and exciting" way to race? Join Host Ed Berliner and NASCAR columnist Jay Busbee from "Yahoo Sports" as they pull the wheels off this sucker and try to make sense of the new format in this wide full open edition of "The Fastest Show...


The Best Show EVERY Year before EVERY Super Bowl is often Never on the Field

Secrets of the Super Bowl most fans never get to hear. The best show every year at every game is not always on the field. And the "exclusive" stories you get from all those reporters and analysts? Not even close. Want to know what goes on behind those media scenes? Ask a man who has been to 35 Super Bowls. Host Ed Berliner is joined by old friend and veteran NFL Public Relations Director Chip Namias to dig into the reality of Super Bowl week and what the media is able to deliver. Something...


Super Bowl 51: Icing Kickers, Nervous Newbies & THE Most Important Position

Time to kick off talk about the single most important position in Super Bowl LI from one who knows all about it. Can playing in a Super Bowl ever really be considered "just another game" to keep the nerves down? Is there really anything to this idea of "icing the kicker"? And can the Atlanta Falcons players shake off their first time on the big stage against the title game veteran New England Patriots? Host Ed Berliner is joined by former Kansas City Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery for insight...


Super Bowl 51: Is Brady simply unbeatable? What's Belichick scheming? Is Ryan on verge of greatness?

Super Bowl LI and let the questions begin! New England Patriots HC Bill Belichick always has something up his sleeve, so how can the Atlanta Falcons hope to decipher his game plan in time? The ONLY way to ruffle Tom Brady, why Matt Ryan could be on the verge of greatness in his own right, and while we're here, someone PLEASE explain what the heck San Francisco is doing naming John Lynch as their GM? Host Ed Berliner is joined by veteran NFL columnist Larry Weisman to begin breaking down...


Making "The Johnny Manziel Clown Show" an Educational Must for Athletes Everywhere

Nothing Johnny Manziel does or says anymore will surprise anyone. Following his latest juvenile stunt tweeting President Donald Trump, it's obvious he's no closer to being back in the NFL than a used jockstrap. However, his continuing clown show could be the perfect teaching aid for parents of young athletes and the players themselves. Host Ed Berliner is joined by noted sports psychologist Dr. Andrew Jacobs for a trip inside the mind of Manziel. Bring a safety helmet, because this ride...


Clemson-Alabama: Was the Winning Score Legal? Is there a 2018 Rematch? Is the ACC a Powerhouse?

From what was undoubtedly one of the greatest National Championship games in College Football History, plenty of answers and even more questions. Host Ed Berliner is joined by the REAL CFB "Swami", the man who picked the winner on this show last week, John Fricke from 92.9 "The Game" in Atlanta for more than just why Clemson beat Alabama. How illegal were some of those hits? Should the winning TD have been a penalty? Why WON'T there be a rematch in the Title game next year? Which SEC team...


The Miami Dolphins "Dumpster Fire" is Over, so Is HC Adam Gase Coach of the Year?

The Miami Dolphins are the shock team of the 2017 NFL Playoffs, so has rookie Head Coach Adam Gase earned to be called "Coach of the Year"? Join Host Ed Berliner and veteran Fins Beat Reporter Armando Salguero from the "Miami Herald" as they also wonder how long Gase will last, has Owner Stephen Ross learned to lead or did he just get lucky, and why fans should NOT be angry if Miami only lasts one game in this post-season. The Playoffs are here, and so is this episode of "The Fastest Show...


NFL Coaching Disasters in SF, DEN & WASH, Adam Gase as Coach of the Year & Wild Card Locks

Where to next for the NFL embarrassments that are the Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers? Is Miami Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase a "can't miss" for Coach of the Year? And who heads home after this coming Wild Card weekend? Join Host Ed Berliner as he welcomes veteran NFL analyst Larry Weisman for the scoop and the predictions we dare you to find issue with. Go for it, and welcome to the first 2017 episode of "The Fastest Show in Sports"!


Why Are So Many Fans SO Damn ANGRY All the Time? Are Fans More Violent Than the Players?

The rising level of anger among fans, most notably football fans, can no longer be ignored. At times, fans are more violent toward each other than play on the field. Why are we as sports fans so angry so often? Why can we not just take the events as games and entertainment that doesn't turn us into vile idiots? Host Ed Berliner is joined by noted Sports Psychologist Dr. Andrew Jacobs for a discussion some fans might find more than a little uncomfortable. Buckle up for another controversial...


Baseball HOF Hypocrisy: If Bud Selig is In, ALL Known & Suspected Steroid Users MUST Be Given a Pass

The election of former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to the Baseball Hall of Fame creates a dilemma of the greatest hypocrisy the sport has ever known. If Selig, the man who knew about the steroid cheating and tacitly allowed it to happen, is allowed entry to Cooperstown, then players such as Bonds, Clemens, A-Rod, Sosa and others MUST be reconsidered immediately without drug prejudice. If Selig is in, why aren't they? Join Host Ed Berliner and veteran National MLB Columnist & Reporter Bob...


CFB: Should University Reveal Evidence Against Players & Where is Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

The University of Minnesota has suspended 10 football players following an investigation into an alleged sexual assault off campus. But their are plenty of questions here with no arrests, no trial in the offing, lawsuits involved and the matter of "innocent until proven guilty". Host Ed Berliner is joined on this episode of "The Fastest Show in Sports" by noted sports legal expert Alan Milstein to dive into the dark avenues of player conduct, schools that become both judge and jury, and...


NHL: Proof the Game Doesn't Need Fighting, Why the Sport Struggles, & the Smartest Fans in Sports

A new study shows most people either don't want or don't care if fighting remains a part of the NHL. So then, why not get rid of it once and for all? Host Ed Berliner is joined by veteran NHL columnist and author Adrian Dater to dig into a debate that's been raging for years, why hockey fans might be the smartest fans in sports, and does the game struggle in America simply because they don't like Canadians? Game On for another hard checking edition of "The Fastest Show In Sports".


NFL:The Fisher Fiasco, Pathetic Passers, the REAL MVP in Detroit, & THE Team to Fear in the Playoffs

Los Angeles is stuck with a disaster of an NFL franchise, and the Rams could be the most dysfunctional bunch in the League. There's good reason why 2016 is a season filed with lousy QB's, a better reason why the Dallas Cowboys would be idiots to bench Dak Prescott, and we have the most and least feared teams going into the playoffs. Join Host Ed Berliner and NFL Analyst Zig Fracassi from SIriusXM as they go no-holds barred on the NFL and the race for the Super Bowl in this episode of "The...


Why Bowl Games are good for College Football & the "OTHER" Bowling where Passion reigns Supreme.

From a voice that brings you College Football every season on ESPN, here's why those "other" bowl games are so important and what the "lower level" teams and conferences should be doing to make their postseason better. Host Ed Berliner is joined by old friend and veteran PBP announcer Dave LaMont to deliver 2 types of bowling: The college football variety, and Dave's role as PBP on the PBA Tour and the passion exhibited by it's fans. Oh, and then there's this debate about "two handed...


College Football Needs a Commissioner, Penn State Can't Whine, & the ONLY Way to Make Schedules Fair

Let's settle the most important arguments at the moment in College Football. There is only 1 way to make it fair for every team that wants to win a National Title, and it starts with the schedule. Nothing will ever be settled until the game has a Commissioner, and with all respect the team that finished 5th in the final rankings, as in Penn State this season, has NOTHING to whine about. Join Host Ed Berliner and CFB Analyst/former scout and coach Chris Landry for "The Fastest Show in...


CFB Playoff: Insulting Greed Driving Call for More Teams & Why Players Must Be Paid

College Football does NOT need expanded playoffs, and the only reason for it is NCAA greed, greedy TV networks, and a misguided desire to make it more like the NFL. Host Ed Berliner is joined by attorney and former player agent Joe Casale expose not only whey the current format works, but why the players MUST one day unionize and seek their share of a multi-million dollar payout.


Kaepernick Case: Do We Want Socially-Active Athletes OR Would We Prefer They Just Shut Up & Play?

Colin Kaepernick's actions and comments about Fidel Castro have left us with really only one question: Do we as sports fans want our athletes to be socially conscious in seeking to change the world or even one person at a time, OR would we prefer they just shut their mouths, stay out of intelligent conversations and just play the damn game??? Join Host Ed Berliner and sportsradio talker Dan Jacobs from "The Final Verdict" at Mile High Sports Radio in Denver as they dare to pose questions...


MLB: Fixing the Greatest Mistake Ever, a Sport Healthier Than Ever, & The Solution to Boring Games

The new CBA is done, there will be NO repeat of 1994, and Major League Baseball is healthier than ever because the critics have no clue what they're talking about. That, and the single greatest mistake in MLB history has been fixed. Host Ed Berliner is joined by NBC Sports Radio analyst Seth Everett for all this plus why Interleague play has to go and the real culprit creating boring games. Hit one out of the park in this episode of "The Fastest Show in Sports".


CFB: Nick Saban Already GOAT? Harbaugh's Fine Whine & Which 2 Teams Would Make Best Title Tilt

Let's start some REAL debates in College Football: Is Alabama HC Nick Saban better than Bear Bryant and is he already the Greatest CFB Coach ever? Which 2 teams would make THE most intriguing National Championship game? How to fix the Heisman Trophy, and why Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh needs to put a jock strap in it. Host Ed Berliner is joined by CFB Expert Analyst John Fricke from "The Game 92.9" in Atlanta to light some late season fires on this episode of "The Fastest Show in Sports".


Why are Sports Fans So Angry? Start With Insulting Radio & TV "Analysts"

Why are so many sports fans so damned angry so often? Plenty of good reasons, but let's start with the so-called sports experts, analysts and commentators on sports talk radio and places such as ESPN and FOX who believe it's their job to piss you off and get you screaming. And you better believe it's all about ratings. Join Host Ed Berliner and veteran NFL columnist Russell Baxter as they spit out a truth plenty of their peers will be angry at but need to hear. So do the fans.


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