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EP 249 Ultimate Autographs

On this episode, Eric is flying solo so he brings in Mike from Mike's Stadium Sports Cards to help fill the void. Mike is breaking down the Upper Deck Diamond Collector meetings, his yearly Mikey Awards, and all things hobby both in Denver area and around the country. Next, Matt, co-owner of Ultimate Autographs in Chicago stops down to let our listeners know more about his company, their products, and why you should be shopping there, breakers are going to love this. However, before those...

Duration: 01:30:17

EP 248 Collectible Crad Club

On this episode, Eric and Paul speak to Bill Mason of Bills Sports Cards & Memorabilia in Philly about his shop that he's been running for 20 plus years. He breaks down moving off his shelves and why he's a Rams fan in the city of brotherly love. In our feature interview, Rob Smith sits down in the studio to talk about The Collectible Card Club and what his goals are for this new subscription box and the hobby. Oh. he's also our new sponsor so we have lots to get into there and what that...

Duration: 01:12:47

EP 247 The 2017 Trading Card Awards

On this episode, Eric joins Rob and Ivan of GO GTS Live to present the 2017 Trading Card Awards. This is a full slate of awards voted on by you, the collectors, that keep our great hobby alive and well. Who will win, well, you need to hit play to find out.

Duration: 01:54:51

EP 246 Yahoo Sports Mike Oz

On this episode, Eric and Paul or joined by Yahoo Sports own Mike Oz to break down all things baseball cards. From his popular web series "25 Year Old Baseball Card" to taco trucks in Fresno, Mike has so much to bring to the table. It's a can't miss interview. Later, the guys open up the Fat Packs Mailbag and answer listener questions that include, dunking preferences, Christmas gifts, and hobby wins. All that, plus new products and pricing, a Last Jedi review, and much more, on this edition...

Duration: 01:36:35

EP 245 Melina Myers & Star Wars Collecting

On this episode, Eric and Paul are joined by the very talented sports photographer, Melina Myers, whose work can be found SI, ESPN, USA Today's, the NFL, and Panini. She breaks down what being behind the camera on the sidelines is like, and what its like to see her work on cardboard. Later, our very own Matt Bible joins the conversation to talk about Star Wars collecting as we await the release of the Last Jedi. All that, plus new products and pricing, our Top 3 Christmas Songs, and much...

Duration: 01:20:52

EP 244 RBICru 7, UltraPro, & Ryan Cracknell

On this episode, Eric and Paul are joined by three guests, each of which is unique in their own right. First, Ryan from RBICru7 joins the guys to talk about National Hobby Shop Day, their group BGS submissions, hockey in STL, and how the Rams have affected the football sells in the STL market. Next, Lynne from UltraPro joins the show to talk about new products they have hitting stores in 2017 and the 12 Days of UltraPro giveaways. Finally, the guys found Ryan Cracknell wondering the halls of...

Duration: 01:14:15

ESP 243 Author Jon Finkel & LGTP Host Drew Herndon

On this episode, Eric and Paul sit down with author Jon Finkel to discuss his new book The Athlete which profiles Flordia State great, and Heisman winner, Charlie Ward. He shares stories from his book, quotes from big-time coaches, and so much more. Later, Eric hops on the line with Drew Herndon, host of Lemme Get that Podagraph, to discuss his show, his thoughts on the hobby, and Panthers. All that, plus new products and pricing, giveaway announcements, and a wrap of Piece-A-Thon 2017, this...

Duration: 01:11:46

11 - 22 The One With Top Shelf Breaks

On this episode, Eric and Paul are joined by show sponsor and CBO, Chris Keller of Top Shelf Breaks from the Chicago Sports Spectacular. We are talking breaking, site sales, and just the hobby in general. Later we get into the Fat Packs Thankful list and some interesting news from the world of the MLB. All that plus, new products and pricing, and much more, on this edition of the Fat Packs Podcast.

Duration: 01:02:07

11 - 13 Sport Card Expo Day 3

Our final episode from the 2017 Sport Card Expo with sports artist Tim Carroll, The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame, Fanatics, and Leaf Trading Cards.

Duration: 01:14:35

11 - 11 Sport Card Expo Day 2

Day 2 from the Sport Card Expo brings interviews with Steve Grad, Chris Carlin, Matt Sharpe, Andy Chung, Julia Barac, and David Wright.

Duration: 01:37:33

11 - 10 Sport Card Expo Day 1

Day 1 from the Sport Card Expo with Ken Reid, Dennis Maruk, Derek Ficken, David Wright, and Chris Harris.

Duration: 01:22:32

11 - 2 The One With Slugfest Author Reed Tucker & Sport Card Expo Preview

On this episode, Eric and Paul are joined by Slugfest author, Reed Tucker, to discuss his new project. If you are into comics at all, or you just love a very well researched book, you have to check Slugfest out. It's a chronicle of the 50-year war between Marvel and DC with all the twist and turns of an epic saga. Reed breaks down how he put this project together and what to look for as you read it. Later in the show, we open the Fat Packs Mailbag and answer listeners questions that range...

Duration: 01:20:55

10 - 26 The One With Frameworth, Emily Roggenburk, & a Dallas Fan Days Recap

On this episode, Eric and Paul are joined by Brian Ehrenworth of from Frameworth and aerial photographer Emily Roggenburk who is known for here championship celebration photos. Frist up is Mr. Ehrenworth who lays out the autograph guest at the 2017 Fall Expo in Toronto and lets you know how you can get your orders in now. Next, Emily joins the guys to break down what its like to celebrate championships from a helicopter. She also has a line of apparel for you and a discount code to use in...

Duration: 01:36:04

10 - 19 The One With The Von Erich's

On this episode, Eric and Paul sit down with the IWR Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich. If you aren't familiar with the Von Erich name just know that we were sitting across from wrestling royalty. They shared family stories, what's it like on the road, training, Pokemon, and so much more. These guys really could not have been better. It's a can't miss edition of the Fat Packs Podcast.

Duration: 01:16:19

10 - 12 The One With Lessons From Legends Author Scott Bedgood

On this edition, Eric and Paul are speaking with Scott Bedgood about his forthcoming book titled Lessons From Legends. Mr. Bedgood sat down with icons of college football and talked about life, winning, losing, and how that translates both on and off the field. Scott also has a new role here at Beckett and we talk about his perspective of the hobby from a newbie. We're also getting into how the MLB postseason could help, or hurt, some key players where their hobby position is concerned....

Duration: 01:24:24

10 - 5 The One With Susan From Topps & David Wright

On this edition, Eric and Paul are kicking off Slam-O-Ween with a Susan from Topps and David Wright aka, Long Fly Ball. First, Susan joins us to talk about Topps WWE and UFC brands and what it takes to put products together for them. We talk signers, checklist, and all the ins and outs. Next, David Wright returns from his long summer hiatus and reinstates The Set of the Month with 1986 Monty Gum Wrestling. From it's mustard yellow color to it's horrible cropping, this set is so bad it's...

Duration: 01:39:14

9 - 28 The One With SuperGuy Author Kurt Clopton

On this edition, Eric and Paul end Superhero September with Kurt Clopton, the author of SuperGuy. We talk about how SuperGuy was created, Kurt's influences, and an exciting new format for SuperGuy that kicks off next week with Faux Fiction Audio. We also discuss the collectibility of Playboy Magazine as the passing of American Icon Hugh Hefner as pushed that title back into the spotlight. All that, plus new products and pricing, giveaways, and much more, this week, on the Fat Packs Podcast.

Duration: 01:15:15

9 - 27 The One With The K&C Masterpiece

On this special edition, Eric and Paul are joined by Kevin Hageland and Corey Mageors, better known as the K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan here in the DFW. We are talking all thing collecting with these guys. From junk wax to big-time investments its all covered here. We also learn about how they got their start in radio and which of them may or may not have an arrest record. All that, plus another Top Shelp Breaks giveaway that you need to be a part of, on this very special episode of...

Duration: 01:08:14

9 - 21 The One With Ken Karl & Desi Westside

On this episode, Eric and Paul take a closer look at the sports art of Ken Karl, who was the artist behind the promo cards during the Beckett Scavenger Hunt at the 2017 NSCC. Ken breaks down his connection to Stan Musial, his love for color pencils, and reacts to Dennis Rodman being the most sought-after card on the floor. Later, we are joined by podcaster, producer, and director, Desi Westside who is working on a new project called "My Comic Book Country". It's a conversation full of...

Duration: 01:42:33

9 - 14 The One With Hobby Talk & Fat Packs Mailbag

On this episode, Eric and Paul are playing catch up with hobby news as they discuss new products, up coming auctions, and how fantasy football directly relates to trading cards. They also open up the Fat Packs Mailbag and respond to some listener questions. Everything from pack collation to their favorite moments at Beckett. All that, plus, Fat Packs Chase winners, a visit to the animal kingdom, and Vegas break down, this week, on the Fat Packs Podcast.

Duration: 01:28:31

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