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The Faygoluvers Podcast. Repping the news and interviews you want to hear straight from the underground.

The Faygoluvers Podcast. Repping the news and interviews you want to hear straight from the underground.
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The Faygoluvers Podcast. Repping the news and interviews you want to hear straight from the underground.




20in17 - Chapter 09: GOTJ

Everything happening on the 20in17 docu-series happened before I was onboard and it's dope. I personally was just beginning to get into ICP and the whole Dark Carnival mythology right around the time of the first Gathering of the Juggalos in 2000 and I was not there but I definitely know it's sparked something huge since then. This is chapter 9 of the Faygoluvers' exclusive docu-series, 20in17 with our homie Brandon Ward. Appropriately titled "GOTJ" as that's the timeframe we're now at in...

Duration: 00:56:03

#023 - Bukshot

It's another Juggalo happy-friendly episode of The Faygoluvers Podcast. It's episode #23 and you can pretty much consider this a Special Juggalo March edition of the podcast because that's pretty much all we talk about, ninjas. On this episode we have our homie Bukshot. He and I discuss him attending the Juggalo March on Washington even though it was originally announced he wouldn't be performing. We discuss him performing anyway and delivering his speech. We also discuss him possibly...

Duration: 01:24:00

20in17 - Chapter 08: Woodstock '99

Y'all remember when ICP played Woodstock '99, right? I'm sure some of you weren't even born yet but I myself didn't even know about it until a year or so later. The beat was all fucked up and that definitely took away from the performance but ICP still performed like the Wicked Clowns do. Chapter 8 of Faygoluvers' exclusive docu-series 20in17 is now available and covers that exact topic. The Insane Clown Posse at Woodstock '99. Very dope. Brandon Ward once again hosts this epic series...

Duration: 00:45:30

20in17 - Chapter 07: Amazing Jeckel Brothers

Chapter 7 on the docu-series 20in17 all about the history of the Insane Clown Posse over the past 20 years is now available for your listening pleasure! On this episode, Brandon goes over everything relating to the era of the 5th Joker's Card of the first deck, the Amazing Jeckel Brothers. This includes singles and samplers available at that time, The Juggalo Show that aired on 105.1 back in '99, The Howard Stern Show, MTV News, the Psychopathic Asylum tour, Music Your Mama Hates and a...

Duration: 00:44:58

#022 - The Juggalo Kid from Tosh.0

We're back with another fresh episode of The Faygoluvers Podcast. This episode is kinda like a mixture of the episode of Tosh.0 featuring The Juggalo Kid aka SmokerTheJoker, Anthony Shank and the upcoming Juggalo March on Washington. In the interview Anthony and I talk about his appearance on Tosh.0, how they contacted him, meeting Tosh, what the experience was like, his initial reaction when he saw the Insane Clown Posse step out, meeting ICP, his stance as a Juggalo now, his rap career,...

Duration: 01:01:00

20in17 - Chapter 06: Merch

It's already time for chapter 6 of the docu-series we've been posting about called "20in17" that quite a few of you ninjas have been checking out. This week's chapter is titled "Merch" and is mostly features an interview between Brandon and the infamous Vinnie The ICP Kid. Brandon and Vinnie speak on merch (of course), this year's Gathering of the Juggalos as well as past Gathering experiences, Psychopathic's newest artist Lyte, Shaggy 2 Dope's solo freshness, the Carnival of Carnage show,...

Duration: 01:41:47

FLH Exclusive - Kevin Gill Interview

More’s own Chad Thomas Carsten speaks to Kevin Gill about a variety of topics including: – Working with ICP/Psychopathic Records – Working with JCW and other wrestling organizations – 3 Records that helped him through his personal struggles – Memories of New York Hardcore scene – First experience with wrestling commentary – The Kevin Gill Show podcast – The 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos – The Juggalo March and why it’s so important – Most embarrassing moments while...

Duration: 00:52:55

20in17 - Chapter 05: Hallowicked

I know that a lot of Juggalos are really digging this new "20in17" docu-series we've been posting exclusive to and now it's time for another episode of that sheezy. Brandon Ward once again brings us another chapter of ICP's history from the last 20 years. This is chapter 5 and is titled "Hallowicked" and they talk about, well Insane Clown Posse's infamous annual Hallowicked Clown Show. Highly recommended show for anyone feelin' that Halloween spirit a little early this year...

Duration: 00:37:02

#021 - Lil Polk

After almost 2 months The Faygoluvers Podcast is finally back with a brand new episode! We have our homie Lil Polk of Project Born on this episode and we have a discussion about the new albums Born Dead 3 & 4 soon to be released, the original version of Born Dead that was lost back in the day, the formation of Project Born, signing to Psychopathic Records, the Gathering, The Juggalo March and a whole lot more. Definitely worth checking out for you old and new-school fans of the...

Duration: 01:04:00

20in17 - Chapter 04: WWF

The new docu-series 20in17 created by Brandon Ward is so dope. Lots of Juggalos are loving that we're posting this up. Right now episode #4 titled "WWF" is available for your listening pleasure. On this episode Brandon goes over pretty much everything ICP went through when starting out big in the WWF. This includes Summerslam '98 at Madison Square Garden, shoot fights with The Headbangers, sharing a ring with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and more! They also go into ICP beginning in the WCW...

Duration: 00:48:27

20in17 - Chapter 03: Fxck Disney

Episode #3 of the new docu-series "20in17" by Brandon Ward released exclusively through Faygoluvers is available now for your listening pleasure. On this episode we are still sticking around the Hollywood/Disney era and go over a ton of stuff involved with the Wicked Clowns and... well, Disney. Some honorable mentions include the House of Horrors, the Juggalo Funhouse, panic attacks, Hammer slides on the industry, the station that strangles and a whole lot more! Definitely worth checking...

Duration: 00:52:55

20in17 - Chapter 02 - Shockumentary

Last week we told you ninjas about a brand new docu-series released by Brandon Ward exclusively through Faygoluvers titled 20in17 detailing the history of the Insane Clown Posse's history over the past 20 years. Episode 2 titled Shockumentary is available now for your listening pleasure! It's still the Milenko era and Brandon goes over the first ICP music videos, the story behind the Jokers Cards, Choko, Vinnie The ICP Kid, Faygo, Stranglemania and a lot more! You can check out 20in17 on...

Duration: 00:53:53

20in17 - Chapter 01: Introduction

20in17 is a 17 chapter docucast about the past 20 years of Insane Clown Posse, and the FAM! Complete with classic sound clips from the past 20 yrs of the wicked. More on Faygoluvers:

Duration: 00:45:25

FLH Exclusive - Esham The Unholy Interview

The Godfather of the Wicked Shit: ESHAM the Unholy sits down with‘s Scottie D to talk about his new album: $cribble. ESHAM covers a variety of topics including: – The Gathering of the Juggalos – Other artists “Nibbling his Scribble” – Writing $cribble as if it was the last album he’d ever record – No longer pressing up CDs – The Future of Reel Life Productions – The difference between the “Wicked Shit” and the “Wackest Shit” – Being out on the road touring again – Signing...

Duration: 00:33:20

#020 - Wrekonize

We've made it all the way to episode #20 of The Faygoluvers Podcast and our guests keep getting better and better. On this episode we speak with Wrekonize of ¡Mayday! and Strange Music. Wrekonize and I go over hip-hop influences, his new album "Into the Further," politics in the music, Juggalos and The Gathering of the Juggalos, Strange Music, ¡Mayday! and more! Wrekonize is a super chill ninja. This interview is worth checking out. Also on this episode we have out homie from Masters of...

Duration: 00:56:00

#019 - The R.O.C.

Welcome to episode #19 of The Faygoluvers Podcast. On this episode we have our homie The R.O.C. of Majik Ninja Entertainment! The R.O.C. and I discuss the origins of his newest album "Digital Voodoo," the meaning behind the album name, production, switching songs up and more. Outside of the album we discuss Majik Ninja Entertainment, hidden messages in past songs, musical influences and a whole lot more. Tune in to see what this ninja's got to say! Also on this episode we feature a clip of...

Duration: 01:03:00

#018 - Adlib

It's time for another episode of MY favorite podcast, The Faygoluvers Podcast. It's episode #18 and we have that ninja Adlib on the show! Adlib and I discuss his new album "Primitive Tomorrow," production, Madchild, Rebel Hippies, favorite smoking methods and strains, musical inspirations past and present and a whole lot more! Check that out. Also on this episode we feature a clip from the exclusive interview Chad Carsten and I conducted with Sadistik. If you're curious about trying out...

Duration: 00:50:59

FLH Exclusive - Sadistik Interview


Duration: 00:23:07

#017 - Kung Fu Vampire

It's episode #17 of The Faygoluvers Podcast and we have our homie Kung Fu Vampire on the show! What a perfect way to celebrate the seventeenth episode of the show. KFV and I discuss his performance at Canadian Juggalo Weekend, what him and Violent J discussed at the bar, drama between MNE and ICP, his new album "Come Dawn," his tour with Locksmith, record labels approaching him and much more! Definitely a lot going on in this 30+ minute interview, ninjas. Definitely check out what KFV has...

Duration: 01:04:00

#016 - Sutter Kain

It's episode #16 of The Faygoluvers Podcast and we got the infamous Sutter Kain filling the guest spot! We discuss his new project "Pull The Fucking Trigger," his work in the industry, where his inspirations come from, who he thinks is killing it in the underground currently, his love for animals, and a whole lot more. This ninja is who I think of when I think of horror rap. Definitely check this out. Also on this episode we have our homie Freaky P of Replicon Radio. Last episode I...

Duration: 01:08:00

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