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The Faygoluvers Podcast. Repping the news and interviews you want to hear straight from the underground.

The Faygoluvers Podcast. Repping the news and interviews you want to hear straight from the underground.
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The Faygoluvers Podcast. Repping the news and interviews you want to hear straight from the underground.




#032 - King Krimzon

It's episode #32 of The Faygoluvers Podcast and we're still doin' our best to bring you the latest freshness happening in the underground. On this episode we have this ninja that's name has rolled of the tongues of many Juggalos in the past week and a half, King Krimzon. King and I go over his recent appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, his thoughts on the advice given to him by both Dr. Phil and Violent J, his opinion on ICP today, the fact that a lot of what was said on the show was not...


#031 - Tom Wood

It's been 2 weeks since we've dropped the last episode of the podcast of The Faygoluvers Podcast so that means it's time for a brand new, fresh out of the oven episode for you ninjas. This time on the podcast we got lucky and snagged us and interview with a legit artist. If you've been a part of the Juggalo community for the past 8 years you know who I'm talkin' about. It's the one and only Tom Wood! So dope. Tom and I go over him first creating the designs for the first 6 Joker's Cards,...


#030 - Lex The Hex Master

It's New Year's Eve and here I am chillin' in my underground Faygoluvers headquarters recording The Faygoluvers Podcast. That's alright though because I have a couple homies to keep me company. This is episode #30 and the last episode we'll be dropping in 2017 (obviously)! We had to make this one special so we have our homie Lex The Hex Master joining us! Lex and I got over his latest album dropped on Majik Ninja Entertainment, Beyond Redemption, the recording process, working with other...


#029 - KidCrusher

It's that special time of year again, ninjas. Where there's snow on the ground, everybody's shopping, and we lie to our kids about a fat dude breaking in and leaving shit for them. This also means it's time for our annual Christmas episode of The Faygoluvers Podcast! This is episode #29 and I've been saving this guest for this very episode. I'm talking about the one and only KidCrusher! I know a lot of underground artists release Christmas material but when I think Christmas and...


#028 - DJ Clay

On this episode of The Faygoluvers Podcast, for the first time ever we get to speak with a Psychopathic Records recording artist! I'm talkin the ninja that's been there longer than almost every other artist currently signed to the label, the one and only DJ Clay! Clay and I spoke on the upcoming Toys in the Hood show featuring him, Big Hoodoo and Ouija Macc happening December 9th at Harpo's in Detroit, the possibility of a new full length album from Clay, The Seventeen Mixtape, Armed...


FLH Exclusive - D-Lyrical Interview

Dale "D-LyricaL" Miettinen was a brief part of the history of the Insane Clown Posse in the early 90s. He spent time with Violent J and the Inner City Posse recording the now infamous album "Intelligence & Violence" on his karaoke machine. Faygoluvers' own Scottie D joins Vinnie the ICP Kid as we find out what has been going on with D-Lyrical over the past 3 decades, if he has followed the success of ICP, if he considers himself a Juggalo, and tons more! He speaks very candidly about his...


20in17 - Chapter 17: Forever

This is it, Juggalos. The final chapter of the Faygoluvers exclusive docu-series 20in17. Not titled "The End" but titled "Forever." I remember Scottie D first hitting me up asking me if I thought it would be cool to release this podcast documenting the last 20 year's of ICP's history. I honestly didn't think it was gonna be that dope but Scottie forwarded me the email and I gave it a shot. Needless to say I was super impressed with what I heard and I knew immediately what Brandon was doing...


#027 - Sewerside

We have a very fun episode of The Faygoluvers Podcast this time around, ninjas. Our homie Sewerside has decided to ascend from the depths of the underground to join us in what I consider to be an extremely entertaining conversation. In this interview Sewerside and I discuss the Juggalo March on Washington, this ICP/Twiztid nonsense, Juggalos, Nintendo & video games, 90's cartoons, podcasting, what's coming up for him musically and a whole lot more. Tune in and listen to that, ninjas and...


20in17 - Chapter 16: FTFOMFBI

This is the part about ICP's history that I don't like. It definitely will put 'em down in the history books, but for a pretty shitty reason. I'm talkin' about the FBI's labeling of Juggalos as a gang. I, along with everyone else I know agree this is bullshit yet it was covered in the media a lot. In this Chapter of the 20in17 podcast, that super-ninja Brandon Ward takes us through a lot of that media. This is Chapter 16 of the Faygoluvers Exclusive docu-series 20in17. The episode starts...


20in17 - Chapter 15: 2nd Deck

Like a lot of you ninjas, I was around to see each and everyone of these Cards drop! In this chapter of the 20in17 podcast out homie Brandon Ward walks us through the timeline of what was happening for the Wicked Clowns during the 3 eras that have come and went since Bang! Pow! Boom! was dropped. I personally am a huge a fan of the direction ICP has went with the 2nd Deck of Joker's Cards and this was definitely a nice refresher. The episode starts out with the Bang! Pow! Boom! Intro and...


#026 - Farris The Juggalawyer

Ninjas. We have a guest on this episode of the podcast that I consider to be very important to Juggalo culture. I'm talkin' about Farris Haddad the Juggalawyer that's been representing Juggalos and the Insane Clown Posse in this case against the FBI's labeling us as a gang. In this interview Farris and I speak on the lawsuit from the very beginning until now. We also speak on how he initially met Violent J, the first time he heard ICP, Juggalos and a whole lot more! There may be a lot of...


20in17 - Chapter 14: Cave N Rock

Skipping ahead a few years from the last chapter of the 20in17 docu-series comes Chapter 14 entitled "Cave N Rock" all about the Gathering of the Juggalos that went down in Cave N Rock, Illinois. This is an era in the Insane Clown Posse's history where they were just beginning on the 2nd deck but the episode only focuses on the flavor that is the Gathering of the Juggalos. 20in17 is a Faygoluvers exclusive docu-series featuring our homie Brandon Ward. The episode starts out with the...


20in17 - Chapter 13: The End

Alright. Violent J said he himself really hated this era. Really it was over very quickly. I'm talking about the Hell's Pit era and even though J hated it, Hell's Pit is still definitely one of my favorite albums that the Wicked Clowns have ever dropped. This is the Faygoluvers exclusive docu-series 20in17 Chapter 13 titled "The End" featuring that ninja Brandon Ward. This episode starts out with the Intro from Hell's Pit and leads into topics like The Wicked Wonka Tour, Backyard Wrestling...


#025 - 10/31

It's episode number 25 of The Faygoluvers Podcast but it's our second annual Halloween episode! Last year we were joined by Kegan The Creep Ass and this year we're joined by a very Halloween themed guest. I'm talkin' Detroit's own 10/31! Join Kaos, ZigZag, Coal Sadiztic and I as we speak about what 10/31 stands for, the formation of the group, working with Church of Mushroomhead, their latest music video "The Wrath," Halloween costumes, The Rude Boy, favorite artists and more! The perfect...


20in17 - Chapter 12: The 6th

It's now time for one of the best eras in the Insane Clown Posse's entire history. The era of the 6th Joker's Card; The Wraith: Shangri-la. I was definitely anticipating this album release as this was the first major ICP release dropping after I finally understood the Wicked Clowns. It definitely did not disappoint. This is the Faygoluvers exclusive docu-series 20in17 featuring your homie and mine, Brandon Ward. This episode starts out with The 6th Sampler and leads into ICP going into...


Last American Rock Stars Interview

On this Faygoluvers Exclusive interview we have King Gordy and Bizarre of MNE’s newest group, Last American Rock Stars, LARS. Gordy and Bizarre speak on signing with MNE, working with Twiztid, their new album and mixtape Foul World dropping on Devil’s Night, the shock factor in their music, ICP & Juggalos, rock & hip-hop influences and a whole lot more! Bizarre is one funny dude. Definitely tune in and check that out. More about LARS:


20in17 - Chapter 11: Dark Lotus

Now is the time in the docu-series where I remember shit goin' on because I was there for it. Finally. This is chapter 11 of the Faygoluvers exclusive docu-series 20in17 titled "Dark Lotus." I remember being a huge fan of ICP and them introducing Twiztid becoming a huge fan of them. Then when I found out they were forming a dark, wicked shit group together, I was almost fuckin' giddy. I'm not gonna lie. The episode starts off with the 2001 Psychopathic Sampler and leads into our homie...


#024 - Last American Rock Stars

It's episode #24 of The Faygoluvers Podcast and this time around we have some of our biggest guests yet. We have King Gordy and Bizarre of MNE's newest group, Last American Rock Stars, LARS. Gordy and Bizarre speak on signing with MNE, working with Twiztid, their new album and mixtape Foul World dropping on Devil's Night, the shock factor in their music, ICP & Juggalos, rock & hip-hop influences and a whole lot more! Bizarre is one funny dude. Definitely tune in and check that out. Also on...


20in17 - Chapter 10: Bizzar/Bizaar

The Bizzar/Bizaar albums confused the fuck out of me when they first came out. I was like "what are these? These aren't Joker's Cards." I guess I didn't fully understand that ICP could make whatever album they wanted to and they would still tie in with the Dark Carnival mythology. This is Chapter 10 of 20in17 and is all about the Bizzar/Bizaar era of the Insane Clown Posse's history. Starting off with the Bizzar/Bizaar Sampler, the episode leads into our homie Brandon Ward discussing the...


20in17 - Chapter 09: GOTJ

Everything happening on the 20in17 docu-series happened before I was onboard and it's dope. I personally was just beginning to get into ICP and the whole Dark Carnival mythology right around the time of the first Gathering of the Juggalos in 2000 and I was not there but I definitely know it's sparked something huge since then. This is chapter 9 of the Faygoluvers' exclusive docu-series, 20in17 with our homie Brandon Ward. Appropriately titled "GOTJ" as that's the timeframe we're now at in...


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