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172: 4 Practice Launches You Can Do When You're Not Ready To Launch

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking or saying, "I am not ready to launch yet. I just don’t know enough." This episode is for you. One of the very first things I discover when working with many business owners (whether they are just getting started or are currently in business) is that many feel like they are really NOT ready to launch. Does this sound like you? If so, maybe you just need a few practice launches before you do a “real” one. There is a spoiler alert here though… in the...


171: 7 Key Things You Need To Keep Doing When Your Business Is A Success with Marie Forleo

Today’s encore replay-interview dives into the topic of success, productivity…with one of my favorite people in the world. Marie Forleo and I talk about the 7 Key Things You Need To Do Whether You’re Just Starting Out or You’re Already In Business But Want To Grow! I think we’re trained to believe that people only want new and fresh stuff...and while that might be true on some level, it’s the foundational work, it’s listening to that album you haven’t heard since college, it’s...


170: What can you learn from watching other people's launches?

Have you ever found yourself watching other people’s launches and wondered, how can I do THAT? Well, today’s episode is for you. A lot of people come to me with an idea of how they want to launch. It’s usually because they’ve seen someone else do “something” - a type of launch or a type of event in their launch...and they want to use the same strategy. Kinda feels like a hairstylist. You know - people bringing me pictures of the cut or style they want, but not really knowing what it...


169: How To Believe In Yourself and Your Ideas

Let me ask you a question… and be honest with yourself... Do you truly believe in yourself? Do you believe you have value to share? Do you believe you can figure out how to use all the online tools to deliver something to people you’ll call customers? Do you think your ideas are worthy? Do you think you are good enough? Do you think that you are experienced enough/pretty enough/the right age/etc. to impact people? Do you think you can stick to a schedule or a plan? Are you confident...


168: Beta Program Pricing Strategies

Last week, I shared my personal case study of how I launched a beta for my new online program The Message Lab. The one question that kept coming back from you was how much do I charge for my beta? Should I charge for my beta? Or let people in for free? If you have no clue how to price your beta program, you’ll want to listen today as I focus on three options to consider. Spoiler alert: you’re still going to have to make the final call and pick the final price, but I’m hoping my advice...


167: 7 Lessons Learned While Launching My First Beta Program

One of the best ways to develop an online course or create and perfect a new product is to do a beta launch of it before you go live for the masses. Even with a small audience, doing a beta launch - takes the pressure off, let’s you experiment with everything from the product all the way to how you get people interested in that product. So, last summer… I decided to create a brand new program...and instead of hiding out in a cave for 3 months to create it, I invited 18 people to go...

166: Can Your Environment Make or Break Your Next Launch?

Look around you. Chances are… you work from home and if you’re anything like me, your eyes went directly to the places that probably need a bit of uncluttering. What do you see? Is there a ton of clutter? Stacks of paper? Dust? The beginning of any year begs us to take stock of our lives, of our work...and look for ways to improve, clean things up and make a fresh start. But there’s a bigger reason why it’s important to pay attention to our physical environment, especially if we’re...


165: Year In Review: What I Discovered About My Top 10 Episodes

The end of the year seems like a great time to create our top 10 lists! But instead of sharing the top 10 list and being on my merry way, I knew it was important to share with you WHY and how you can do your own review. What’s so darn important about knowing your top 10 podcasts, posts, videos...or top 9 Instagram posts? It’s all about the themes. We’ve already covered how to plan your year for success and reviewed your top launch lessons. Today - we’re going to look at the top...


Podcast 164: Ask The Listener: What are your top launch lessons of 2017?

Last week I talked about some of the questions to ask yourself to do an end of the year review. So, today I thought it would be fun to gather some of the launch lessons you’ve shared with me! As you listen to some of the most common lessons you sent me, ask yourself what you’ve learned this year, what you’ve yet to try - dig for the lessons that will change the way you launch your products and services in the new year. Look for yourself in each of the lessons - and ask what you can apply...


163: The Secret To Setting Your New Year Up For Massive Success And Fulfillment

2017 has been a doozy of a year. How’d things go for you? If you want to set your new year up to be any different,’s the time to get focused and set the year in motion before it starts. But it doesn’t start by planning all the things you want to do...or filling in your calendar with the launches, the new products...not yet anyways. First we need to acknowledge, measure and understand what happened this year. Today's episode shares the secret to setting your new year up...


162: How To Turnaround A Launch That's Not Working

You’re in the middle of a launch and you wonder, how do I get more people to pay attention, how do I make more sales? Whether everything is working but you know you can improve your launch OR nothing’s working and you’ve got to dig yourself out of that launch hole.... Today’s episode shares 5 simple strategies for improving WHATEVER is going on in your launch.


161: Why A Good Launch Means More Than Just Hitting Your Sales Goals

A few years ago when I was working on a bunch of different higher profile launches, I made a huge realization…there were some specific things people at all levels of business were doing. At least outwardly No secrets. Nothing extra fancy. Just straight forward stuff really. So, it’s easy to see how you might follow what you see and think - wow, I did exactly everything the same I did NOT get the same results. Yikes, what happened?? Well, today, I’m going to share some of those things...


160: 3 Ways You're Killing Your Launches Before They Start]

Today’s Episode: Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to do a series about some of the simplest ways to have better launches. We all want to have those breakout launches, but these happen after having a series of better launches. These next couple of episodes are for those new to launching, but not new to online business. These episodes are also for those of you who may be tired and disillusioned, but still ready to dig in and really figure out what is going on. This episode...


159: Behind The Scenes: 10 First Steps To Plan A Rock Solid & Successful Launch

This week, I'm going to take you behind the scenes a bit. You see, I'm recording a special walkthrough of my Launch Workbook and Planner. All you have to do is go over to, download a copy, print it out and work through it right along with me. All launches start at the same place - and these 10 steps will help you get the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you need before you launch a new product, a new service or business... and that is Clarity. If you've ever felt...


158: The #1 Question To Start Asking If You Really Want To Grow Your List, Make More Sales, and Build Your Community

Today’s episode is inspired by an interview I watched with Danny Meyer, a NYC based entrepreneur. He’s known for his fine dining experiences as well as his popular Shake Shacks. I’m paraphrasing but he spoke about giving people an amazing experience. The “easiest” way to do that is to figure out what they need to feel good. To feel important. “Everyone walks in with a sign around their neck saying — make me feel important.” Of course, there isn’t just one way to make people feel...


157: What To Know Before You Launch Alone

When you first start your business, you’re doing everything alone, so it goes without saying that you have to learn how to launch alone at the very early stages. And that means you’re learning what to do, how to do it and trying to figure out WHEN to do it… This can be fun for a period of time when you’re getting your feet wet, figuring out what your business is, who you serve, and what ideas get brought to those people. It can be kind of fun even. You may even find yourself...


156: How to Connect with Anyone

In this episode, we wrap up the series all about how to communicate more effectively by having some real, honest talk about how to connect with new people….by building rapport. I was surfing through You Tube videos and came across this powerful one from Tony Robbins where he talks about this topic of Rapport… You might think you don’t need to build rapport in order to gain new customers or clients, but rapport is the real thing people look to...


155: How to Grow Your Business Using Quizzes

Many members of Fearless Launching have been asking about quizzes. Today’s show is all about quizzes and how to use them, create them, and incorporate them into a launch. I have recently seen online quizzes and online assessments used as part of some amazing launches, so it will be great to learn more. Today’s guest is Josh Haynam from the the online quiz platform Interact. I have been taking quizzes as long as I can remember, and they are something that everyone can and should...


154: 6 Stories You Need to Share With Your Audience to Help Them Make That All Important Buying Decision During Your Next Launch

Do you ever feel like you are struggling to reach the right people and the right amount of eyes. Making sales can be a struggle. Teaching what you do is one thing, but seeing where you actually need to improve is sometimes more difficult. If you want to improve the impact of the things that you are putting out into the world and get people to look at your product and buy from you, all you have to do is tell stories. Stories are so important for getting your point across and showing why...


153: 5 Tools to Help You Communicate More Consistently and With Zero Added Stress

It’s been awhile since I have talked about tools. Last week when I talked about underrated communication triggers, I mentioned a few tools that I was testing out and received a number of questions about those tools. So today, I am going to talk about tools that can help you make your communication more consistent without having the added stress of wondering what to say and when to say it. One of the things that is so important is responding and creating that first touch. We aren’t always...


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