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TF112 - Tom Merritt (DTNS) warns us about a hacker group called Dragonfly 2.0

Tom Merritt, host of Daily Tech News show, joins us to talk about the tech stories of the week, including the status of his Patreon campaign supporting new co-host Sarah Lane (she starts Oct. 2nd!). Michael speaks to Greg Feller, co-founder of Mogo, about how his fintech company is making it easier to get access to personal loans. Plus, Dr. John Wallenburg calls in to explain how researchers are using the latest medical technology to help children living with Cystic Fibrosis. In Socially...

Duration: 00:50:25

TF111 - How to 3D print pancakes and get your fridge to make coffee

We speak to singer/songwriter and digital art innovator Beatie Wolfe about bringing augmented reality to the music industry. Plus, our own Amber Mac is 3D printing pancakes and getting her fridge to make her coffee - we tell you how. Michael O’Hara from GSMA shares why the World Mobile Congress is expanding to North America. In Socially Speaking, we talk about how Facebook plans to stop advertisers spreading fake news.

Duration: 00:50:28

TF110 - Techcrunch’s Darrell Etherington on what you need to know about Android Oreo

We speak to TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington about the latest cookie from Google and what to expect from Apple September 12th. Plus, we have Alexandra Hunnings from Google who shares the best way to use search to simplify your back-to-school shopping (and she explains how Google knows the 80s and 90s are making a comeback this fall). Plus, we find out how a former CIA officer plans to kick President Donald Trump off Twitter (with a little crowdfunding help).

Duration: 00:45:48

TF109 - Why columnist Margaret Wente is wrong about coding for kids

With September just around the corner, we talk to Matt Hutton from Little 10 Robot about Calcugators and why math edutainment works for kids. We also speak to Dr. Kiki from This Week in Science about this week’s eclipse and why it was a special moment in history. Plus, futurist Andy Walker shares how artificial intelligence could lead to the perfect cookie recipe. In Socially Speaking, why a Globe and Mail columnist is misguided about coding for kids.

Duration: 00:50:36

TF108 - Back-to-school tech with USA Today’s Marc Saltzman

We talk to security expert Ryan Duquette about new password creation rules. Plus, we speak to teen entrepreneur Alexandra Philp-Reeves about her new company, Emojihealth, a chatbot that helps keep teens healthy. We also speak to Marc Saltzman about the top 5 tech gadgets for kids heading back to college. In Socially Speaking, we discuss a new UK reality show called Lego Masters and how it’s inspiring geek creativity on television.

Duration: 00:50:50

TF107 - Demystifying Facebook video advertising with web celeb @Brittlestar

We talk to the founder of WT2 Translator, a real-time translation earpiece, about how his technology makes it easy to communicate in a foreign language on the go. Plus, @Brittlestar stops by to give us the scoop on building a brand on Facebook and what it takes to target the audience you want. We also speak to Brian McCabe from Scotiabank about the future of banking and the end of cash. In Socially Speaking, we debate the smart speaker wars and how Apple will take a bite out of the market.

Duration: 00:50:59

TF106 - iPhone 8 Rumors with GadgetMatch’s Michael Josh

We talk to Dr. James Fielding about how Audeara helps people with hearing loss create custom headphones. Plus, we chat with GadgetMatch’s Michael Josh about what we should expect this fall when the iPhone 8 hits stores. We also speak with Seth Redmore, CMO of Lexalytics, about how artificial intelligence is going to help and hurt our future. In Socially Speaking, our thoughts on the next phase of Google Glass coming to a factory near you.

Duration: 00:50:56

TF105 - If you have a ring put a finger on it & tap to pay

We talk to Lex Hoefsloot from Lightyear about how they are moving in on the electric car with a solar panel powered luxury sedan. Plus, we chat with Melanie Shapiro from Token about moving your tap and pay from your phone to your ring finger. We also speak to Hailey Hollinsworth about how their Ungalli clothing line is saving 8 plastic water bottles for every pair of jogging pants they make. In Socially Speaking, Aron and Amber decide whether or not to put a chip in Michael’s head.

Duration: 00:49:41

TF104 - The Science Behind Brittlestar’s KFC Canada Day Video

We talk to Tom McLeod from Omni about how his on-demand storage space brings your stuff to you. Plus, we chat with our favorite Internet star @Brittlestar about why his latest video on the differences between Canadians and Americans grew to 45 million views and counting. We also speak to Atacama’s Susan Neal about how her high-tech sportswear company is keeping athlete’s sweat-free.

Duration: 00:50:16

TF103 - Cytelligence CEO Daniel Tobok on how hackers are data mining your social media posts

Daniel Tobok from Cytelligence joins us to talk about how to stay safe from hackers when you’re sharing on social. Plus, we chat with VRPlayin’s Director of Marketing Valerie Blackstock about why arcades are making a comeback thanks to virtual reality. We also speak to Mike Weiss about his app, Cannacopia, which puts marijuana education in the palm of your hand. In Socially Speaking, we discuss whether or not Instagram is killing the Snapchat star.

Duration: 00:51:11

TF102 - Boomerang’s Justin Payeur on maintaining screen time safety and sanity this summer.

Boomerang’s Justin Payeur joins us to share how an app can make screen time easier at bedtime and during summertime. Plus, we chat with Smart Nora’s Behrouz Hariri about how smart tech can help your partner from snoring up a storm (so you get a better night’s sleep). We also talk to the founder of Naava, a smart green wall business that is bringing nature inside (and improving air quality at the same time). In Socially Speaking, we debate if Apple has lost its way by diving into original...

Duration: 00:49:10

TF101 - Anniversary Special with Margaret Atwood, Barbara Corcoran, Guy Kawasaki, and Harley Finkelstein

In this special anniversary episode, we speak with literary icon Margaret Atwood about The Handmaid’s Tale, climate change, and the LongPen. We also chat with the COO of Shopify, Harley Finkelstein, about the rise of the entrepreneur. Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran joins us to share how failing at work got her into the Billion Dollar Club and what to expect in her new book, Shark Tales. Plus, tech evangelist Guy Kawasaki details how he tried to commit Linkedin suicide and failed. In...

Duration: 01:00:46

TF100 - Web celeb @Brittlestar on the recent YouTube #Adpocalypse

We chat with Sandeep Pandya, President of Netradyne, about the latest trends in AI for self-driving vehicles and what challenges lie ahead. We also speak to Siqi Mou from HelloAva about using machine learning to find the right skin care products. Plus, our favorite video star @Brittlestar is in studio to talk about the role of advertising in the online video platform race. In Socially Speaking, we talk about the ethics behind buying Instagram followers from a vending machine.

Duration: 00:50:11

TF099 - Gadget Match’s Michael Josh with a summer smartphone buying guide for any budget

We chat with the CEO of Elepho about their Kickstarter project eClip, which is raising money and awareness to use technology to prevent hot car tragedies. We also speak to the founder of Brit & Co., Brit Morin, about building a creative community of dreamers and doers. Plus, we have our favorite gadget matchmaker Michael Josh who joins us with the best budget-friendly smartphones for the summer. In Socially Speaking, we dive into Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report.

Duration: 00:49:55

TF098 - Immoter founder Daniel Huang on how his smartphone connected scooter is changing sidewalk transportation

We chat with CurEat’s Steve Managano about a new chef-inspired way to find places to eat or drink in an unfamiliar city. We also speak with Immoter Go founder Daniel Huang on what he learned from making battery accessories that launched him into the world of high-tech scooters. Plus, Vanhawks co-founder Sohaib Zahid about why the Internet loves his company’s Valour Smart Bike. In Socially Speaking, we debate whether robots can drive better than humans.

Duration: 00:51:30

TF097 - GeniCan Co-Founder Rob Griffin on smart trash bins for better grocery lists

We chat with Rob Griffin about a new device that lets you throw away your trash to automate your shopping lists. We also speak with Rafi Haladjian from about how an affordable sleep tracker called Sleep Peanut will help you wake up feeling great. Plus, we learn how pregnant women can (better) keep track of their contractions thanks to Bloomlife. In Socially Speaking, we discuss how today’s big tech companies are beating the government in the race for the future.

Duration: 00:50:29

TF094 - Best of Show - LEGO, Poverty Inc., Wattpad and more

We chat with Wattpad CEO Allen Lau about a new spin-off app built just for his company’s avid mobile readers. We also speak to AJ+ journalist Ahmed Shihab-Eldin about the future of news on your phone. Plus, Michael McNally from Lego joins us and giving us the rundown on how they are taking their blocks hi-tech and Poverty Inc. filmmaker Michael Matheson Miller on a broken charity system.

Duration: 00:51:53

TF093 - Bloomberg’s Amanda Lang on why discomfort is good for business

We chat with Manish Rathu, CEO of JoyRun, about how his company is creating a new business that can help you make money the next time you get take-out. Plus, we speak to Bloomberg’s Amanda Lang about her new book, The Beauty of Discomfort. She explains why it’s OK to get uncomfortable (in fact, she says it’s good for your business and your life). Pramod Sharma from Osmo joins us to explain how he’s building an educational toy that combines the best of the digital and physical worlds. In...

Duration: 00:50:17

TF092 - Gamevice’s Phillip Hyun on the future of iPhone gaming

We chat with Josh Wright from Catalyst about the latest trends from the accessories market, including his company’s glow-in-the-dark strap for your Apple Watch. We also speak to Chuz Founder & CEO Eirini Schlosser about how her new app lets millenials know where to eat, drink and play. Plus, Phillip Hyun from Gamevice on making gaming easy on iOS devices thanks to his company’s controller (which Michael covets!). In Socially Speaking, we decide if chatbots should be faceless or not.

Duration: 00:49:28

TF090 - GadgetMatch’s Michael Josh with a first look at the new Samsung S8 devices

We chat with David Cannington from Nuheara IQbuds about how hearables are dominating the wearables market and how his product can help you hear better on the go (in busy restaurants and more!). We also speak with Stanford University Adjunct Professor Reza Zadeh about his machine learning company Matroid, and how their technology can find products and people in videos. We also connect with our favorite tech reporter, Michael Josh, who just left Samsung’s S8 launch in New York.

Duration: 00:50:01

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