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06 Justine Teggelove on thriving in a male dominated environment

This week I’m lucky enough to talk to Justine Teggelove, an absolute powerhouse in the construction industry. We’re pretty sure she’s the only woman founder & operational CEO of a commercial construction company and we’ll be talking about how she thrives in that environment as well as the advice she has for you in investing in property and renovating your home, managing your team and your own emotions and her big business and new business. Justine is one of the founders and CEO of Rodinem...


05 Matina Jewell: What the military taught her about life, love & leadership

In this episode I’m talking to Major Matina Jewell who really like no other lady I know. This is LONG episode but trust me, it’s worth it for the insights on resilience, leadership, working in a male dominated space and really just general kicking butt in life. I actually met Matti after she spoke at A Commonwealth Bank Women In Focus event where she’d shared her story and everyone was left shocked, in tears and in awe of her strength. After living quite close we were lucky enough to...


04 Angela Ceberano: Building your profile through social media & PR

Angela Ceberano is one of those rare unicorn humans who is equal parts fierce strength and beautiful vulnerability. She's beautiful on the inside and out and has built an incredible PR company by breaking traditional moulds and backing herself. In this episode, Angela talks about leaving the comfort of a corporate job to go it alone, on building a business and dealing with anxiety and how you can get the most out of your social media marketing. At 28, she saw an opportunity to create a...


03 - Diana Goodwin on Going Global: Growing a Business Internationally

If you've wondered about what it takes to build your business internationally, you're going to love listening to Canadian business superstar, Diana Goodwin. We met at the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Conference and I was amazed by how she uses technology to build her company with so many people spread far and wide. Diana Goodwin is Founder and CEO of Toronto-based AquaMobile, an on- demand at-home swim lesson provider, the largest of its kind in North America. AquaMobile has grown to over...


02 - Keri Krieger: Optimising Your Health For High Performance

In short, Keri is a wellness magician! She's who I turned to when I had hit absolute burnout and she helped to put me back together. Keri helps women come home to themselves. In their practices. In their personal lives. In their bodies. She is passionate to offer women a way to learn how to truly nourish themselves mind body and spirit to step away from over work, exhaustion, burnout and self loathing to experience personal peace, stillness and passion for life. Having spent over a...


Episode 1 - Jo Cardozo: Kicking arse as a woman in finance

Jo Cardozo is an award winning entrepreneur known for building her Self-Managed Super business “Engage” from start-up to sale. She has recently returned to her start-up roots with the launch of her celebrant business Love Story Ceremonies. In 2017, Jo’s long career in the finance industry was recognised when she was named the Women in Finance “Woman of the Year”. She is a passionate speaker, and inspires many with her personal stories of resilience and determination as a working mum in...


Episode 0 - Tina Tower: Welcome to The Female Advantage

In the inaugural episode of The Female Advantage, your host, Tina Tower, welcomes you and gives you a little background on where the idea of The Female Advantage came from. Tina Tower has captured attention with her raw and real approach to building business. Born in 1984 in Sydney, she’s not afraid to share her failures as well as her successes. Tina is an example of what happens when you define what you want in life and go after it with all you’ve got. Like some people find religion,...


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