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Mark Jennings: CEO of Subba Media Inc.

Mark Jennings is the CEO of Subba Media Inc., which allows people to post reviews for any live events. They are currently fundraising with a very cool model (which we do talk about in the interview0 that allows just about anyone take part in an equity stake in the business. If you’re interested, In this conversation, we talk about working in media, shifting to work full time on Subba Cultcha, and how he has grown it into something you can invest...

Duration: 01:21:24

Umber Ahmad Creator And Head Chef Of Mah Ze Dahr

Umber Ahmad is the founder and head chef at Mah Ze Dahr bakery, the first brand under the Colicchio Discovery Platform. Umber grew up being fascinated by how things worked - this led her to study Genetics at MIT, get her Masters in International Health Policy at University of Michigan and an MBA in Business and Finance at Wharton. She has worked at Goldman Sachs & at Morgan Stanley, has worked in the restructuring of hospitals and health systems in the US and Canada, helped brands expand...

Duration: 00:52:25

Josh Spodek SIDCHA To 90000 Burpees

Josh Spodek has done 90,000 burpees. He has a PhD in astrophysics from Columbia, and an MBA from the Columbia business school where is is a professor at Columbia Business School’s Program on Social Intelligence. He has a new book out, New book: Leadership Step by Step. This is a LONG episode, and we cover subjects like what a SIDCHA is and why josh has done 90,000 burpees, how and why he went to North Korea, and talk about his leadership course. If you listen to the whole thing, you’ll...

Duration: 01:55:26

Adam Harrison: Co-Founder of Tart

Adam Harrison is the of Tart, a bakery & coffee shop in London. We talk about his love of languages, his jobs in advertising, how he decided to go out on a limb and start a bakery with his partner Jace, the ups and downs of starting a small business in London and where they plan to be in 5 years.

Duration: 01:01:20

Jenny Blake: How to Pivot

Jenny Blake is an author, career and business strategist and international speaker who helps smart people organize their brain, move beyond burnout, and build sustainable, dynamic careers they love. In this interview we talk about starting a new career or pivoting internally at work, avoiding “how” as the first step in the search for a pivot, how to get a mentor, her love of operations and templates on how to make your operations more efficient, how to be a better meditator, why she...

Duration: 00:45:43

Megan Griffiths: Master of Film!

Megan Griffiths is a film director living in Seattle Washington. We talk about how she is a master of film - how she builds a character from dialogue in life, where she finds stories, why it is preferable to have multiple story arcs in each story, how long each part of the movie-making process usually takes, the differences between indie and studio films, how to get big talent, the importance of film festivals, much more, and how she focuses. Find her: iTunes, Netflix, amazon prime,...

Duration: 00:39:14

Cat Castellanos: Neuroplasticity for the Relentlessly Ambitious

Cat Castellanos: Neuroplasticity for the Relentlessly Ambitious by The Fierce Focus Show

Duration: 00:52:59

Cynthia Tee: Executive Director of ADA

Cynthia Tee is the executive director of ADA, which helps teach women computer program skills. We talk about her 20 years of experience at Microsoft, diversity in the workplace, how ADA is working to fill the skills gap that exists in tech, and how to teach yourself to learn, and of course, how she focuses.

Duration: 01:01:04

Ray Mendez: Partner / Creative Director, Concept Farm

Ray Mendez is a Partner & the Creative Director at Concept Farm. In our conversation, we talk about why he moved from Bombay at age 23, studying Advertising at Syracuse, then working in New York City and in Amsterdam at agencies like J. Walter Thompson, TBWA Worldwide, and Saatchi & Saatchi. We talked about how he helped create Concept Farm in New York City, the best brief he ever worked on, things he is working on now, and of course, how he focuses.

Duration: 01:20:28

Madeline Puckette Pt 2: On Wine Folly

This is part 2 of my 2-Part interview with Madeline, in which we talk about the creation of wine folly, her systems & inspiration used to create the content for wine folly, commentary on one of her blog posts on “selection massage", the future of wine folly, and how she focuses to make it all happen.

Duration: 00:44:58

Madeline Puckette pt 1: Certified Sommelier & Content Director of Wine Folly

Madeline Puckett is a certified sommelier and the content director at Wine Folly. Our conversation was too long to fit into one podcast episode, so I’ve had to split it. while the 2nd episode is about is more focused on wine-related content, First episode is more or less about business, with a “history of madeline’s wine enthusiasm” at the beginning. We talk about how Madeline got started in the wine world, what went into taking the Certified sommelier test, why passion does not equal...

Duration: 00:39:09

David Zyla: Emmy Award-Winning Stylist

David Zyla is an emmy award-winning stylist who focuses on color. In his career, he has created wardrobes for such notable names as Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks & Neil Patrick Harris, and worked on ABC’s All My Children as well as other shows. He is also the author of Color your Style, a book showing how people can understand what colors will look best on them. Our conversation covers how he created this career for himself, how colors can enhance or change your mood, what seasonal colors...

Duration: 00:43:57

Rebekah Bastian: VP of Product, Zillow

Rebekah Bastian is the Vp of product at Zillow, the largest real estate marketplace in the US. Our conversation covers how she applied an engineering degree to become involved in the product development world, the Community Pillars project at Zillow, how tech companies can make social change, Aerial acrobatics, writing, and of course, how she focuses.

Duration: 00:35:57

Nassim Assefi: Thrillionaire

Nassim Assefi is a Thrillionaire living a portfolio life. Starting out in medicine, studyging biology & medicine at Wellsley, University of Washington & Harvard, She has given her expertise to ZocDoc, to community health centers in her home town of Seattle, and to readers as a novelist, and she was TEDMED's director of stage content for 3 years, was a TEDFellow for 7 years, and curated her first TEDx event in 2010. In October, She will be the Executive Director of MEDICC, which is a NGO...

Duration: 01:12:37

Gregory Yates: Chief Marketing Officer RICG & Rock Drummer.

Greg Yates is the CMO of RICG, an creative advertising agency. He is also a damn good drummer, having been in around 50 bands. We talk about how he got his start in marketing, why “method acting” is a good way to create a marketing strategy, how he played CBGB when he was 17, interning at Electric Lady studios, and why he believes neuroscience will play a huge part in the future of marketing. Greg’s unique and creative approach has earned him numerous awards from OMMA, Webby, The FCS...

Duration: 01:17:28

Susie Lee: Co - Founder Of Siren

Susie is the CEO of Siren, a social discovery platform focused on quality first time engagement to establish real-life connections. Before starting Siren with co-founder Katrina Hess, she worked as an artist, and also has a background in science & education, obtaining a degree in molecular biophysics / biochemistry from Yale, and a Masters in science education at Columbia University. Our conversation covers how she became interested in art through clay sculptures, how Karate is great for...

Duration: 00:50:21

Silvia Christmann: Growth Coach

Growth coach who has worked with Serial Entrepreneurs, Emerging Mindfulness Leaders,Physicians, Partners at Global Law Firms, C-Level Executives and Financial Professionals, including Hedge Fund Managers, Traders and Wealth Managers to help them excel at life. In our conversation, we talk about how holistic health care saved her life early on, how she has become comfortable in uncomfortable situations, why she considers herself a location independent entrepreneur, why she became a growth...

Duration: 00:51:47

Catie McCarthy: Just Be Better

Catie McCarthy: Just Be Better by The Fierce Focus Show

Cynthia Hellen: Founder & CEO of SMPLCT Labs

Cynthia Hellen: Founder & CEO of SMPLCT Labs by The Fierce Focus Show

Neelam Brar: Founder & CEO of District CoWork & Empress Capital

Neelam Brar is the founder & CEO of District CoWork - an upscale co-working space, and the founder & CEO of Empress Capital Fund, which is - a accelerator and a fund for aimed at companies in the female economy. In this interview, we discuss her interest of real estate, the differences between hiring at large corporations vs. hiring at a startup, the kinds of events that District Co-Work hosts, why she designed Empress as a fund and as a accelerator, her thoughts on the female economy, and...

Duration: 01:04:39

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