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From their enclave in midtown Manhattan, Michael Moynihan (Vice News, The Daily Beast), Matt Welch (Reason) and Kmele Foster (Freethink) pick apart the news, interrogate their guests, and question just about everything. The topics are broad, the insights are deep, and the jokes are off color. Reform the system, or burn it to the ground?






074 “A Clear and Present Dotard: The UN, The Kremlin, Facebook and St. Louis”

Recorded on Thursday, September 21, 2017 President Trump’s remarks at the UN parley were (hilarious? /meh? /dangerous? ) and unmistakably confused. We crack open cans of Portland’s finest sangria while discussing this and other matters of profound consequence. Cargo shorts are irredeemably awful, but should a UN human rights commission formally designate them Nazi paraphernalia? Is Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to save democracy credible? How hot would your step-granddaughter have to be before...

Duration: 01:38:44

073 w/ David Weigel - “Bernie Shapes the Party, Hillary Wrote a Book, A Little Prog Rock”

Recorded on Thursday September 14, 2017 Guest: David Weigel, political reporter for The Washington Post and author of the prog-rock history “The Show That Never Ends.” Matt’s recovering from surgery, Moynihan’s upright & sober, and Kmele’s getting domesticated. Also: -Bernie Sanders is pushing a new health care plan (and he’s got a dirty little anti-immigration secret). -Trump’s immigration reversal, and his infatuation with those generals. -The best thing about Hillary’s new book.

Duration: 01:35:11

072 “Media Panics, Title IX, DACA, The Passion of Bagger Vance”

Recorded 9/8/2017 Moynihan’s back from Russia and has the drinking stories to prove it. Normally reasonable journalos lose their goddamn minds over Betsy DeVos’ intention to bring back due process on college campuses. Matt Welch on DACA: “Call it amnesty, and do it anyway” (WaPo) Kmele takes Anthony Fisher to task for calling...

Duration: 01:18:10

071 w/ Ron Bailey “The Politics of Disaster, Better Late Than Never”

Recorded 8/31/2017 Guest: Ronald Bailey, science correspondent for Reason magazine and Natural Disasters, political photo-ops, and formulaic media coverage. The worst thing about Mitt Romney, The fecklessness of Barack Obama and the dark innovations of Bill Clinton. SFTW

Duration: 01:30:30

070 w/ Jacob Siegel “What Didn’t Happen in Boston, Something about Afghanistan”

Recorded 8/24/2017 This episode: nonexistent Nazis, overblown antifa, and Portugese vagina-walls. Jacob Siegel was in Boston and Afghanistan, and now he is in Moynihan’s chair. He helps the guys figure out what the hell happened in Boston (and why it’s not the same as Charlottesville). PLUS: Is there a “libertarian-to-alt-right pipeline”? Should we take “Internet fascists” seriously? Would going “soft on white supremecists” actually help Trump? AND… sunk costs in Afghanistan, fights on...

Duration: 01:48:50

069 w/ Deray Mckesson “Unite the Right, with White ISIS”

The guys take a deep dive into Donald Trump’s policy on infrastructure and Nazis. Matt is back, Moynihan is in the building, and Kmele once started a Bible study group. BONUS: Kmele interviews BLM activist Deray Mckesson, and the conversation gets *dangerous*.

Duration: 02:02:56

067 w/ Alyona Minkovski “Get Me THE MOOCH; Plus, the Story of L.B. ‘Jumbo’ Johnson”

“And We Back.” - Chance the Rapper - Moynihan is MIA. - The brilliant and talented Alyona Minkovski is IN THE BUILDING. (@AlyonaMink) - Welch is trapped in a room with no AC, 75 dead flies, and a busted shoulder — and loving every minute of it. - Moscow is beautiful in the summer (…if you believe a former RT propagandist!) - And Kmele… well, yeah. PLUS: - The brief but magical tenure of THE MOOCH. - The conspicuous absence of President Steve Bannon. - Net neutrality and banning...

Duration: 01:40:42

066 “Seriously - Eventually We Get to Health Care, Immigration, Forensics et al”

A dense, tangent filled and edifying new dispatch (fueled by cash filled envelopes, adderall, and a bottle of Bushmills — Thanks, Drew)

Duration: 01:44:54

065 w/ Eli Lake “Donald Jr Loves It, Moynihan’s Great Big Movie Premier”

Recorded: July 12th, 2017 Play-by-Play: · Eli Lake Is a Superlative, Award-Winning Hebrew · Fab Five Freddy Is a Foreign Policy Genius · “I’m a White Male…” · Lies, Damn Lies, and IT’S TREASON! · Lacrosse Team Away Games · Eli Slow Claps · World in Disarray: Mosul/Afghanistan Edition Eli Lake, columnist @ Bloomberg View, swings by.

Duration: 01:40:05

064 “It’s Blackmail, Presser in Poland, Jay Z: Feminism”

A Helpful Guide to This Weeks Dispatch: · No Mic for Anthony Fisher · Kmele read 22 books this weekend (including Letters to a Young Contrarian, The Shadow of the Panther) · Moynihan talks about Hitchens · Something about the Black Panthers, Lew Rockwell, Marvin Gaye and Berry Gordy · Russian tourist abuses child · Moynihan outs an octogenarian former Nazi at a barbecue (sort of) (We’re at about the 20 min mark here.) ALSO: · #CNNBlackmail scandal (False Start) · President Trump...

Duration: 01:41:43

063 “Bleeding Badly, Why Journalists Screw Up, and Please — No Cameras”

Recorded: June 29th, 2017 A journalistic-misdeed results in the firing of three prominent CNN staffers and a new front in the conflict between Trump and THE MEDIA. Why lots of the things you read/hear in the news are likely to be incorrect. Press briefings may be completely useless, but then again they may not. And of course, the very real dangers of plastic surgery — and the entirely legitimate reasons why POTUS may need to tell you “no” when all you want to do is hang out with...

Duration: 01:46:20

062 “Notes on Philando Castile, Otto Warmbier, and Evergreen”

Recorded: June 21, 2017 The Philando Castile case has reached a controversial conclusion. In July 2016, Castile was shot to death during a traffic stop by Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez. Yanez’s acquittal has touched off a new wave of outrage. Otto Warmbier, the 22-year-old American student detained in North Korea since last January, was finally allowed to return home last week… in a coma. He would die a few days later. And Moynihan recounts his recent visit to Evergreen State...

Duration: 01:26:10

061 “Tragedy in Arlington, Interrogating Alex Jones, Maligning Jeff Sessions”

With high profile congressional inquests into shadowy conspiracies, media panics, and boring White House events turning into embarrassing fodder for late night comedians — the stage was set for an almost banal week in Washington DC — but a brazen attack on Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia, changed all that. While most members of Congress quickly rallied around their colleagues, plenty of citizens and a good number of media types were soon leveraging the tragedy to support...

Duration: 01:46:46

#060 “Corbyn Surprises, Comey Testifies, Maher Apologizes, and Kmele Will Not Shut Up”

Episode 060 Recorded June 10th 2016 Corbyn Surprises his labour party rival (and just about everyone else). Comey testifies before Congress, Trump is quite about it until he isn’t. And Bill Maher said ‘Nigga’, or was it ‘Nigger’. Shout out to Dan Spragens for the delicious and effective bottle of “State of Jefferson” rum

Duration: 01:31:17

059 “Pulling Out, Back Channeling, Graffitied Epithets” - The Fifth Column

- Pulling out of the Pairs Climate Deal - Roiling the EU - Surveying the Russian investigation - Lamenting w/ LeBron (and not about that horrific game one) (Recorded 6/1/2017)

Duration: 01:58:04

058 “Mayhem in Manchester, Deals with Devils, and Collusion Most Foul” - The Fifth Column

“If they’re buying off this president, they’re really not getting their money’s worth.” - Michael Moynihan Do terrorists hate us for our freedom? Are the Saudis just “guided by the beauty of our weapons”? Will Welch start drinking before 11 am? The answers may surprise you. All this and more on a new Fifth Column. Plus: Commemorative drug paraphernalia. The Moynihans convert to Judaism (but just for the holidays). And The Fifth Column is *probalby* expanding to SiriusXM!

Duration: 01:30:45

057 w/ Thad Russell “ComeyGate Metastasis, Completely Settling This NATO Business” - The Fifth Column

“The most important Fifth Column History… In fact, the most important podcast all week.” - Thad Russell The apeirogon like ComeyGate scandal careens into it’s second week. Rumors seem to be the only thing emanating from Washington DC these days (for better or for worse), and not-so-quiet-just-above-a-whisper speculation about impeachment can be heard all over Capitol Hill. “ Plus, Thad and Moynihan get into it, again. And the guys finally fix this whole NATO business once and for all,...

Duration: 01:50:47

056 “James Comey Gets Sh**canned, Julian Assange is At Large ” - The Fifth Column

Is former FBI boss James Comey’s unexpected and unceremonious termination a Nixonesque attempt to bury the Russian narrative once and for all… Is it just the latest salvo from a calculating monster with totalitarian asperations… Or maybe the Trump regime is just about as inept as it seems… PLUS: - Clapper: “You ain’t no got’damn journalist, Julian!” Assange: “You’s a liar!” - What’s this about Sea World!? Sounds Gross. - And Comey may be out, but we’ll always have James Taylor (FTW)

Duration: 01:57:17

055 w/ Jamie Kirchick “Obamacare: Repealed & Reloaded, Europe May Be A Goner” - The Fifth Column

Moynihan is late; Matt went to a cocktail party; Kmele needs a date for Guardians of the Galaxy; and Jamie Kirchick (author, “The End of Europe”) drops by with dire predictions about the fate of the European Project. Meanwhile, Obamacare is dead (long live Obamacare). Plus: Spurious allegations, police shootings, and “the N-word.”

Duration: 01:41:01

054 “100 Days of Pretty Awful, Media Bubbled, Passion of the Nerds” - The Fifth Column

A review of the first 100 days of the Trump Presidency: Controversy, failures, do-overs and general incompetence. Plus: Media bubbles and consequence. And that time the streets were filled with brave, angry, nerds…

Duration: 01:42:27

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