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Remember when the beard wasn’t a thing? That is when Eric Bandholz, along with his kickass cofounders Lindsey Reinders and Jeremy McGee, started Beardbrand. It started off as his solo project, one of many, then became a collaborative side-hustle, and then a full-time business that is now a prominent name in the men's grooming space. It’s been quite a journey for Eric, his team, and BeardBrand, from starting this up in Spokane with $30, to finding his co-founders, being featured on NY...

Duration: 00:38:02

#13 REFLECTIONS ON COURAGE, TRAINING, AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP || Vernice Armour, First Female African-American Combat Pilot

Born in Chicago, and raised in Memphis, Vernice wanted to be a cop since she was a young girl. She did that by taking a break from Middle Tennessee State University and joining the Nashville police department - becoming the first female african-american motorcycle police officer in Nashville. Returning to graduate, From there, she served as a police officer in Arizona, and then joined the US Marines and subsequently joined the Naval Air Station in Florida, where she was #1 in her class as...

Duration: 00:30:45

#12 CREATING PAKISTAN'S SHARKTANK | Nabeel Qadeer, Host of 'Idea Croron Ka'

My roots allow me to connect with two entrepreneurial ecosystems, US and Pakistan. It has allowed me to connect with both successful and aspiring entrepreneurs in Pakistan, do workshops when I visit, and also interview the ones that are helping accelerate the growth of startups over there. Today, I’m bringing you one of those facilitators, Nabeel Qadeer. Well, calling him a facilitator would be an understatement. Nabeel is: This episode was recorded in Capital Factory, to which I just...

Duration: 00:39:21

#11 SXSW: HOW A 10-DAY MEGA-FESTIVAL IS MANAGED | Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer SXSW

For people listening who don’t know what SXSW is, it’s a 10-day festival about all things tech, film, and music in the middle of March in Austin, TX. That’s the simplified answer. More than 70,000 people come down to Austin for this, and the whole city buzzes. You walk down the street, and you can feel it. I’m not kidding. To say that SXSW is a catalyst is an understatement. From President Obama, tech CEOs, film star, music moguls, entrepreneurs, all the way to ordinary folks like...

Duration: 00:41:21


This episode I interview Tolly MosLEE, Co-host of the ILYSM Podcast + Todd Nevins, Host of Go Hunt Life Podcast, and Jamal, founder of Big Mouf Media about why podcasts are a big part of the future of consumption, what makes a good podcast, and how to start one. We cover storytelling branding, listener engagement, hoisting, equipment, and promotion. If you’d like to learn more about how to start a podcast, check out Tolly is the co-host of...

Duration: 00:45:53

#9 Navigating the Insanity of Entrepreneurship and the Happiness of Pursuit | Keynote by Melanie Weinberger, Founder Wellshift

This is a recorded talk over at the TechMap Cofounder Event. A sought after public speaker, Melanie is the founder and CEO of Wellshift, a corporate wellness company, the Founder of WELL, wellness events for the community, and International Potluck. She’s an entrepreneur, speaker, and just a joy to know as a person. In her talks, she blends in wellness, science, and plain common sense which is not that common. If you’re like to learn more about Melanie, check out, i.e...

Duration: 00:39:53

#8 What a Roadmap for a Successful Startup Looks Like | Gordon Daugherty, MD Capital Factory

Today, whenever that is for you, I am sitting down with Gordon Daugherty, Managing Director is Cap FAC, Investor, and recovering Startup Executive. Over a 29-year career, Gordon has worked at Startups in Strategy, Operations, Marketing, in multiple countries. Currently, he is on the board of multiple startups, and invests in some as well. he’s the Managing Director of Capital Factory and leads the Accelerator program in downtown Austin. In this episode, we go through the common milestones...

Duration: 00:48:57

#7 Why Entrepreneurship is Chaotic, Scary, and Extremely Fulfilling | Melinda Garvey, Founder Austin Woman

Melinda Garvey founded Austin Woman Magazine 14 years ago, then ATXMan, and now Daily Dot, a daily podcast about kickass women all over the planet. Melinda has served as Entrepreneur in Residence for McCombs Business School, has won awards by other publication, business association, and entrepreneurship collectives. In this episode, I get the chance to ask her a few questions. We talk about: What made her want to do a magazine? Having never created a business before, what was the...

Duration: 00:27:06

#6 Raising Money 101 | Bart Bohn

Funding funding funding. When do you need it? How do you get it? Rich friends? Rich uncles? Our network? Where does the damn money come from? And also, what can you start doing right now so that when you do need the injection of cash 1-2-3-4-5 years down the liens, there’s people who trust you and are willing to help you get it? Today, I’m sitting down with Bart Bohn, friend, and serial creator of companies as well as incubators, to answer these questions for entrepreneurs.

Duration: 00:11:44

#1 Mayor Adler on Decision-Making, Communication, and Happiness

Everything’s gunning for our attention all the time. At works, meetings, projects, coworkers, IMs, Emails, Deadlines. Just outside of work, it’s friends, family, bills, things to do around the house, chances to go out, brunches, meetups, conferences, concerts, invitations for coffee. And that device we carry all the time.. Emails. Phone calls. Text. Facebook. IG. Twitter. LinkedIn, games, app notifications. Our attention is not ours. We have to wrestle it back from everything and choose...

Duration: 00:44:45