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24- It's Opster Season

Esteemed listeners and members of The Academy, we are honored this awards season to present our own legally distinct film awards- The Opsters- to the movies we saw this year. These movies may have been snubbed by The Academy, but they fall right into the consideration of the boys, who would like to thank their families for supporting them on this journey. Tweet us @firstorderop or email us at for ideas for our 25TH EPISODE! Wowza! we're not kidding if nobody says...


23- Black Panther

This week everybody's favorite sneaky and agile boys talk about a little-known movie known as Black Panther. They've got thoughts! They've got feelings! It's a real juicy episode. A real big ol' juice fest, if you will. They also give a bit of lip service to RiME, Twin Peaks, and the future of the MCU as whole. Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at because our 25th episode is coming SOON and we'd love to hear your ideas for what we should do. Also make sure to...


22- 2 Many Trailerz

This week there were a HOLY HECKLOAD of trailers and so the boys, in all of their immaculate glory, discuss what's up with the trailers and their corresponding films, as well as a couple of exciting news items. Gee whiz! What a ride! Exciting! Wow! I'm definitely not filling up space because this description was pretty self-explanatory and I ran out of stuff to write! Zoinks! Also, episode 25 is coming real soon! So make sure to give us your ideas on what we should do! Tweet us...


21- Not Bad Guys?

On this lovely chat extravaganza, the big bad to bone boys talk about villains that weren't really THAT bad. I mean, sure they did some bad stuff, but were they really that bad? Their heart was in the right place, right? C'mon maybe they deserve some forgiveness... Please Julie... I know I messed up but I wanted to do what sounded best. Take me back, Julie. I can do better. I swear... ANYWAY make sure to leave a nice review, tell a friend, and subscribe OR you can email us at...


20- ...Nintendo?

For the 20th Century Foxisode, the Nintendo Laboys go into some depth about their favorite Nintendo products and franchises. They discuss the new Nintendo Labo, games from their childhood, Amiibos, and more! Yeah that's some pretty good sizzle isn't it? You like that Smurdap I did just there? Oh... what's a Smurdap? Well you have to listen to find out! BAM! Double-sizzle! I'm gonna stop typing because I want to leave on that high note. Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at...


19- Marvel Genre Films

Those silly boys have done it again. They've made another genre films episode. This week they go all in with creating their own ideas for Marvel films using the genre and characters provided by each other. From over-the-top action film to noir detective drama, there are tons of... interesting... ideas. Make sure to email us at or tweet us @firstorderop If you like the pod then please leave a nice review, tell a friend, or subscribe. It REALLY help a lot.


18- 2018 Movie/Game Predictions

After a holiday break, the boys are back with their predictions on all the movies and games coming out in 2018. Going all the way from January to December, they discuss movies and games of interest and their thoughts on how they'll ll turn out. This episode's a bit longer than normal because it's filled with so much content! CONTENT! Email us at and tweet us @firstorderop Make sure to leave a nice review, subscribe, or gossip to all of your friends about how hot this...


17- The Last Jedi

This week the force-sensitive boys discuss their most anticipated movie of the year, The Last Jedi. Is it good? Well you're going to have to listen to find out., but rest assured they cover all of the ins and outs of the film. Not only do they share their thoughts and feelings about the current film, but also talk a bit about the future of the franchise as a whole. You like our show, huh? Well if you like it show much why don't you marry it? Or leave a review, subscribe, or tell a friend....


16- The Last Jedi Fan-Theories

Since Luke mentioned it on the show (or maybe not, I don't remember) a while ago, we've been waiting to give this topic a whirl. The Last Jedi comes out this week and in preparation the boys are whipping out the best fan theories and having a lightsaber fight with them. Are the theories right? Most likely not, but they're sure fun to talk about. Hey. Guess what. Twitter: @firstorderop Email: Subscribe. Maybe give us a big ol' honkin five-star review. Friends? You...


15- Justice League pt. 2 and New Star Wars Trilogy

This week the boys leave no oranges unkicked when reviewing Justice League in the spoiler-filled final part of their Justice League coverage. Also, with the recent announcement of a new Star Wars trilogy, they discuss what the plot could possibly be. Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at If you exist, then I recommend leaving a nice review or subscribing or telling a friend or something or nothing but please do something send help


14- Justice League pt. 1 and Video Games (with Cash!)

Scheduling conflicts arose, but never fear! Cash is here again to whatever it is he does. This week the batty boys saw Justice League and played several video games they bought on Black Friday. Due to some scheduling issues, they only talk a little bit of Justice League, saving quite a bit of it for next week. They also talk about Destiny 2, The Last of Us, and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Sure this episode is a bit messy but so is Justice League. Tune in next week to hear even more...


13- Stranger Things Megasode

Well I guess you could say this episode is a little STRANGE *starts nudging you ferociously* because the boys are all upside-down over Stranger Things. They cover season 1, season 2, and the good and bad of each while having a big ol' 80s extravaganza. Subscribe, leave a nice review, and tell a friend right now or later whatever you do you Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at


12- Thor: Ragnarok

In this electric episode the thundering boys review Thor: Ragnarok. This film has it all. Acting! Plot! A Script! Costumes! Special Effects! Korg! But what did the boys think of all these things? Well you gotta listen to the podcast to find out. Duh. That's the point of a podcast. Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at Give us a nice review or something nice please and thank you sir


11- Stranger Things s2e1 Commentary

ATTENTION: This episode is spoiler heavy and best to watch along with Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 1. Following the release of Stranger Things Season 2, the telepathetic boys take a look at episode one and commentate all over the place. This format is a bit different so feel free to watch along or just listen. We don''t care as long as our voices reach your ears. Leave a review, subscribe, and tell your friends about this show that you may or may not listen to, but if you don't...


10.5- Quick Amazing Milestone

This is just a quick update where the excited boys reveal the BIGGEST MILESTONE OF THE SHOW, YET! It's only like a minute long so give it a listen. Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at


10- Spooky Movies (Or not. We lied. It was part of a joke.)

As the title says, this episode is full of spooks and scares. Just kidding. IT WAS A FAKE OUT! YOU NEVER SAW IT COMING! MASTER HALLOWEEN TRICKSTERS, THOSE BOYS ARE! They actually talk about a few different topics including popular sidekicks, The Last Jedi trailer, The Flash premiere, and Voltron. It's a bit of a romp, I'll tell you that. Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at Hey, you know what's fun too? Leaving a nice review, subscribing, or telling a friend. I...


9- Steven Spielberg Films

In this episode the Greatest American boys discuss every movie by Steven Spielberg that they've seen, whether they're good, great, or as godly as The Adventures of Tin Tin. From talking about a Julia Roberts controversy to playing the Close Encounter of the Third Kind score into the mic, they go every which way to cover his legacy. They also talk Big Mouth, Gotham, Battlefront II, and sing the Greatest American Hero theme. A lot. Please subscribe, leave a nice review, and tell a friend or...


8- Batman & Robin (with Cash!)

This week only one of the boys is here, but if he just had a conversation with himself for 45 minutes it'd be pretty sad, so he got his brother Cash on to talk Batman & Robin. What's bad about it, what's worse about it, and what about it just makes them laugh. Subscribe, leave a nice review, and tell a friend. Or else we'll freeze the world. Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at


7- DC Movies Before 2013 and More

This week, the boys who are frustrated with Nicholas Cage discuss every DC film before Man of Steel and the DC Extended Universe. From Superman to The Dark Knight Rises, the boys give them all a quick jab. They also discuss DC films that never happened, Voltron and Fuller House (because they got a tweet and Zebbie felt obligated to). If you subscribe, leave a nice review, or get somebody to listen we'll be your best friends we pinky promise. Tweet us @firstorderop and email us at...


6- Too Many Reboots

In this episode the easily-scared boys talk about the only part of It the could handle, the fact that its a reboot. Taking that and running with it, they discuss other reboots that have been announced or are already in the works, from The Matrix to Mulan. They even come up with some reboots of their own, featuring some very hard working actors. Please subscribe or leave a nice review if you want. If you don't then that's fine but you won't be be my best friend anymore so take that. Email...


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