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Solo Segments – Episode 002 – Good Nutrition – Part 1

What is “Good Nutrition”? This is Part 1 in a series that will detail the components of a good nutrition plan. Today we are going to focus on a couple of key topics; Energy Balance and Nutrient Density. Energy Balance Defined Learn more about Energy Balance and Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate Positive, Negative, and […]

Duration: 00:10:22

Solo Segments – Episode 001 – What is the One Thing?

What’s one thing that you can start doing everyday that will guarantees you will have an awesome day? In our first “Solo Segments” episode of the podcast, Chris shares some tips/advice on how the simple idea of focusing on one simple thing each and everyday and have a profound impact on your day and your […]

Duration: 00:09:03

Episode 050 – Fit Men Movement – Member Spotlight – Greg Laing

This week, we are putting the spotlight on another one of our awesome Fit Men Movement members. Greg Laing joins us on the podcast and just since December Greg has successfully dropped 45 pounds! Greg has been with the Fit Men Movement group since early January and in that time he has done some incredible […]

Duration: 00:43:07

Episode 049 – Jimmy Smith – Strength and Conditioning Specialist

In Episode 49 of the Fit Men Movement Podcast, we sit down with strength and conditioning specialist, Jimmy Smith. We cover a lot of ground over the course of an hour; training, nutrition, and supplements are all topics that we hit. We think that you’ll find a ton of value in this conversation and Jimmy’s […]

Duration: 00:59:45

Episode 048 – Mark Briggs – From SWAT to SWOLE

Mark Briggs started his career as a military police officer and then later went into local law enforcement, where he spent 18 years on the force, 8 of those on the SWAT team! In 2001, Mark was introduced to Beachbody with Power 90; P90X didn’t even exist but he had great success that program. As […]

Duration: 00:59:19

Episode 047 – Sean Callahan – Becoming an Ultimate At Home Athlete

If you are at all familiar with “at home fitness programs”, you’ve have likely heard of P90X. It’s possible that for many of you, this may have been your first introduction to the concept, as it was for Brendan, Jared and myself. Sean Callahan started on a similar path as well, but through his hard […]

Duration: 01:12:00

Episode 046 – Cody Weber – Personal Trainer For Busy Dads

Cody Weber is a father, husband, entrepreneur, and a personal trainer. Cody joins us on the Fit Men Movement podcast for inside look at how he got started as personal trainer and the ups and downs that comes with starting your own personal training business. He also shares how he is helping both dads and […]

Duration: 00:59:40

Episode 045 – Ask Us Anything

Answering the questions that are on the minds of our members is something that we really enjoy. It give us an opportunity to get the members of the Fit Men Movement involved in the conversation and allows us to interact with them in a unique way. This week is an “Ask Us Anything” episode and […]

Duration: 01:01:30

Episode 043 – Member Spotlight – Matt Bracegirdle

We have several men in the Fit Men Movement group with great transformation stories and we want to begin sharing those stories with you all. So, in episode 43, we are putting the spotlight on one of are Fit Men Movement members; Matt Bracegirdle. Matt has been an incredibly active member within the group, providing a ton […]

Duration: 00:57:00

Episode 042 – Fit Men Movement Founder – Jared Hamilton

In this episode, we are doing something we probably should have done when we first launched the podcast… Alas, here we are almost a year later and you finally get to learn more about one of the Fit Men Movement founders, Jared Hamilton. Jared shares his background and how growing up on “farm” and family […]

Duration: 01:01:25

Episode 041 – Consistency

They say consistency is key…well, that’s the topic of our podcast this week. Episode 41 of the Fit Men Movement podcast provides you with some reason why consistency is one of the most important factors in your success. We even offer some tips to help you reach a level of consistency that will allow you […]

Duration: 01:03:00

Episode 040 – Surround Yourself

In episode 40 of the Fit Men Movement podcast we discuss how important it is to focus on surrounding yourself with the right people. This isn’t just a health and fitness matter, it also applies to your financial well being or professional career. Having the right people around you in these keys areas will provide accountability […]

Episode 039 – Q&A – Ask Us Anything

This week’s episode we open up the conversation and answer the questions that you have been asking us. A decent mix of nutrition and fitness related questions are addressed, we also talk about the origins of the Fit Men Movement. Nutrition – What is your stance on IIFYM or if it fits your macros? Nutrition […]

Duration: 00:47:18

Episode 038 – Financial Fitness

All of us have made some financial missteps in our lives and while Brendan, Jared or myself don’t consider ourselves to be financial experts, we did want dedicate an episode of the podcast to giving you some insight into how we manage money as business owners and as parents. We mention Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step program […]

Duration: 01:01:36

Episode 037 – Melissa McAllister – Overcoming Adversity and Intermittent Fasting

Intro Your story – where you came from (specifically what you had to overcome in your early years), your family, your transformation and where you are now Tell us a little bit about Melissa Made as well as your Instagram channel. Let’s talk about your 8 hour abs diet or Intermittent Fasting. As you reflect […]

Duration: 00:55:55

Episode 036 – Anthony Davis – CrossFit Coach and the CrossFit Open

There’s a pretty good chance that you have heard of CrossFit and it’s possible that you have considered CrossFit, but are unsure how or where to start. Well…today’s podcast is all about CrossFit as we sit down with Anthony Davis, a local CrossFit coach and CrossFit Athlete. AJ gives us some awesome insight on how […]

Duration: 00:59:35

Episode – 035 – The Burn!

After a week off, the Fit Men are back and better than ever! In this week’s episode of the podcast, we chat about “The Burn”! There are a couple of ways to interpret this phrase that we discuss throughout the episode; one from an exercise perspective and the other from your own willingness to succeed and […]

Duration: 00:47:27

Episode 034 – Starting a Supplement Business – Interview with Andrew and Jesse – Stack Up Nutrition

Today, we’re fortunate to have the twins Andrew and Jesse from Stack Up Nutrition talk to us about what it takes to get a Supplement Company up and running. Intro Who are you and what do you do? How did you get started in the fitness industry? Supplements in particular? How do you market supplements […]

Duration: 01:05:32

Episode 033 – Interview with Corey Peacock

In this episode, we interview Corey Peacock. Corey is certified strength and conditioning coach who works directly with some of the most elite athletes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Corey shares some insight into the hectic pace and schedules of working with MMA athletes as well as the unbelievable performance that he has seen in […]

Duration: 00:59:48

Episode 031 – Interview with Doug Fitzgerald

Doug Fitzgerald is a Founding Team Beachbody Coach and has been associated with Beachbody since 2001. He was a 2007 $10,000 Transformation Winner. Because Doug is a product of the product, he was featured on several Power 90 and P90X infomercials, along with “live” appearances with Tony Horton on QVC. He is a 9-Star Diamond […]

Duration: 00:57:05

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