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Motivational Push and Pull Factors: Fitspeek 17

Why do people climb mountains, do marathons, swim from the Mainland to Nanaimo, and all that other crazy endurance type stuff? And once they have achieved their goal, what keeps them challenged? This week in Fitspeek 17, Zack Neufeld explores push and pull motivations in his Between The Ears segment. We’d also like to motivate you to listen to the rest of Fitspeek 17 which also has: Kevin Watt’s Instagram Shout Outs, The Wenting’s Word of the Week, our upcoming events schedule, and our...

Duration: 00:29:45

Fitspeek Express Interview: Campbell Valley Wine Run

The Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities has been helping people out in our area for years. One of their major fundraisers is the Campbell Valley Wine Run. You drink some wine and run a bit. Well, there is more to it than that. To get us the rest of the story, I interviewed Race Director Michelle Ingall. You can get more information on the run here

Duration: 00:07:48

Day 1 summary of the Penticton Ultra520

Day 1 of the Ultra520 for Sato Hydrosloth and The Crew. Hot!

Duration: 00:15:18

Fitspeek’s Producer K. Heinze Ultra Man?

Gather round people, cover your ears children. Were going have a Pre Race Discussion slash Banter with “Soon To Be Ultraman” Kevin Heinze and his “Bedazzaling and Rather Aggressive Ultra Crew”

Duration: 00:25:43

Holistic Fitness In Abbotsford

At Fitspeek, one of our goals is to blend the spheres of fitness and leisure. We think that the folks at Parallel Yoga & Raven’s Brewing have it right. On Tuesday August 8, Kara Colemen will be leading a one-hour yoga session at Raven’s Brewing. Right after the session will be a craft beer tasting event. Hear the details in this Fitspeek Express Interview.

Duration: 00:10:40

24 Days -22 Hours. 6,900 Km The Trans Am Bike Race Interview with Canadian Meaghan Hackinen

Imagine racing your bike for 24 Days- 22hours. Canadian female cyclist Meaghan Hackinen did. 6,900 Kilometres as a matter of fact. Listen as The Trans Am Bike Race shapes and transforms Meaghan into the Battle Ready Ultra Cycling Machine.

Duration: 01:13:30

Fitspeek Sixteen is here! (jump for joy!)

Our most ambitious podcast to date, Fitspeek Sixteen is here. To help you navigate this one a table of contents is in order.

Duration: 03:29:13

Introducing Our Newest Fitspeek Member: Chloe Knull

Ever since I read her first race report on the Abbotsford Triathlon Club’s website, I was determined to bring her engaging story telling abilities to Fitspeek. Making the jump from keyboard to microphone was a natural one for Chloe Knull, as you will find out in this Fitspeek Express Feature. Chloe tells about her challenges in completing her very first Olympic Distance triathlon which involve moving the week of the race and a very greasy pre-race meal. Hear all about it by pressing play...

Duration: 00:35:21

Part Gandhi, Part Assassin, ALL Cyclist: Meet Galen Keller

From competitive mountain biking, to the local crit and time trial circuit, and to the velodrome for some “real speed” over the winter months, Phoenix Velo’s Galen Keller has done many things on the bike, most of them quite well. In this Fitspeek Express interview we get to know the man behind the smile and those intimidating calves! Find out about his motivations, training secrets, and more by pressing play...

Duration: 00:38:40

Fitspeek Express Interview: Elle Bush

Although she has a smile that will light up a room, she has legs and lungs that will crush your soul. Following in the steps of the Fraser Valley’s new crop of fast female cyclists Maggie Coles Lyster and Alison Jackson, this Langley grade ten student is on the fast track to success. With an unsinkable attitude and a wisdom beyond her years, Elle is what my co-host calls “a chainsaw on wheels.” In her first of many media interviews to come, we are happy to introduce you to Elle...

Duration: 00:20:03

Who is this kid?

Find out Friday on Fitspeek!

Duration: 00:01:23

Fitspeek Express Interview – Sheigh Gaudette

While some teenagers in the Fraser Valley may spend their time away from the classroom just “chillin’out” Mission’s Sheigh Gaudette has a more ambitious lifestyle as she trains 14 to 16 hours a week as a competitive swimmer. So far the practice has paid off with many regional swim records and a trip this summer to the Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg. In this interview we get to know Mission’s rising swimming star Sheigh...

Duration: 00:12:29

Fitspeek 15: Summer’s here and the racing is easy (not)

In our newest Fitspeek we have our Wenting’s word of the week, a recap of the Oliver Half Ironman, a killer Fit Tip of the Week that focuses on going long in the heat, features interviews with Matt Campbell from United Velo and Greg Cowan from F2c. As always we will also hear the latest installment of Bob’s Bitts and have our upcoming events schedule. Press play below to kick start your summer training and racing...

Duration: 00:48:51

If you aren’t on the Tour start line this summer

You can still feel like Froomie, Contador, or your favourite GC contender by racing your bike…. for cheap! United Velo is putting on a series of Masters Road Races this summer. In this Fitspeek Express interview, Kevin Watt speaks with United Velo race organizer Matt Campbell about the history of the club and where you can race (and get a tasty Mill Street Beer) for $25.00

Duration: 00:10:06

United Velo Race Director Mathew Campbell

U.V. Race Director Matt Campbell talks to Fitspeek about their upcoming June 17th Master’s Race along with some of the club rides that United Velo offers to people to entice them to come out and ride with the club. From Beginner to Advanced, United Velo Cycling Club offers a wide range of group rides to satisfy all abilities.

Duration: 00:10:02

The Grueling Valley Gravel Grind The 2017 Grueling Ruthless The Epic 2017 Valley Gravel Grind

90Km of Epic Ruthlessness 1300 metres of climbing . Fast technical single track descents. Gravel the size of tennis balls! Broken derailleurs, pinch flats and all of the amazing scenery to boot. Commerodity and sheer determination are the only two things that will keep you going on this journey.

Duration: 00:33:51

“The Man”, “The Grip,” and F2C Nutrition – Fitspeek 14 is here!

Fitspeek is getting older and wiser…thanks to the youngster Zack Neufeld and his most recent “Between The Ears” segment on positive reframing. Our newest podcast also features an old friend, Bob Babbitt, as he tells of his times spent interviewing triathlon legends Dave Scott and Mark Allen. We also have an interview with local upstart sports nutrition company F2C. As always, we have our race results including the love in that was the Westwood Lake Triathlon, Kevin Watt’s shout outs, and...

Duration: 00:50:35

F2C Nutrition. Athlete Focused, Science Driven Sport Nutrition Interview. promo code FITSPEEK15

It used to be, the only sports nutrition game in town was Gatorade. Times have changed. Now a growing local company out of Pitt Meadows is making a full-range of products to help out those folks who need something better. What do I mean by better? Press play below and hear the story of F2C Nutrition in this Fitspeek Express interview with Kevin Heinze and F2C founder Greg Cowan. At the end of the podcast be listening for a teaser that involves our newest partnership between F2C and Dynamic...

Duration: 00:36:16

The Rite of Spring – Dragonboating!

I’ve been swimming in Whonnock Lake, near Maple Ridge for 13 years as part of my triathlon training. About ten years ago, Whonnock even had its own Half-Ironman distance triathlon called the “Iron Mountain.” It was one of the toughest triathlons in the province as it featured climbs up Dewdney Truck Road and that monster climb from Lougheed Highway up 272nd Street. Even though the Iron-Mountain is now part of triathlon history, Whonnock Lake is still a busy training centre, not only for...

Duration: 00:16:11

A-1 Coaching Kicks You in the Arse

Fitspeek Fans!!! Cyclists and Triathletes! Straight from Ireland! Pro Cyclist Anthony Walsh Creator and Director of A-1 Coaching Sits down with Fitspeek to talk about the Tour of Ulster, A-1’s Free Pocket Coach App along with the various coaching programs that he and the Lads over at A-1 Coaching have to offer And get this A unique virtual cycling club with distinct ‘Chapters’ based around the world. Anthony wants you to be accountable to your training so Listen to the podcast and...

Duration: 00:22:02

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