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Join Meorrow, Wobbly Chair, Berzerker and Draelor as we discuss just about everything in our lives (including video games). Grab a brew and listen along!

Join Meorrow, Wobbly Chair, Berzerker and Draelor as we discuss just about everything in our lives (including video games). Grab a brew and listen along!
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Join Meorrow, Wobbly Chair, Berzerker and Draelor as we discuss just about everything in our lives (including video games). Grab a brew and listen along!




TFZP #178: The Zelda Thong

Well, we survived the great ice storm that wasn’t, so we’re back this week with an episode that has a giant reveal: GRONK IS A CYBORG! Meo is dying of radon, (almost) all of us eat some seaweed, everyone played a game or two, Didj bought in (even more) to the Apple ecosystem, and we


TFZP #177: Sausages? Sausages!

Monster Hunter is out, Berz went to Chicago with Wobbly, Gronk is riding the guest seat again and Draelor went to look at awesome cars. This week’s episode is great, especially the e-mail section. OH WAIT NO EMAILS CAME AT ALL SO NOW I AM SAD AND WILL POUT IN THE CORNER. Actually, we are


TFZP #176: Getting Under Blankets With Girls

I’m editing this podcast on a machine that could be mining GARLICOINS. That’s how much I love you listeners. I’m literally giving up fake digital currency so you can listen to this week’s nonsense. What kind of nonsense? How about Ring doorbells? No? What about CRYPTOCURRENCY? Still nothing? Ok, how about Momo the Monster? Ah…


TFZP #175: Could’ve Been Shanked

Meorrow is here with tales from NOLA, Berz is here to praise the healthcare system, Gronk is here to talk about pinball and cows with windows, and Didj is here to make that alarm sound that Meo loves. It’s a 50/50 split of founders and newcomers, but this episode is 100% full of the usual


TFZP #174: The One With All The E-Mails!!!

There are 12 e-mails in this episode. This makes me SO HAPPY I COULD PEE! Also in this episode, we talk about how the flu season has touched our lives, how Berz touches other stuff, pinball parties, video games and even the one and only MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! OOOOHHHH YEEEAAAAAAH! E-Mail us!: Subscribe on


TFZP #173: Tomatoes, Fresh from the Garden

This week’s episode starts off with a rousing rendition of Dominick the Christmas Donkey. I probably don’t need to type anything else, because that’s enough to make you want to listen already. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! We also talk about penises! Putting sandwiches in butts! Pinball! Horizon: Zero Dawn! Axe Murderers! Christmas! Al Snow! Another


TFZP #172: Palms and Soles

COOKIES! WE HAVE COOKIES! WE EAT THE COOKIES! ON MIC! YOU WILL LOVE THE SOUND OF THESE DELICIOUS COOKIES! We also talk about putting our stuff on things, ownership laws, and hobbies, take an e-mail about cars (because we’re car experts) and then talk about some video games or something. Oh, and Berz is probably


TFZP #171: Baggie Cuts on They Butts

Berz took notes (as he always does) and they start with “Permanently in nightshift” and “Meo’s glasses bitching“. Yep, that’s pretty much how it starts. And then there’s lots of talk of butts and penises. I’d say more than usual even, so if you’re like me, you’ll absolutely LOVE this episode! Oh, Horizon Zero Dawn


TFZP #170: Not the Planned Title

I got new glasses today. They’re my first pair of glasses ever, and they’re progressive lenses. My brain is having a very hard time dealing with this and I have a bit of a headache. I’m feeling nice, so I didn’t used the planned title (you’ll hear it during the episode). Everyone is cool. I


TFZP #169: Top Head Sphincter

The whole gang is here for this special holiday episode, including The Real Wobbly Chair! We put together a Flaming Zonkey starter kit (feel free to e-mail us other things to include!), invent a new type of penis, think forward to the singularity, realize that two sock puppets reached the singularity before humans, think about


TFZP #168: Gronk is Right

Gronk is right. He’s absolutely right. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. If Berz doesn’t take his advice, then Berz is wrong. Then again, Berz is always wrong. What if he *does* take Gronk’s advice? Would he be right and wrong at the same time? Is that even possible? Maybe you shouldn’t


TFZP #167: Tangling Your Beards

We have yet another special guest star this week as we delve into topics like “food that doesn’t smell like food”, pizza, cookies, beer and ice cream. I guess we sorta talked a lot about food. Also Wendy Williams. And I guess there’s some video games or something, but mostly food. EAT THE FOOD! E-Mail


TFZP #166: Two Per Wear

We have a Wobbly!! And it’s not just a costume, even if it is Halloween. But we do have Jester doing his best Draelor costume, along with some Drinkenstein, Meo turning Japanese, a Beaver — and everyone playing Mario!! (and some other games too, but MARIO!!) E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher:


TFZP #165: Mipples

Mario has nipples. There was a murder on the Wrasslin’ show. Draelor hates fun and can’t spell. Didj makes that alarm noise. Berz does Berz things and provides STAR CRUNCHES OMG. BEST. DAY. EVER! E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: Subscribe via RSS:...


TFZP #164: Brown Note

That’s right, this podcast is full of…. stuff! Including ALMOST having Jellybutt guest host (but we have GRONK which is almost as good!), a variety of dog stories (for no particular reason), a couple of emails — and some new previously undiscussed (on this podcast) games again! Including the just recently announce Pirates pinball machine,


TFZP #163: This Podcast Isn’t Late… YOU’RE LATE!

Stuff happened and I sort of forgot to do the podcast yesterday. Feel free to send e-mails about how much of a monster I am! E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: Subscribe via RSS:


TFZP #162: Give Me to Beaver Liberty

Do you guys remember A Current Affair? We remember it, so we talk about it some during this episode.This episode is otherwise dedicated 100% to a discussion of Wendy Williams. That’s it. Nothing else. No Games. No Music. No Wrasslin’. Just Wendy. Enjoy! E-Mail us!: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher:


TFZP #161: Close Those Browser Tabs!

GRONK is back in the saddle this week, LOVES Fallout 4, and is apparently pretty good and pinball. Berz has been busy with Samus, Draelor has been not so busy with Bloodborne, and Meo has been there and back and again with Yoko Taro. In other news, iPhones are bad, Twitter is bad, Reddit is probably


TFZP #160: Movie Night

The revolving door of hosts continues with Grok (aka GRONK) filling in this week, and Didj gets to make another appearance with the absence of Meo, but we won’t let that slow us down (much)! We continue the email pinball choose your own adventure with Murfburffle, continually get sidetracked talking about movies and tv shows


TFZP #159: Bah-Jay-Jay!

Hey everyone, it’s Bah-Jay-Jay day! Actually, we just made that up, but it’s worth repeating because it’s fun to say. Go ahead. Say it out loud in front of your co-workers. They won’t mind. I’ll wait. Didj is the guest host this week while Wobbly is on hiatus, and we talk all sorts of stuff:


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