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Is Leo an EU Federalist? Trump's latest controversy and Simon Harris speaks on repealing the 8th

This week on the first The Floating Voter of the year, Kevin Doyle is joined by Shona Murray and Philip Ryan. Together they look at Taoiseach Leo Varadkar performance in the European parliament this week and ask does he need to work on his speeches. As Simon Harris pins his colours to the mast in the abortion debate, when will Leo and the rest of the cabinet make their thoughts known. And as Donald Trump prepares for a visit from Leo on St Patricks Day we ask is Ireland one of these S**Hole...

Duration: 00:23:56

From Brexit to Babestation The Foating Voter looks back on 2017

In the final show of 2017 Philip Ryan and Niall O’Connor join Kevin Doyle to take a look at the most memorable moments of the year. Everything from Donald Trump to Donald Tusk, from Brexit to Babestation. We look at at the good, the bad and the ugly from 2017. We also have our much anticipated 2nd Annual Floating Voter Christmas Awards, were the lads give out the much desired Bob Cratchit (hardest working) Politician of the Year and the much feared Political Grinch of the Year.

Duration: 00:28:31

Mattie’s slur shows me we need more women in politics says 8th amendment chairperson

This week on The Floating Voter Niall O' Connor is joined in studio Nicola Anderson and Philip Ryan and Shona Murray live from Brussels, and Senator Catherine Noone Chairperson of the Oireachteas committee on the 8th amendment joins us in studio to discuss the outcome of last nights vote from the repeal committee, and some controversial comments from Independent TD Mattie McGrath. Shauna Murry is on the line live from Brussels to bring us up to date with the latest happenings in the Brexit...

Duration: 00:28:14

Brexit bordering on ridiculous, Trump wades into Middle East conflict, will you work until your 70?

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by Philip Ryan and Shona Murray. In this weeks very entertaining episode the panel discuss the latest on the Brexit border issue and how well Leo is doing in the poles. Is he taking the credit for Enda Kenny's ground work (or Enda Kelly as UK MP Bernard Jenkin put it.) and is Bertie Ahearn the "Grand Wizard of Irish politics" With the compulsory retirement age moved up from 65 to 70 they look at the prospect of working until 70. And...

Duration: 00:25:31

Are Leo's Leadership skills in question after the Fitzgerald fiasco? Sould we use our Brexit veto?

This week on the Floating Voter Niall O'Connor was joined by Shona Murray and John Downing. With Ian Pasley's declaration that the Irish are pussyfooting about over Brexit we ask should Ireland use its veto before the Brexit talks move on to phase two. After trying week in Irish politics and the narrow avoiding of the first December election in the states history, We ask how are Leo's leadership skills viewed after his handling of the resignation of Francis Fitzgerald.

Duration: 00:16:20

Frances Fitzgerald on the brink? Who can fill Gerry Adams shoes? are the UK clueless on the border?

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by Shona Murray and Niall O' Connor. A lot of questions are asked this week and we examine some of the possibilities such as can Frances Fitzgerald weather the latest storm in the Department of Justice, We look at the email relating to the Maurice McCabe inquiry and where it leaves the Government. Who will replace Gerry Adams, is Mary Lou a shoe in? and can Brexit possibly move on to phase two in December without a solution to the...

Duration: 00:25:21

Kate O'Connell takes a stand on Twitter abuse, and Is Leo in denial about the housing crisis

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by Philip Ryan and Niall O' Connor and we have a lot to talk about this week, starting with Fine Gael's vice-chairman of their executive council Barry Walsh's controversial tweets and with Fine Gael party conference last weekend we talk about Leos denial of the housing crisis. Then with Sinn Féin Ard Fheis coming up we take a look at what Gerry Adams may have in store in his live televised address.

Duration: 00:26:41

John Halligan in hot water again and Alan Kelly throws down the gauntlet to Brendan Howlin

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by Philip Ryan, Shona Murray and the award winning Niall O' Conner. This week we look forward to taking the bus to Cavan for Leo Varadkar's first Ard Fheis. We chat about the few storms Waterford TD John Halligan found himself this week and the gauntlet is thrown down by Alan Kelly for Brendan Howlin.

Duration: 00:28:15

The UK politics sexual harassment scandal, could a similar controversy engulf Leinster House?

That was the question posed by INM political correspondent Niall O’ Connor, when he was joined on the Floating Voter by correspondents Philip Ryan and Shona Murray. Murray told the podcast that she has herself experienced in the workplace - and that Dáil Éireann is not immune from a similar controversy that has engulfed Westminster. Ryan added that social media has brought a new dynamic to the saga - and has led to potentially dangerous claims being made online. And, the latest garda...

Duration: 00:23:25

Leo in Paris, Last orders for Gerry Adams at the Dail Bar?, How much for an Enda speech?

This week on The Floating Voter, INM's political editor Kevin Doyle is joined by Philip Ryan and Shona Murray. They take a look at how Leo Varadkar got on in France meeting with French President Emannuelle Macron, all the latest from the on going Tracker mortgage scandal. Does Gerry Adams want to call time on the Dail bar and we ask if Enda Kenny is getting €22k per speech, how much are other former leaders getting?

Duration: 00:22:40

Turbulent weather and turbulence in the Dail, tracker mortgages and €30 bottles of wine.

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by Philip Ryan and Niall O’ Connor. They chat about the governments handling of Storm Ophelia and ask was the twitter storm caused by the kite-surfers bigger. They look at the tracker mortgage scandal and ask 'What is a tracker mortgage?'and will the banks suffer and how. After Gerry Adams talks of €30 bottles of wine, we find out if the lads are out of touch with a little quiz for them.

Duration: 00:23:05

Floating Voter Post-Budget special with EY Ireland

In the second of our two part budget special in association with EY Ireland we look at Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe who now has his first Budget under his belt, we find out are we going to be out of pocket. Kevin Doyle is joined for this special by Floating Voter regulars Niall O’Connor and Philip Ryan, Sarah Connellan personal tax partner EY Ireland and Professor Neil Gibson, Chief Economist, EY Ireland. They take a look at the Budget to understand what it might mean for the economy.

Duration: 00:30:57

Pre-Budget Special in association with EY Ireland

In the first of two Budget specials in association with EY Ireland, Kevin Doyle is joined by Floating Voter regulars Niall O’Connor and Philip Ryan, Sarah Connellan from EY Ireland and Michael Dawson, founder of One4All Group. They take a look ahead to Budget 2018 and what Paschal Donohoe has in store for us, and with help from the guests we try to understand what it might mean for the economy and will you have more or less in your own pocket.

Duration: 00:26:27

Budget latest, Is Ireland a tax haven? Exclusive Willie Walsh on Ryanair

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by the usual crew of Philip Ryan, Niall O' Connor and Shona Murray. Of course they discuss the Budget using words like “making work pay” and the dreaded “fiscal space”. The latest murmurings on Apple’s 13 Billion and where we are at ,Is Ireland just a tax haven for all the multinationals? Plus some exclusive audio of Willie Walsh’s speech at a Fine Gael fundraiser on the Ryanair fiasco and the last word is given to former Fine Gael...

Duration: 00:24:32

Leo vs Mary Lou, Endless Referendums, is the budget fit for purpose and more.

This week on The Floating Voter, Kevin Doyle is joined by regulars Philip Ryan, Niall O' Connor and new addition Shona Murray. They discuss the on going battles between Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou McDonald. The Endless Referendums, is abortion the only that matters? Plus the looming Budget, is it fit for purpose? plus Philips crusade against Pascal O’ Donoghue and his drinks company shares is resolved…or is it.

Duration: 00:24:28

'Electric Picnic for farmers' The Floating Voter hits the 2017 National Ploughing Championships

Kevin Doyle dons his wellies and makes his way down to the 2017 Ploughing Championships or where he is joined by IFA President Joe Healy, ICMSA President John Cormer and Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to discuss what farmers will be looking for from the Budget, South American trade deals and farming life post Brexit.

Duration: 00:27:24

'Change is going to cause consternation - especially on the Left it seems'

In the wake of Leo Varadkhar's slap down of Paul Murphy in the Dail, Fine Gael's Josepha Madigan joins the Floating Voter to discuss the fall-out. Plus she explains why she is drafting a bill to curb social media commentary from court cases and discusses the death threat she and her family suffered via social media.

Duration: 00:23:09

Varadkar & Trudeau, the triumph of style over substance?

Did the visit of Canada's PM, Justin Trudeau, typify what we can expect from Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach? On this week's show, Kevin Doyle, Niall O'Connor and Philip Ryan are joined by journalist, Kirsty Blake Knox, a self-confessed Trudeau fan. She tells the panel why the 'dreamy good looks' and positive media coverage of Trudeau's visit should be something that is seen as a good thing and a way for people to be more engaged and interested in politics. Isn't it some light relief from talk...

Duration: 00:26:23

Trailer: John Paul Phelan defends Leo Varadkar on women in cabinet

A trailer of this week's Floating Voter with new Minister of State for Local Govt and Housing, John Paul Phelan, defending Leo Varadkar's lack of female appointees to cabinet.

Duration: 00:00:15

Change? What change? Coppers, the new Taoiseach and rural Ireland

Change? What change? It's the same old, same old says INM's Philip Ryan on this week's Floating Voter. The panel of Ryan, Kevin Doyle and Niall O'Connor ask what the new faces will bring to cabinet and whether Simon Coveney has been shunted off into Foreign Affairs. Plus, as the new Taoiseach celebrated afterwards in Coppers, was this his way of reaching out to rural Ireland?

Duration: 00:20:31

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