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Our new podcast radio show is all about getting closer to understanding and working with the cycles and mechanisms of our amazing universe. Seeing how the processes once thought supernatural are really the natural when you know how to look.. Discussing, uncovering and revealing all aspects of what keeps us from it and what brings us closer to it.. What happens when we work against it and what happens when we work with it..Where the physical meets the metaphysical -from the energy to the ecology, the nurturing to the nutrition, from the frustration to the flow.




The Flow – Show 3 – African Adventure

Show 3 – African Adventure : Hear Monika Graber’s story of how she overcame depression and spiritual crisis to not only heal herself but to find a calling in helping animals and embarked on an african adventure to rescue vervet monkeys. Participants : Monika Graber – Switzerland Jeanine Patrick – Upland California Sarah Davies – […] The post The Flow – Show 3 – African Adventure appeared first on .

Duration: 00:58:08

The Flow – Show 2 – Astrology

Show 2 – Astrology : How astrology as an ancient science and art is not really about daily horoscopes but a real tool to help us understand and work with universal energies and how we can best apply this to flow with the cycles. Participants : Priya Kale – New York Jeanine Patrick – Upland […] The post The Flow – Show 2 – Astrology appeared first on .

Duration: 00:58:42

The Flow – Show 1 ‘Getting on the path’

Show 1 – Getting On The Path : Hear the group talk about about the various things in our lives that helped us find the path and how the universe teaches lessons through trial and trauma but hoe we can use these to grow Participants : Sarah Davies – Manchester UK Mike McLatchey – Sacramento […] The post The Flow – Show 1 ‘Getting on the path’ appeared first on .

Duration: 01:04:47

The Flow – Pilot Episode

Pilot – Spiritual Addiction : Hear about how spiritual crisis can create uncontrollable addiction to fortune tellers, horoscope and spiritualist mediums and how it can be overcome to not only recover but grow spiritually. Participants : Main Guest: Gail Jenner – Bournemouth UK Jeanine Patrick – Upland California Sarah Davies – Manchester UK Priya Kale […] The post The Flow – Pilot Episode appeared first on .

Duration: 01:02:12