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A players-only roundtable discussion of NFL and college football topics offering listeners unparalleled insight into the game. Experienced. Real. Football insight by football players!

A players-only roundtable discussion of NFL and college football topics offering listeners unparalleled insight into the game. Experienced. Real. Football insight by football players!
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A players-only roundtable discussion of NFL and college football topics offering listeners unparalleled insight into the game. Experienced. Real. Football insight by football players!






How the Patriots Broke the Broncos; Plus Oakland Raiders Preview

The Patriots and Broncos are two franchises with their hopes for 2017 heading in the polar opposite direction. New England solved the Denver riddle with overwhelming special teams play, tough & timely run game production, and throw-it-to-everybody quarterbacking by the game's best, Tom Brady. Rex Burkhead showed up huge, and the Patriots defense put another brick in the wall as their span of efficient, point-preventing, hi-level defense continues to grow. The Oakland Raiders loom on the...

Duration: 01:24:00

Broncos Preview; Plus Patriots 2nd Half Outlook

Back from the Patriots bye week, The REAL THING Patriots Podcast returns to break down where things stand with New England as they head into the back nine of the 2017 season. Matt Chatham takes stock of the Patriots current roster health & recent transactions as they head down the stretch. He then talks areas of vulnerability for this team to keep an eye on, and aspects of this team he expects the Patriots to flourish in as the playoffs approach. In the second half of the show, former...

Duration: 01:40:12

Falcons Game Review & Chargers Preview w/ Rich Ohrnberger

The talented Atlanta Falcons were prepared to wash the bad taste of last year's Super Bowl loss from their mouths with a successful trip to Foxboro, MA. But the New England Patriots had other plans, producing a hallmark victory at home to put to bed many of the doubts about the kind of team this can be. There's still a ton of time and work to go, but a well-rounded performance against a top team deserves a tip o' the cap. Matt Chatham works through the top takeaways on tape from the...

Duration: 01:19:45

NYJ Review, ATL Preview + Dumb Reaction to a Dumb Rule Called Correctly

Matt Chatham picks apart the [mostly] good and the bad in the hard-fought win on the road at the Jets, including that so-called controversial fumble call that went against New York tight end Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (as the rules dictate it should have). The "worst call ever!" hyperbole that came after was obviously totally sane and not rooted in simply not wanting the Patriots to get the call. Clearly. Next, Chatham welcomes former Atlanta Falcons quarterback & Georgia Bulldog DJ Shockley...

Duration: 01:43:13

Week 5: J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets Preview

The New York Jets have been one of the sneaky-surprising stories of the young NFL season, defying predictions of tanking and reeling off 3 victories in a row to sit at a surprisng 3-2 on the season. That puts them in a [relatively meaningless] October tie for first place in the AFC East with the New England Patriots, but division titles are well down the road with the Pats not yet playing one of their scheduled six division games. So where do your New England Patriots sit after the first...

Duration: 01:09:20

Week 5: Panthers Game Dissection, Bucs TNF Preview

Former Patriots linebacker/special teamer Matt Chatham takes you through the a field-view, cause & effect analysis of the ugly Patriots loss to the Carolina Panthers--one that featured a defensive performance that was marred by glarring mistakes. How will the Patriots respond to mounting uncharacteristic individual mistakes? What are the little things they can do to fix a defense that's trending in the wrong direction? What's going right that's hidden in the muck of overall disappointing...

Duration: 01:51:35

Week 4: Texans Review, Panthers Preview with Former Patriot Ken Walter

Former Patriots linebacker & special teamer Matt Chatham dissects the thrilling come-from-behind Houston Texans game, then previews the Patriots' upcoming opponent, the Caroliina Panthers. Chatham is joined by his former Pats teammate & Carolina punter Ken Walter. Wlater lives in the Charlotte area now, and joins the show to give his insight on all that ails this curious Panthers team after an ugly loss to the Saints. Topics covered in this in-depth show include a thorough review of the...

Duration: 01:44:32

Week 3: Saints Game Review & Texans Preview w/ Ted Johnson

Former New England Patriots linebacker & Houston radio host Ted Johnson joins the show to address the State of the Texans, plus a full-game Patriots autopsy following the big win against the Saints. Chatham and Johnson get into the biggest issues facing the Texans right now, and what to expect from their former teammate Mike Vrabel's first gamepblan as defensive coordinator against New England. Some really insightful stuff from Johnson follows as he breaks down former Houston Cougars &...

Duration: 01:22:22

The REAL THING Patriots Podcast; 2017 Kickoff, Chiefs Preview

The debut, all-new REAL THING Patriots Podcast kicks things off with three-time Super Bowl champ & former Patriot Matt Chatham, joined by Brady Quinn & former Chiefs defensive lineman Mike DeVito, wrapping the Patriots preseason and final roster decisions, looking at the biggest NFL challengers for New England, and previewing the huge Patriots-Chiefs home opener. Quinn offers the big picture, national view of the legitimate threats to another championship for the Patriots. DeVito, the...

Duration: 01:33:50

The Football By Football Super Bowl LI Pregame Show: Falcons vs Patriots

The guys are back with an 11th hour pregame breakdown show for Super Bowl L1 in Houston. All the media fluff and off-field storylines are in the rearview, the guys dive into the details of what will ultimately decide the contest between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. After a week of discussion about prolific passing games, what role will the running games of these two teams have in deciding the champion -- and is it ultimately just as (or more) important as all the passing...

Duration: 00:44:53

Review of Colin Cowherd's Embarrassing Pre-Super Bowl Roger Goodell Interview

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his league handlers finally decided to come out from the shadows and do a public interview, this a friendly with Fox TV & radio star, Colin Cowherd, in advance of Super Bowl LI in Houston. To put it mildly, it was beyond embarrassing for all parties. Matt Chatham walks through the audio with his blow-by-blow take on how rare interviews with the evasive & perpetually dishonest commissioner have to be better...for the sake of the game. And truth in media...

Duration: 00:47:58

IN THE GAME - "Best Thing Going" For All 32 NFL Teams

Matt Chatham & Brady Poppinga dissect each of NFL Week 10's matchups, looking specifically at the best thing each team has going for it heading into the weekend. Some teams have risen to the top of the league, some are struggling. But after 8 (or 9) games for all of the teams in the league, their best attributes have become clear. Will that be enough this weekend? Let's dive in... Chiefs vs Panthers Broncos vs Saints Rams vs Jets Packers vs Titans Falcons vs Eagles Vikings vs Redskins...

Duration: 00:58:37

IN THE GAME -- NFL Week 6 Preview Blowout

Former players Brady Quinn and Matt Chatham dive right into a review of Week 5's best action, the surprises, the disappointments, and the underrated performances, then they make their way into preview-mode for a huge upcoming Week 6 slate. Yes, Tom Brady is back with the Patriots...but the Bengals aren't the Browns. But are they still the Bengals of a year ago...or are they about to fall off? Can New England put some distance between themselves and this potential AFC playoff contender? In...

Duration: 00:48:22

IN THE GAME: NFL Week 3 -- Injuries, Locker Room Drama & Bad Defense, Oh My

Great perspective here from former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn on the treatments, limitations, and decisions both Jimmy Garoppolo and Jay Cutler will have to make as quarterbacks in lieu of their particular injuries. The guys then dive into the NFL injury designations and if the new language allows for more monkey business. The big weeks of CarsonWentz and Sam Bradford go under the microscope with an in-depth back & forth on what each should expect now from upcoming opponents, and how...

Duration: 00:53:22

IN THE GAME: NFL Week 2, QB Storyline 'Splosion

We've got a jam-packed show after an insane Week 1 in the NFL, with big QB storylines galore...plenty of good, bad AND ugly from the keymasters of the game's most important position. We break down the big night for Patriots fill-in starter, Jimmy Garoppolo, and what this positive first swing might mean for his future. We look at Eagles QB Carson Wentz's positive first outing against the Browns, and how another bump in the road for Cleveland QB Robert Griffin III affects league-wide faith...

Duration: 00:48:29

IN THE GAME: 2016 NFL Kickoff Show

Former players Quinn, Poppinga & Chatham are back and ready to rock! With the NFL season just around the corner, the FBF fellas dive into four big topics on a jam-packed show: 1) Top Preseason Surprises 2) Teams That Best Rehabbed their Biggest Weakness 3) Teams Most Likely to Take a Step Back from 2015 4) Week 1's Most Intriguing Matchups ...and their take on the Colin Kaepernick protest situation in San Francisco. The guys discuss the 2016 prospects for the Patriots, Broncos, Panthers,...

Duration: 00:47:04

2016 NFL Draft Quarterback Class Breakdown

Chatham & Quinn are back to preview the top QB draft prospects in the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft, as well as look at some of the darkhorse candidates that Quinn worked with as a coach at the East-West Shrine Game. Quinn also offers takes on his unique experiences as a player going through this tenuous last couple weeks of positioning & uncertainty for a player expected to be selected in the first round. Cal's Jared Goff, North Dakota State's Carson Wentz, Memphis' Paxton Lynch, Michigan...

Duration: 00:51:13

IN THE GAME: 2016 NFL 1st Wave Free Agency Review

Matt Chatham, Brady Quinn & Brady Poppinga return to pick through the free agency chaos and relate their experiences in the process to the challenges for the guys who've signed new contracts with new teams. Free agency can be a life-changing experience, so the guys dive into a behind-the-scenes look at the transition for a player. Then the guys look deeper at some of the best (and worst) new contracts, talk football "fit" for players like Olivier Vernon, Mario Williams, Lamar Miller,...

Duration: 01:14:47

Super Bowl 50 Preview Show, IN THE GAME with Chatham, Poppinga & Quinn

You've heard all the Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos off-field storylines beaten to a pulp over the last two weeks. Now it's time to get down to the real game itself. You know, the Super Bowl. We dig through the individual matchups and look at some of the things that are bound to be factors in the game that nobody's talking about. We look at the chess match between Peyton Manning and Luke Kuechly, each able to put their team in position to make a play based on what the other guy does....

Duration: 00:42:15

NFL Conference Championship Week - IN THE GAME w/ Chatham, Ferguson & Wiggins

Former Broncos safety Nick Ferguson and former Patriots & Panthers tight end Jermaine Wiggins join Matt Chatham to dive into the two big NFL conference championship games, taking a critical look at who each of these teams really are today. Are the Carolina Panthers built to get (and hold) a lead against the explosive and balanced Arizona Cardinals? Wiggy, who played in Super Bowls for both the Patriots and the Panthers, offers his insight on the underrated playoff atmosphere Arizona...

Duration: 00:31:36

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