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Ep 51 "Like A Switch"

Welcome back to the Frak. On this episode J & Mike are back and things get derailed pretty quick. We did experience some serious technical difficulties that took us into the future as well as opening up some unexpected topics such as; Mike discusses one of his childhood favorite movies=Over the Top, greatest game of ever involving League of Legends, we discuss our feelings on the new Solo trailer, J reviews Geostorm and dredges up some bad memories on Olympus has Fallen and 50 Shades. We get...


The Frak Episode 50- Back To Bidness

Its finally here! Episode 50! J & Mike are back after a long absence and get back to the business of=games! In this episode we cover some of the following; Nintendo's Labo cardboard factory (the Frak get brutally honest with this one), the impending and highly anticipated God of War 4, Fortnight & the 100 man battle royal, Sony VR, and much more... Of course in true Frak fashion we cover some of the big entertainment stories such as: Black Panther hype (as you may assume Mike is...


MoF Episode 14- Mega Crocodile vs Fire Tarantula

A couple of things you need to know about this episode of the left overs and cut scenes from some of 2017's best shows. These are either the topics that ran super long (we didn't want to drag it out) or that didn't fit the bill of the topics from show that it was cut on. First and foremost I want to apologize to the following people; Katee Sackoff, Summer Glau, & all Firefly fans sincerest apologies for the rather harsh opinions & such that are present within this podcast...


MoF Episode 13- Weaponized Epilepsy

Welcome back! On this episode J is joined by Tom and we discuss a multitude of topics such as; Bomb Cyclone & coldest place in the US Street Fighter & OverWatch reports Surprise List covers- gaming predictions & trends Cuba's Sonic attack Weaponized Epilepsy and the legend of Polybius Run DMC & much more! Thanks for your support!


MoF Episode 12- Double Beatle Banger

After a long overdue absence, we are back and on our new year BS! Joining J and Tom on this episode is newcomer Jessica, as we recap some of the travesty that was the year, 2017. Some of the topics discussed are as follows; Highlights and lowlights of 2017 year of sexual harassment Wonder Woman Thor Game of the Year-it is not what you think it is! Star Wars The 1st & hopefully last ever Frak Death Pool 2018-the votes are in! Apologies on the delay! We appreciate the support! Any comments,...


Matter of Frak Ep.11 -Star Wars The Last Jedi(Sidious Edition)

On this special Star Wars edition show, J & Mike are joined by Tom to assess and review the latest edition of the Star Wars saga-The Last Jedi. This is a 110% spoiler filled show that will discuss the films many highs and all of the nonsensical lows that transpired. Also featured in this episode; Patton Oswald's filibuster, John Williams epic score, special appearance from General Hux, & make sure to listen all the way to the end with closing words from the actor who plays Mark Hamill;...


The Frak Episode 49- Your Welcome

This episode marks the return of Mike as we attempt to not talk about games and ready up for the review of Star Wars the Last Jedi. In typical Frak fashion we get derailed almost immediately and we wind up finding out about all the loot that was spent and what games were acquired during Black Friday. This is a short and sweet power-frak episode that will serve as the prologue to the Star Wars cast.


Matter Of Frak Ep.10- 60 Billion!

On this episode we cover the following: Net Neutrality w/words from the Flying Dutchman Ryan Reynolds new side gig Disney & Fox's 60 Billion dollar deal that is in the works Who we would like to see rejoin the MCU the most Rampage & Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer impressions Infinity War reactions & death picks Netflix Punisher Epic season debut A quick lesson on professional conduct behaviors and sexual harassment reminders for the workplace/society


MoF Episode 9 -Justice League special

On this Episode J & Mike are joined by Tom & Scott to discuss the long awaited and deeply anticipated release of the Justice League movie. There has been quite a bit of backlash and negativity that is surrounding what some are calling a butchering of one man's vision and many peoples dreams being shattered by a nonsensical re-shapening, re-shooting, and in some cases completely missing scenes all together. Do we agree? Are we all able to come together? Bonus Debate of evening- Batman Vs...


Episode - 48 - Black Friday Special

Welcome to Episode 48 of The Frak Podcast Mike is back on the cast following the birth of his daughter and is joined by Jsun. The guys are ready to talk Black Friday sales, Call of Duty and Overwatch. We'd appreciate it if you could subscribe and if you do via iTunes, please leave us a review, as it helps get found and even featured. Also, be sure to interact with the show, by emailing us with questions, feedback, and comments at and we'll read them on the show! Check...


MoF Episode 8- Thor Ragnarok Recap (Fraknarok)

Thor versus the Hulk, Loki being Loki, & the debut of quite possibly the best Marvel villain to date in- Hela Goddess of Death. We were introduced to a bunch of great new characters but unfortunately and unexpectedly had to say goodbye to a couple of big names before it was all said and done. Joining us on this episode are Frak-favorites, Marcus and back from the Burro-Riding World Championships is Freddy. This is one big spoiler fest of a podcast folks that will have you laughing so hard...


The Frak Ep. 47- "Buy The One That Works!"

In this game-centric episode J & Tom are joined by our good friend Alex from Boston, as we are all ditched by "New Daddy Mike" who fell asleep during loading screens of Call of Duty. We cover on this one the following: Early impression of Mario Odyssey and Call of Duty WWII Have we held true to our words and yet to watch the new Star Wars the Last Jedi trailer? November 17th Doomsday...again! What could it be this time? The Curse of the Frak- predicting the future and bad things related to...


MoF Ep 7- Stranger Things 2 Season Review (The Winston)

Wow! What a follow up season! So many different emotions, where can one even try to begin? It was only 9 episodes and most of them knocked it right out of the park. The cast, the story, the loose ends, soundtrack, and of course Easter eggs(s) galore are all jam packed in this special season review podcast of Stranger Things. There was laughter and terror, excitement at even at times, anger! Unfortunately for most, many of tears undoubtedly have been shed. Yep, your gonna catch some serious...


The Frak Episode 46 - Still Great Even A Week Late!

On this episode we are joined by Tom and we talk about a whole bunch of stuff that will be a week late when you hear it. Why? Well life happens sometimes. We talk all the stuff that came out on Oct 27th, and a after that I can't even tell you what happened. Oh yeah, a surprise mystery list from the lost episodes on the worst cast super-heroes on the big screen so far!


MoF Episode 6- One Year Kraken Later

After a extensive interrogation from the censorship bureau we finally present to you our 1 year (and some change) anniversary special. On this cast we welcome first time Frak-er, Matt to the show where we cover everything from Beer to Bitcoin, Kraken to the Wu-Tang Clan, and somehow ponder the mysteries of the number 44.


Episode - 45 - WWE 2K18 and Archives

Welcome to Episode 45 of The Frak Podcast After some much needed time off, Mike and Jsun return and welcome back Cade to talk about some hot GameZone stories, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Star Wars and Mike's secret trip to the WWE Archives and his hands on playtest with WWE 2K18. We'd appreciate it if you could subscribe and if you do via iTunes, please leave us a review, as it helps get found and even featured. Also, be sure to interact with the show, by emailing us with questions,...


MoF Ep 5- The con Before MegaCon

Well, surprise folks! Planet X aka Nibiru aka a whole bunch of BS did not hit us......can you believe it!? We rolled the dice and didn't quit our jobs or empty the least not just yet. We did though cut a Judgment Day style podcast & welcome back after a long absence Joe, from Project Pixel Art and for the first time Cory, from Colorado! Some of the stuff covered on this episode Failed prophecies and predictions, some of the best of the worst Terminator franchise news Star Wars...


Episode - 44 - It's Your Destiny

Welcome to Episode 44 of The Frak Podcast, It's Your Destiny. In this episode, Mike and Jsun are joined once again by Cade Onder to discuss the FIFA 18, NBA 2K18, Project Cars 2 and of course the elephant in the room, Destiny 2. Each member of the cast has played the game, are grinding up and preparing for the Leviathan raid. What is our overall consensus on the game? Did Bungie hit a home run or did they drop the ball? Listen to the show to find out! We'd appreciate it if you could...


Matter of Frak Episode 4- Homage Blender

In this Episode, J is joined by Tom as we cover all sorts of different topics...a blender if you will full of Frak and of course-homage. -Post-Hurricane Irma leads to an unfortunate reveal of the end of times -Planet X aka Nibiru is going to give it all of us. -Full spoiler review of Stephen King's remake of 'IT' -Star Wars report -TMNT- yeah I have no idea why either... -The Random List returns- controversial scenes cut from big movies and harsh words for a few princesses. -Celebrity...


MoF Episode 3- Raging Elephants

J and Mike welcome GameZone's own Cade Onder for a MoF debut, he's joined us on our Frak Podcast many times. In our third episode, we cover a plethora of topics and some of those lead to some fairly heated discussion and debates throughout the show. Some of the items covered are as follows: • DCEU and the woes of Batman, the misfortune of Superman, and the fury of the Mantis Shrimp (the latter of which is funny as hell and interesting, you might learn something). • Trials and tribulations...


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