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TFS Pocket 33 - Karnov

Ello! This is Karnov. I am to be in game that you may like. Please listen and remember that in Mother Russia, Karnov play you! Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 66 - Final Fantasy Adventure

Do you like Final Fantasy games? Too bad, this is actually Seiken Densetsu. Unless you were in Europe, then this was Mystic Quest. But not Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. A different Mystic Quest. Kinda like Secret of Mana. I hope you were taking notes -- there's a quiz next week. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Special Thanks -...


TFS Pocket 32 - Puggsy

(I am contractually obligated to inform our fanbase that this is another Sega game episode). Puggsy, a character that can best be described as a sausage casing filled with squirrel blood, may be the most unsuccessful game mascot yet, but damn if he doesn't make for an awesome speedrun! Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Special Mention -...


Episode 65 - Metroid (NES)

Metroid is a pretty cool guy; he kills space pirates and doesn't afraid of anything. In this episode, we turn to speedlegend MetroidMcfly to tell us how to become experts at running, jumping, shooting, and rolling. Get your controller, pop in your Metroid cart, and let's kick some alien butt! Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Guest -...


TFS Pocket 31 - Big 20 #8

Twenty games, thirty days, forty(?) runners, fifty states, sixty minutes... wait, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, the Big 20 is back and better than ever. This list looks pretty promising and you definitely won't want to miss this awesome lineup. In this pocket, John AND Chad (both hosts, think of the value!) cover all of the games and find a lot of cool new co-op speedgames along the way. Website - Twitch -


Episode 64 - Patreon Special #4 (StarTropics)

Grab your yo-yo and hit the seas in search of your uncle, Dr Jones (no, not that Dr Jones). Sure, it might look like your standard Zelda-like adventure game, but you've never seen Link catch rad air like our boy Mike does. Hopefully this neat adventure doesn't end with a lame "aliens" plot twist like the last Indiana Jones movie. Boy, those writers had no respect for their target audience, huh? Website - Twitch - Patreon -...


TFS Pocket 30 - Ninja Gaiden Shadow

Have you ever wanted a Tamagotchi, but instead of having a cute pet, you have a ninja?! Ninja Gaiden Shadow is what you have been looking for! Feed Ryu daily by stabbing unsuspecting enemies in the face! Keep Ryu fit and happy with tons of flips and acrobatic jumps! Parenthood never felt so good! Website - Patreon - Discord - Guest -


Episode 63 - Hook/Aladdin

One episode about two great games both based on Robin Williams films. You'd think with a great theme like that that it *had* to be planned in advance, but nope, just a total fluke. Sit back and relax while we take you on a journey through Neverland... or Agrabah? Website - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 29 - Strider

In this episode, Chad covers the history and background of the Strider series. After the hit speedrun tutorial showcase at AGDQ 2018, the leaderboard for Strider on the NES absolutely blew up. If you're looking for your entry into the speedrunning scene, this might be your game. As they say: Anybody can Strider! Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 62 - AGDQ 2018 Recap

Good things come to those who wait! Just one week after AGDQ 2018 raised more than $2.2 million, here we are with a recap on what we saw, what we loved, and what we missed. Special guest Grandpoobear joins us on our first live episode on our own stream, so don't forget to follow us there for more live episodes in the future, and take part in our live Q&A sessions. Website - Patreon - Discord - Guest -...


Episode 61 - Super Mario 64 (Part 2)

This is the second part to our two-part episode on Super Mario 64, with this part focusing on the speedrun. If you haven't listened to episode 60 yet, you'll want to start with that! If you like Mario games and you have 3 hands, have we got the game for you. This live episode, featured on the Speedgaming network with live Q&A, includes some overview of the history of Mario's iconic jump into the third dimension, as well as a breakdown of one of the speedrunning community's most popular...


Episode 60 - Super Mario 64 (Part 1)

If you like Mario games and you have 3 hands, have we got the game for you. This live episode, featured on the Speedgaming network with live Q&A, includes some overview of the history of Mario's iconic jump into the third dimension, as well as a breakdown of one of the speedrunning community's most popular speedgames with the help of SM64 speedrunner BlueBob! Website - Patreon - Discord - Guest -...


TFS Pocket 28 - Popeye 2

It's the last TFS podcast of 2017 is here! Cozy up next to the fire, crack open a can of spinach, and end the year right by listening to the objectively best podcast in the world! If you are in search of mediocre Game Boy games to play in 2018, you have come to the right place! Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 59 - Cart Swap #2

For Christmas, most friends exchange gift cards or socks or bottles of expensive-looking alcohol. John and Chad exchange games and force the other to play them. Is this the new tradition? Will they enjoy it? Will there be new world records? What happens to the little light when you close the refrigerator door? Find the answers to all these questions and more in this episode. Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 58 - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Sometimes the hardest part of a good speedgame is picking which anime girl to buy a bodypillow of. Take this trip through the world of Sequin Land while we discuss what makes the Shantae games so great, both casually and as speedruns. Hopefully you don't get washed overboard with all the excitement! Website - Patreon - Discord - Guest -


TFS Pocket 27 - The Adventures Of Star Saver

Another pocket, another johncarls Game Boy recommendation! Listen as John dives into The Adventures of Star Saver! This game has it all! Mechs! Dogs! Mechs! Other things! You don't wanna miss out on this one! Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 57 - Shatterhand/KickMaster

Punch your problems away? Kick your problems to the curb? Honestly, we don't care. We just want you to know that sometimes you can solve all of your problems with violence, provided that your problems involve evil witches or giant robots. Website - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 26 - Kid Kool (and Friends)

What's better than one game? I bet you expected "three games", but when it comes to bad games, sometimes the answer is "no games". In any case, this episode on Kid Kool (and Psycho Fox (and Decap Attack)) is sure to get you in the kusoge spirit! Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 56 - Bad Games #8 (The Simpsons)

This episode was recorded live @ Simpsons' games: the classic games we love to hate. In this episode, we dive into Bart vs the World (NES) and Escape from Camp Deadly (GB). How can such a beloved franchise spawn so many terrible games? Don't have a cow, we will explain it to you in this episode. Website - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 25 - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Japan still doesn't think we have what it takes! They're not givin' us the good stuff. In this episode, Chad covers some of the history behind baby's first RPG, and why you might not want to just write it off. Website - Patreon - Discord -


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