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FranetiC - été - Episode 129 [ Progressive | Uplifting | Tech Trance ]

Bonjour et bienvenue au son de l’été. I hope you are all very well - summer is finally here and this is the soundtrack for it in my world. This episode is very progressive, very techy and makes me think of warmer climes than where I currently am in Scotland. A journey from light to dark progessivly getting harder in sound throughout - travelling from 123bpm to 143bpm. Enjoy!… Prendre plaisir! 1] Jamie Baggots - Found (Original Mix)

Duration: 01:30:17

FranetiC - Reflections - Episode 127 [ Progressive | Uplifting | Tech | Hard Trance ]

Hello hello, Always excuses…. But, after a rather long break (A spot of travelling in Vietnam and starting a new jurrrrb!), I return to you with a bumper episode - one which is reflecting the past but firmly remaining in the present. I have found some monster remixes of classics some new and some old as well as a few all out newbie belters! This a bumper episode - a 2 hour long mega mix; to make up for my time away. I hope you enjoy it! xXx 1] Phil Martyn - Phosphorus (Extended...

Duration: 02:09:33

FranetiC - Osiris - Episode 126 [ Progressive | Uplifting | Tech Trance ]

Welcome to Osiris, the latest journey through the shades of Trance on the Franetic Podcast. Apologies for the delay on this one - hopefully this makes up for Octobers missing episode. Travelling through from progressive with an all time classic which I heard again recently from Deadmau5 - such an awesome track - never featured on the podcast before and absolutely had to go in - Strobe, from 2010. Windes you up to some banging 142BPM techy and uplifting Trance. See you on the other...

Duration: 01:15:31

FranetiC - Singularity - Episode 124 [ Progressive | Uplifting | Psy | Hard Trance ]

Welcome to August’s episode of the Franetic Podcast From 132 to 145 beats per minute - something to get you going on a Saturday night. Some epic remixes in here alongside some storming newbies, ending on some proper hard stuff! Enjoy…. 1] Ryoji Takahashi & Dimension - Hidamari (Original Mix) 2] The Thrillseekers & Hydra - Amber (Extended mix) 3] Marco V - Simulated (Radion6 Remix) 4] Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (UCast Remix) 5] Jack Aggas feat. Victoria Shersick - Fly Away...

Duration: 01:22:19

FranetiC - Primordial [ Tough Progressive | Tech | Psy | Uplifting | Hard Trance ]

Welcome to the weekend - well, the middle of it - in the UK anyway! I have made a surprise episode! I have been doing them monthly in the past year so this one is a leetle early, I just found some absolute belters I thought I would have a productive weekend and grace your ears with all the delights I have found. Straight in with the tough stuff- quite techy this time around - MaRLo can stay, what a whopper with Darkside. Not much in to what he has been churning out recently until...

Duration: 01:10:17

FranetiC - Continuum - Episode 117 [ Tough | Psy | Uplifting | Tech Trance ]

It’s double trouble this weekend, as well as a guest mix released previous to this here is my own addition to the pot, so…. Trance lovers, here is the next instalment of the Franetic Podcast - I wish you an awesome weekend of sun, fun and frolics (For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere) and for those south of the equator Merry Wintermus and a happy new summer to come! From the tough stuff, to the uplifting stuff let me take you on a journey through sound…. Enjoy xXx 1) Stoneface &...

Duration: 00:43:26

FranetiC - Neon - Episode 115 [ Progressive | Uplifting | Psy | Tech Trance ]

This is episode 115 - I have had to re-upload due to a glitch which only allowed the first 43 mins to be played and downloaded. Kicking things off with a retro 80’s sounding track from Orkidea, progressing through some uplifting, psy and tech trancers. I have had a few excellent promo’s for this edition from the likes of Harmonic Rush & Binary Finary. Ending on a techy note and even in the finishing style of a Mr Mark E.G - Enjoy guys! x x x1] Orkidea - Revolution Industrielle [Original...

Duration: 01:12:33

FranetiC - Exo - Episode 114 [ Progressive | Psy | Uplifting | Tech Trance ]

Welcome to the next instalment of the Franetic Podcast…. Can you also believe I have been podcasting now for coming up 5 years!? Now that is crazy, anyway….. A journey from the light to the dark, to transport you to another world of Trance. Delving in to the progressive sounds of Mat Zo, a trip back in time to the likes of Sander Van Doorn’s Bastillion, all the way through to the techy hard stuff of Kamui (2008) Spielzeug. Enjoy xXx Tracklisting: 1) Matt Zo - 24 Hours [ Rank1 Remix ] 2)...

Duration: 00:47:31

FranetiC - The Speed Of Dark - Episode 111 [ Progressive | Uplifting | Psy | Tech | Hard Trance ]

So here is my first episode of 2015 - being British and looking at many of my past podcast descriptions, I feel the need to apologise for it’s lateness - Its something to do with British people that’s for sure, I was walking up the stairs at work yesterday and as I passed someone on the stairs they apologised to me. Unless they know something I don’t, I am finding it more and more strange! Maybe I am fatter than I think!Soooooo, thats a ramble done. Tunes! Starting at 129BPM and winding up...

Duration: 01:28:53

FranetiC - UNDERGROUND: A HISTORY OF TRANCE [ Late 90’s + Early 00’s Classic Trance + Hard Trance ]

A journey through the underground classics of Trance & Hard Trance. Uplifting through to the dark and dirty, 105 mins of pure classics to wrap your lobes around. A chronicle including some of my all time favourite tunes from (here comes the cliche!) back in the day out clubbing. Dance Academy in Plymouth plus Monastery and Claires in Torquay, all now indeed long gone…. Great great times…. Enjoy xXx 1) Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (Original Mix) 2) The Mystery - The Forgiven (Original...

FranetiC - Trance In Your Pants - Episode 108 [ Tough Progressive | Uplifting | Tech Trance ]

Beat those mid week blues and enjoy some Trance in your pants! A journey through Trance from 133bpm to 144bpm - Some real uplifting loveliness in here, working up to some hole digging stompers at the end. Enjoy xXx 1) Veracocha - Carte Blanche (David Gravell Remix) 2) Guiseppi Ottaviani - Passion (Extended Mix) 3) Winkee - Awakening (Original Mix) 4) UCast - Slipstream (Original Mix) 5) Andy Moor, Lange & Fenja - Top Of The World (Ferry Tayle Remix) 6) David Asprey - Anima (Original...

FranetiC - Paradox - Episode 107 [ Breaks | Uplifting | Psy | Tech Trance ]

Enrico Fermi once asked ”Where is everybody?” So the the idea of the Fermi Paradox was born…. Well I have a theory; they [the elusive other worldly civilizations] are obviously all busy raving in their own Dyson spheres, without a care in the cosmos for what else exists - designers of their own personal infinite universe. Well, here is a piece of my little universe all for you. A journey from Breaks, to Uplifting to Psy and beyond…. Happy Sunday to all, I hope you are STILL having an...

Hiram’s Highway. Vol 1 [ Chilled | Electronica | Progressive | House ]

I have returned, after a pretty life changing break away it has to be said. I have been working hard on my career and I have missed being able to have the time to escape to do this stuff. I wanted to start my return to podcasting with a new project I am going to undertake. Something which includes styles of music I find myself listening to more and more. This project is ‘Hiram’s Highway’. Focusing more on electronica, chilled vibes more designed to bring you down to a comforting pillow...

FranetiC - Sunkissed Twisted Bliss - Episode 2 RE-RELEASE

A delve in the archives here, so for the first time going a little off sequence, but this was removed about 3 years ago from podomatic and I wanted to re-instate it for a while as its got some AMAZING classic trance on, that was lost until now! This was probably my 3rd or 4th ever mix I recorded, so apologies for the ropey mixing lol! No idea on track-listing Im afraid, that is most definitely long gone, so surprise mix for you…. If you weren’t there for when I started this podcast back...

FranetiC - Blindsight - Episode 105 [ Tough Progressive | Uplifting | Vocal | Psy | Tech Trance ]

Wahhhh! Apologies yet again for the most enormous delay since I started, currently seeking a new layer in which to call home. Hope everyone is all good! I have a HOOOOJ selection of tunes for you, obviously a lot has gone on in the last 2 months. A journey from proggy to tech and everything in between. I shall endeavor to get a new episode sooner after this one …. Enjoy xXx 1: Orbion - Escape (Hydro Poison Progressive Remix) 2: IIan Bluestone - Spheres (Original Mix) 3: Cosmic Gate - So...

Duration: 02:31:13

FranetiC - Nibiru - Episode 104 [ Uplifting | Tech | Hard Trance ]

This is episode 104 - Nibiru. Apologies for the extended quiet time, hopefully I will be able to get some episodes out a little more regularly very soon . This is a mix dominated by the uplifting Trance sound, I was very much in the mood for it, and I hope you are too. Tracklisting xXx 1) Agnelli and Nelson presents A&N Project - New Light (Protoculture Remix) 2) Markus Schulz - Remember This - Original Mix 3) Mark Sixma - Character (Original Mix) 4) Driftmoon - Drifter (Original Mix) 5)...

Duration: 02:39:40

FranetiC - Quasar - Episode 103 [ Tough Progressive | Uplifting | Psy | Tech Trance ]

This is episode 103 - Quasar! Some bleddy bangers in here for you! Starting off on a tough note with the awesome Dinodrums, working up through some epic uplifting remixes, through to some very naughty Psy Trance and ending on some uplifting/techy Trance… Enjoy xXx 1) Estiva - Dinodrums (Original Mix) 2) Tonerush - Comet (Original Mix) 3) Sean Tyas & RAM - Beat Boutique (Original Mix) 4) Funabashi - The Legacy (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) 5) Matthew Dunne - Splint (Original Mix) 6) Binary...

Duration: 02:27:02

FranetiC - Codex [ Tech Trance | Hard Dance | Hard Trance ]

Helloooooo! New podcast for you from me! A mix of the darker side of Trance building up to some filthy Hard Trance Enjoy xXx Tracklisting: 1) BRK3 - Cafe Del Mar (Original Mix) 2) Nick Sentience Feat. Lizzie Curious - Freefalling (Original Mix) 3) Joey V & Johann Stone - Moondancer (Johann Stone Mix) 4) Bryan Kearny Pres. Karney - Ridiculous (Mark Young & Damo Kay Remix) 5) Patrick Murray - Dynamo (Original Mix) 6) Signum - What Ya got For Me (Scott Atrill Remix) 7) Adrenaline Dept. -...

Duration: 01:42:57

Pete Bromage - September 2013 Guest Mix - Episode 101

Amazing 100 minute guest mix for you this week, meticulously pieced together by Manchester’s Pete Bromage. Pete is a renowned resident for the home of Trance in the North of England ‘Rong’.Fresh back from Ibiza, this mix is full of the White Isle vibes, a journey from 123BPM to 142BPM…. Enjoy xXx1. Danny Stubbs feat. Issa – Secrets (Piotro Microprog Remix)2. Dusky – Mr. Man (Original)3. ? - ? (Martin Roth Remix)4. ? - Big City (Original)5. Foals – Late Night (Sasha Involv3r Remix)6. Joel...

Duration: 01:10:04

FranetiC - Blue Moon - Episode 100 [ Tough Progressive | Tech | Uplifting Trance ]

Finally the 100th Episode for you, this is Blue Moon! Apologies for the delay! Cant believe been running this podcast for over 3 years now, been lots of fun so far and look forward to another 3 years….. And the rest Loads of classics remixes for this episode and of course the legendary Gouryella Enjoy xXx 1) Andy Moor - I Be (Original Mix) 2) David Gravell - Bulldozer (Original Mix) 3) Southside Spinners - Luvstruck 2010 (Cliff Coenraad Repimp) 4) Tempo Giusto - Blacksmith (Mark Sherry...
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