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The program offers free advice for building and running a startup company. Each week we have a guest who shares relevant information about forming, funding and running a startup venture. Guests include successful entrepreneurs, academicians who focus on entrepreneurship, venture capitalists, and vendors who offer services specifically aimed at startup companies.




#0039 – Ron Murayama – Amden Corp.

Dr. Ronald Murayama is founder of Amden Corporation and Natural White, Inc. A highly successful entrepreneur and pioneer in infomercial marketing, Ron will share his exciting story with you. Amden is the maker of the Cybersonic Toothbrush, Dr. Murayama’s patented invention. Live from in San Francisco on The Free COO.

Duration: 01:00:21

#0038 – Paul Wilde – CXO Insight

Paul Wilde is a consulting executive with over 25 years’ experience as a financial and operational executive in technology companies. Mr Wilde specializes in effecting change through financial and operational leadership, business modeling, reengineering and M&A management for enterprises ranging from emerging growth through medium-sized public companies. Live from in San Francisco on The Free COO

Duration: 01:01:17

#0037 – Rebecca Costa – The Costa Report

Rebecca Costa is a sociobiologist whose unique expertise is to spot and explain emerging trends as they relate to human evolution, global markets, and new technologies. Author of The Watchman’s Rattle: A Radical New Theory of Collapse and host of The Costa Report, Ms. Costa is an entrepreneur, author, radio host and highly sought after speaker. She has amazing insights into our abilities and limits as a species, and offers some radical recommendations for extending the venture model to...

Duration: 01:01:47

#0036 – Jaime Cummins – Pico Computing

Jaime Cummins is the President and CEO of He is also the CEO and founder of Jaime is an expert on supercomputing and reconfigurable logic CPUs. We’ll talk about Jaime’s career as a serial entrepreneur, get some insights on the future of supercomputing and find out about Jaime’s latest venture. Live from in San Francisco on The Free COO.

Duration: 01:01:15

#0034 – David Anderson – DavidEmpowement

David Anderson is an award winning media personality, author and host of The David Anderson Radio Movement David is an inspirational speaker and talks about his path to success through entrepreneurship, hard work and being a good and thoughtful person. Join us for this hour of empowerment. Live from in San Francisco on The Free COO.

Duration: 01:02:33