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Ep. 6 The Kalam Cosmological Argument (Part 2)

Listen closely to this one, as it’s very easy to get lost while defending the second premise of the Kalam. Fortunately for you, Tim takes you through exactly what you need to know for 95% of all of your interactions using this argument. This premise of the Kalam is a tough one for me to defend, as I am not very good with a lot of the science that is talked about in support of it. But what I love about this argument is that, we, as Christians, are arguing in the same way as the mainstream...


Ep. 5 The Kalam Cosmological Argument (Part 1)

Yes, it’s the Kalam cosmological argument this week! It’s one of the simplest and most powerful arguments we as Christians can use. It also happens to be one of Tim’s “Mount Rushmore” arguments, so it’s definitely an important one to understand and have in your toolbelt. Tim gives a fairly comprehensive defense of the first premise in this episode. He takes you through most of the objections you might hear when running this argument, so you will be well prepared to defend your faith using...


Ep. 4 The Freethinking Argument (Part 3)

It’s the final episode on the FAAN! Don’t worry, if you haven’t listened to the first two episodes on the argument, we recap a bit of what we talked about. But seriously, you need to listen to those episodes (come on, they’re called parts 1 & 2 for a reason!). We’ve reached the conclusions of the argument that have some very interesting consequences. This argument deductively proves that humans possess libertarian free will. We truly are free to choose! Not only do most atheists reject...


Ep. 3 The Freethinking Argument (Part 2)

It’s the next episode on the FAAN! I try and push back on premises 3 and 4 of the argument, of which 3 is by far the one most taken issue with. In order to defend any good argument, you need to be prepared to answer objections of all sorts. Never be surprised by the same objection twice! As you follow along in this series on the Freethinking Argument, we always encourage you to be reading the articles Tim has written on the subject. We can’t talk about everything we want to on these...


Ep. 2 The Freethinking Argument (Part 1)

Atheists love to label themselves as freethinkers, but as Tim Stratton argues, this is actually an oxymoron! In this episode, Tim and I discuss the Freethinking Argument Against Naturalism (affectionately abbreviated as FAAN). This argument was Tim’s first ever argument he crafted on his own, so it was interesting to get the backstory of how he came up with it. Tim gives an overview and defense of the entire argument, which is quite a lot to undertake in one episode, which is why this is...


Ep. 1 Intro to the Freethinking Podcast

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Freethinking Podcast! In this introductory episode, Tim Stratton and myself, Scott Olson, have a conversation about Freethinking Ministries, the Christian apologetics & theology ministry started by Stratton himself. If you’re listening to this podcast, you likely have taken 1 Peter 3:15, which says “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you;...


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