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Episode 71 - Holy City Christmas

The Fringe Episode 71 12/13/17 GUEST HOST Deborah Adedokun R.I.P. Santa by Susto Christmas, Come Early This Year by Young Mister Christmas Jawn by Little Stranger INTERVIEW with Deborah Shoot by Debbie and the Skanks 5 of the Best 10 Charleston Songs for 2018! Fruit of the Night by She Returns From War Automatic Love by Jenna Desmond Angel 42 by The Artisanals One Last Hit by Florida Man No Buzz by Secret Guest

Duration: 01:00:28

Episode 70 - No Sweet Tea

The Fringe Episode 70 - No Sweet Tea 11/30/17 Guest Host - Katie Rose Franyo! Drive by Chris Wilcox Free Cocaine by Our Brother George My Own Place by Kid Trails Stick and Marble by Treadmill Trackstar Joan by Daddy’s Beemer After the Blast by Terraphonics ft. Matt Monday Tom Angst at Makeout Reef INTERVIEW w/ Katie "Don't Hold Me Down" LIVE IN STUDIO "I Know" from new EP I Am - Live and Solo

Duration: 00:46:27

Episode 69 - Benny Starr

Episode 69 The Fringe 11/3/17 "Soothsayer" by Brave Baby "No More Pictures" by Butterfly "Cowboy" by Zoe Child "On the Inside" byYoung Mister Remembering Fats Domino Yondor Field Festival cancelled Wavves and Joyce Manor at Music Farm Interview with Benny Starr! "Ranky Tanky" by Ranky Tanky

Duration: 00:40:14

Episode 68 - Pivot

Episode 68 - Pivot by New Music Weekly

Duration: 00:28:32

Episode 67 - Media Madness

The Fringe 10/6/17 Tom Petty :( Route 91 Music Festival Mitchel Lee "Coffee Beans" by The Dumbest Kids in School Interview with Sean Kelly EXCLUSIVE PREMIER of new track "Gold to Me" "All On You" by City On Down

Duration: 00:37:47

Episode 66 - All The Shows!

The Fringe 9/22/17 Hall and Oates in Charleston! 2 Slices music video! The Head, Whitehall, and Argot at Music Farm! Mutemath! Sondor Blue on WSBF Live Sessions! "Mountaintop" by Drivin' N' Cryin'! "I'm a Boy" by Ballerina Interview with Alex Hunter HOLY CITY HULLABALOO LIVE PERFORMANCE of "It's Been a Long Day" B-Side Sessions EXCLUSIVE "Every Night" by Youngster

Duration: 00:30:24

Episode 65 - Very Artisanal

Music Videos, Taylor Swift, and B-Side Sessions "Spoiler Alert, Everyone Dies" by See Water Charleston Orchestras, Broadway, and Harry Potter What Will Be Will Be by Brother Oliver Interview with The Artisanals! EXCLUSIVE DEBUT of "Pound the Rock" Live In Studio Recording of "Angel 42"

Duration: 00:37:45

Episode 64 - Aural Pleasure Tracks

Music News: Eclipse music 10 South Carolina albums dropped in August Dojo Nowhere Charleston Music Confab New Music: "Starlight Set You Free" by Pierce Alexander "Inferiority Complex" by Tom Angst Interview: Brett Nash of Secret Guest and APT Exclusive Premiere: "The I'm Nothing Blues (Rebuilt Fortress Version)" by Secret Guest *Introductory music: "Bad News" by Human Resources

Duration: 00:36:48

Episode 61 - ALL LOCAL

The Fringe Episode 61 6/16/17 Girl III by Little Stranger When You're Lying There by Beach Tiger TV Lied to Me by Daddy's Beemer Uh-Huh Good by ET Anderson Jazzy and So Fancy by Them-Oh's Hair Metal is Dead (But I Still Like to Party) by The Dumbest Kids in School Slow Poison by 2 Slices Neon Heart by Don Crescendo INTERVIEW WITH PADDY MCKIERNAN OF WHITEHALL Vacation Home (Acoustic) LIVE by Whitehall Vacation Home by Whitehall One Last Hit by Florida Man Underground Activity by Riot Stares...

Duration: 01:08:20

Episode 59 - Terrible Millenial

THE FRINGE Episode 59 5/3/2017 Good Drugs by The Whistles & The Bells 4/28 SHC by Foster the People 4/27 The Glow by Sylvan Esso 4/27 // Winnin’ by Johnny Jr. 5/1 Oh Cuna! By cunabear 5/1 Gone by McBravado 4/28 // Cherry Hill by Russ 4/27 1995 by Emmit Fenn 4/27 // Baby of the Band by Hunx and his Punx 5/1 Hey Gigi by Nordista Freeze 4/30 // My Love by Frills 4/28 Dreaming Of by ISLAND 4/28 Cardinal by Mt. Joy 4/26 // Amateur Act by Municipal Waste 4/28 Loaded Dice by The Bare Minimum 4/28...

Duration: 01:13:34

Episode 57 - Kalyn's Dead

THE FRINGE Episode 57 4/21/2017 Electric Touch by A R I Z O N A 4/14 Bloom by RKCB 4/14 // *INTERVIEW WITH MR. ROSEWATER Cambiar by Mr. Rosewater Me & You by Little Stranger 4/19 The Glow by Matt Monday 4/14 // Summer by MOST Lishu by Devault and TWERL Lies (32 Stitches Remix) by Tom & Hills Feat. Cosmos // The Outfield by Night Game 4/12 Juice by Camp Howard 4/14 Void on Return by Jouk Mistrow 4/12 // Sports by Art Contest NBTSA by Joyce Manor // My Bad Luck by Hans Gruber and the Die...

Duration: 01:11:04

Episode 55 - Nudes

THE FRINGE Episode 55 4/7/2017 Delicious by La Felix andd That’s Nice 3/30 Paparazzi by BROHUG 4/3 // Spend$ (with Friends) by dopeSMOOTHIES 3/30 Crossfire, Part III by Stephen, Saba, J.P. Floyd, The Oh’My’s, Ravyn Lenae 3/30 Untro by Leuca 3/31 // East Van Band Van by Single Mothers 4/5 Corners by Nopes 4/3 Paper Rabbit by The Winter Passing 3/31 // You’ve Got a Woman by Whitney 3/27 Send Nudes by Coastline Kids 4/1 // One True Crutch by The Scutches 4/4 I Know It’s Hard to Picture Me...

Duration: 01:06:14

Episode 54 - Spring aWokening

THE FRINGE Episode 54 LAUNCH OF SEASON 6 3/31/2016 Radio (Remix) by Sylvan Esso, Demo Taped 3/24 Moon by Krrum 3/24 // Million $$$ Dream by Twiga 3/24 Guardian by Tiger’s Jaw 3/23 Northern Dialects by Laureate 3/24 // Okaylove by TADGH 3/24 Eliot by Stolen Jars *early release, album coming out 4/7! // Complications Due to Alcoholism by The Hemingways 3/23 Note Idol by Days and Daze 3/23 // Mechanical Bull by Stella Donnelly 3/21 Miscarriage by Said the Whale 3/21 Heavenbound by Mt. Wolf...

Duration: 01:11:14

Episode 53 - Vibe Master

THE FRINGE Episode 53 3/24/2017 You Got Me by SNBRN and BLU J 3/17 After Midnight by KLYMVX ft. Emily Zeck 3/17 // Let Go by Sody 3/17 Say it Again by Frances 3/17 // Skin by Gender Roles 3/22 Old Haunts by Remnants 3/17 Here’s 15 Cents, Now We’re Even by Lost Love 3/17 // Saturday by Real Estate 3/17 The Florist by Nilufer Yanya 3/17 Night Signs by The Ophelias 3/15 // Luck by Kalya Brianna 3/21 Got Me Crazy (remix) by J-Chase 3/17 // Keeps Me Away by Pierce Alexander 3/22 I Want My...

Duration: 01:07:47

Episode 52 - Chill

THE FRINGE Episode 52 3/16/2017 Kill For Candy by Dream Car 3/2 Do What You Wanna Do by Sonic Boom Six 2/27 // Beautiful Little Fools by Jorja Smith 3/10 Heathen by Coloring 3/10 10,000 by Elliot Root 3/10 // 123 by Girlpool 3/6 // I Could Make You So Happy by Bombadil 3/3 Johnny & June by The Hadleys 3/8 // Coexist by Have Mercy 2/28 (Make It Out) Alive by For I Am 3/7 Glass by UV-TV 3/3 // Blood Under My Belt by The Drums 3/3 Untitled by Day Wave 3/3 Flipside by Bleached 3/3 // Turnstile...

Duration: 01:13:37

Episode 51 - Jumpsuits and Emojis

THE FRINGE Episode 51 2/24/2017 No Lives Matter by Body Count 2/17 // Hiccups by WATERS 2/17 Heaven by Mokita 2/17 On + Off by Maggie Rogers 2/16 // Teasin by Hiccup 2/21 Chiseler by Crystal Fairy 2/17 War Time Rock N Roll by The Old Firm Casuals 2/19 // Suit and Jacket by Judah & The Lion 2/17 SeagullxEagle by Tall Tall Trees 2/17 One Mississippi by WHY? 2/15 // Be Weird by All Bad 2/21 This is Gibsonton not Gainesville by Deforesters 2/24 A Better Sun by Sorority Noise 2/16 // Peanut...

Duration: 01:08:44

Episode 49 - Nana Woodstock

THE FRINGE Episode 49 2/10/2017 Another Life by Slaptop 2/7 Something to Say by Loud Luxury and Ryan Shepard - 2/4 Stockholm White by UZ and Two Fresh - 2/4 // Lost in Paradise by Common Kings 2/3 *shout out to Casey Mornings by Gussy 2/3 // With You by Westing - 4/7 Burn After Reading by Nothington - 2/8 Municipal Geography Lesson by Deforester - 2/9 // Like I Used To by The Romantic Era 2/9 What You Do by James Gillepsie 2/3 High Off You by NOAHJVMES 2/1 // Dead of Night by Beach Tiger...

Duration: 01:17:18

Episode 47 - :(

THE FRINGE Episode 47 1/19/17-1/25/17 Savage by KUURO - 1/20 Giggle Juice by BROHUG - 1/20 // Reality by Nivlac Rextab 1/24 Smile by Imad Royal 1/20 Proactive Evolution by WHY? 1/16 // Frozen by Surfer Blood - 1/19 Swallow You Whole by Steve Adamyk Band - 1/23 No Halo by Sorority Noise - 1/19 // Jungle (Acoustic) by Saint Mesa 1/20 it’s the way (Live) by pronoun 1/19 // Doomsday by Reptilians from Andromeda - 1/24 Crystal Fairy by Crystal Fairy - 1/20 Last Drop by Sinner Sinners - 1/20 //...

Duration: 00:13:25

Episode 46 - Decent Recent Tunes

THE FRINGE Episode 46 1/19/2017 Step into the Darkness by Said the Whale 1/13 Not Cut out for This by Rubblebucket 1/13 Damage by TeamMate 1/13 // Black Out by Trashclub 1/16 Yellow Gown by Gabe Clarke 1/5 Nothing Feels Natural by Priests 1/13 // Diamond’s Icaro by SUSTO 1/13 Where the Whiskey Flows by Tom Mackell Wild Fire by Laura Marling 1/13 // Run You Out by Meatwave 1/11 Indiana by Blowout 1/9 No Known Drink or Drug by Japandroids 1/10 // Oslo by Anna of the North 1/13 Break Apart by...

Duration: 01:21:59

Episode 45 - Dark and Hypnotic

THE FRINGE Episode 45 1/6/2017 Mad Love by Ferreck Dawn 12/26/16 Momentuum remixed by MOGUAI 12/26/16 // Prepare the Lake by Lowly 1/4/17 Say Something Loving by The XX 1/3/17 // The Dollar Tree by Couple Hundo 1/2/17 Nacanowhere by All Nighter 12/23/16 // Backwards Centaur by The National Parks 12/30/17 I Don’t Wanna Miss You by Twin Peaks 12/30/17 To Be Without You by Ryan Adams 12/30/17 // All Good by Marty Grimes 1/3/17 Champagne and Caviar by Lloyd Banks 12/30/17 Shadow Clone by...

Duration: 01:02:56

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