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A Plastic Ocean: Behind the Scenes Photography

An evening of conversation between film maker and executive producer Jo Ruxton and investigative journalist Oliver Steeds. Jo will be discusses the motivation and process of making the film. Formerly a Blue Planet producer, Jo wanted to raise awareness and show the true extent to which plastic has polluted the world’s seas. Accompanied by scientists, conservationists and engineers, Jo set out to some of the most remote parts of the world to document the true extent of plastic pollution and...


Radicals: Outsiders Changing the World

Radicals. Not something society thinks about very often, ignored or dismissed and left on the fringes. But as usual, the internet changed everything, now the radicals can find each other, unite and influence the mainstream. Author Jamie Bartlett has written about some of the disparate worlds united by their radicalism. They’re innovators, disruptors, idealists and extremists who think society is broken, and believe they have the answers to fix it. Jamie was joined in a fascinating...


Screening: Stacey Dooley - Face to Face with ISIS

In a trip fraught with danger and trauma, Stacey asks: can justice ever really be served for women like Shireen? The Frontline Club screened a new BBC documentary, Stacey Dooley – Face to Face with ISIS followed by a Q&A with Stacey and director Joshua Baker in conversation with Catrin Nye. Link to the film:


Trump’s First Year and the Foreign Media

We’re now over a year into the Trump presidency but how well have the foreign and British press in particular been covering it? We were joined by senior editors and commentators wrestling with the dilemma of covering Trump. The panel tackles the difficulties of reporting on the presidency in relation to previous governments. Have commentators been focusing too much on his ‘unpresidential’ behaviour and not enough on the political shift in Congress? Michael Goldfarb is an American...


"Up in the Air" Disney, 21st Century Fox, Sky News

In December, Walt Disney agreed to buy 21st Century Fox including its huge stake in Sky News from Rupert Murdoch for £39bn. This will massively change the landscape of both British and American media. In light of recent events join our panel in a comparative discussion of the standards and ethics of the British Press 2011 – 2018. Will recent events change the outcome of 21st Century Fox’s attempted £11.7 billion takeover of Sky News, at present referred to the Competition and Markets...


Women, Whistleblowing, WikiLeaks

“It’s been striking to me that, in my years of working in the world of digital activism, from WikiLeaks to a diverse range of internet groups, women are active and hold important positions, yet are seldom prominent. This is not because women lack the assertiveness to occupy a role in the foreground, as is so often claimed with a certain paternalism. It stems, in part, from the unwillingness of mainstream media to appreciate and fairly report the role of women” – Angela Richter The most...


Kleptoscope - The SFO

The Serious Fraud Office has had a big year. In January, its investigation into corruption at Rolls-Royce – which lasted four years, involving 30 million documents — led to a landmark deferred prosecution agreement and the largest fine ever imposed on a UK company for criminal conduct. In March, it reached another substantial DPA, with Tesco Stores Ltd, and in June it charged Barclays and some of its former senior executives with fraud offences. It has probes ongoing into Airbus, Rio...


Icarus Q&A

Filmmaker Bryan Fogel sets out on a mission to learn about performance-enhancing drugs in sports. What he ends up discovering is far bigger than anyone could have even imagined. Fogel’s investigation into doping — the art and science of evading drug tests in global athletic competitions — leads him to Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, the scientist in charge of Russia’s anti-doping laboratory. Over a year of Skype calls and visits from Moscow, Dr. Rodchenkov orchestrates a steroid regimen for Fogel...


Screening: The Ransom (Q&A)

The Ransom dives into the secret system of Kidnap & Ransom, designed by major insurance companies in response to the 30,000 kidnappings committed every year around the world. International insurance companies have created kidnap & ransom, ultra-confidential contracts that are experiencing an unprecedented boom. Following a pending case in Venezuela, The Ransom, filmed in Africa, Europe and the USA, features insurers, negotiators and ex-hostages who speak out for the first time.


Thinking Allowed 1: Who Is Winning The Culture Wars

In 2018, the Frontline Club is partnering with Britain’s most prestigious non-fiction book prize, The Baillie Gifford Prize, to host a series of events entitled ‘Thinking Allowed’. Every other month, we will present our audience with a question on a specific contemporary issue and ask two distinguished speakers to argue their answer. We are kicking off the first of the series with ‘Who is Winning the Culture Wars?’ It has been said that for the last 30 years, the political right won all...


Conflict: Screening

CONFLICT is film in which some of the world’s best conflict photographers recount how they captured their most powerful images by taking us behind the lens and into their lives. We witness their personal and professional battles to engage with, understand, handle and present all forms of conflict in the hopes of making the world better. Nothing brings you closer to the most important human conflicts of our time. The screening of the film was followed by a Q&A via Skype with the film’s...


What Makes a Great Author? Baillie Gifford Partner Event

Baillie Gifford Prize judges Anjana Ahuja (science journalist) and BBC World Service presenter Razia Iqbal discuss judging non-fiction for one of the UK’s most prestigious literary awards, the qualities that make a non-fiction book great and the merits of their chosen winner (announced November 16th 2017). They were joined in conversation with Prize Director Toby Mundy on the difficulties, challenges and joys of the judging process for this award. Anjana Ahuja is a freelance science...


Do Terrorists Have Human Rights Too? With Will Self

It’s one of the trickiest legal and ethical questions of the modern age: should terrorists be denied their human rights in the interest of security? Should they simply be treated as rights-less? Come hear an in depth discussion of this vital contemporary matter, from a legal, philosophical and practical perspective. This event is part of the Brunel University London ‘Knowing Our Rights’ research project. Chair – Roy Greenslade Roy Greenslade is one of Britain’s foremost media teachers. He...


"I Saw My City Die"

“War is back in cities … civilians are in the middle of it all once again.” – Anthony Beevor A new ICRC, report called ‘I Saw My City Die’ found that between 2010 and 2015, nearly half of all civilian war deaths worldwide occurred in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. The majority of these deaths have taken place in cities: Mosul, Aleppo and Taiz. Join our panel to discuss the emerging trend of War in Cities, with comparative studies of different cities and nations, over recent years. “Over the past...


The Alt-Right in Global Politics

The so-called Alt-Right – a term recently added to the Merriam Webster dictionary – have been described as a disparate group of provocateurs that hate political correctness and love Donald Trump. Their critics say they’re nothing but bigoted white nationalists who amplify fake news and disrupt global elections. Using fringe social media platforms like 4chan, an anarchic and anonymous message board, and automated accounts on Twitter, they have been credited with rallying support for Donald...


Screening: Gaucho: The Last Cowboys of Patagonia

A Q&A with the film makers Josh Bullock and Tom Martienssen in conversation with writer and broadcast journalist Simon Parker. Josh and Tom discuss their new film, Gaucho: the Last Cowboys of Patagonia. GAUCHO is an evocation of a dying way of life and a portrait of a true original, Heraldo Rial, an eighty-year-old cattle rancher who embodies the traditional ranching culture of his Patagonian ancestors. ‘Gauchos’ are proud, self-reliant cowboys living on the edge of the known world in an...


The Fight for Catalan Independence

On Monday 1st October the Catalonian Government claimed that 90% of those who voted in their referendum, chose to split from Spain. 2.26 million Catalans out of a population of 5.34 million voters turned out to take part in this highly controversial vote. Join our panel of experts to discuss what will happen next for the region as the events unfold. Please note that Raphael Minder joined the debate via skype. Due to poor audio quality his words have been removed from this recording. Chair...


Tusk Traffickers – inside the illegal ivory trade

Surprising many, and putting other countries to shame, China has taken significant steps to close its legal domestic ivory market in the past year. This is a positive move by a country with one of the biggest ivory markets in the world. However, there remain serious issues surrounding the ongoing involvement of Chinese criminal syndicates in the illegal ivory trade, which remains the main threat to Africa’s elephants. In 2016, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) embarked on a yearlong...


Disappearing Acts. Meet The Families at the Forefront of China’s Human Rights Violations.

Since President Xi Jin Ping came to power 4 years ago, hundreds of Chinese citizens have vanished on the orders of the Communist government, under the guise of anti-corruption leads. These are frequently followed by public confessions from high-profile figures. The Frontline Club, in partnership with Christian Solidarity Worldwide hosted Grace Gao, and Angela Gui as part of a panel discussion to share their personal experiences of the mysterious disappearances of both their activist...


The Rohingya People: "A Slow Burning Genocide"

Event Description and Speaker Bios: Programme Notes: 04:40 2015 Rohingya Report 07:20 2016 - United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner 08:40 Wikipedia - Burmese Way to Socialism 09:40 Wikipedia -...


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