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The Fun Zone is a show hosted by Byron Lee. 2 hours of comedy music, dementia, and anything weird!

The Fun Zone is a show hosted by Byron Lee. 2 hours of comedy music, dementia, and anything weird!
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Crystal Lake, IL


The Fun Zone is a show hosted by Byron Lee. 2 hours of comedy music, dementia, and anything weird!






The Fun Zone for 10/15/2017 – White Cane Safety Day

This week we celebrate White Cane Safety Day by playing comedy with a blind perspective. We also play a few stabby songs about Trump, some Star Wars tunes, and songs about getting old. That and more on The Fun Zone! Hour 1: Lil’ Blindy & Tap Tap – Blind White Cane Rap Byron Lee – […]

Duration: 02:00:59

The Fun Zone for 10/08/2017 – Gone Fishin’ With Dead Comedians

Ralphie May died this week so we play a few tracks by him. Renee suggested that we do a show about Dead Comedians. She also suggested that we do songs about Fishing! Enjoy! Hour 1: Ralphie May – Drugs – The White Portion of the Show Ralphie May – Tips For Your Acid Trip Ralphie […]

Duration: 01:59:04

The Fun Zone for 10-01-2017 – Doggy Style

Fall is here and we play some songs about Pumpkin Spice and Autumn. We also play some songs about Dogs for Rachy. We also talk about Rick and Morty, Apple being greedy, and a crappy remake of Flight of the Navigator! This and more on The Fun Zone! Hour 1: Power Salad featuring TV’s Kyle […]

Duration: 02:00:33

The Fun Zone for 09/24/2017 – Turds In Space!

This weeks show was pretty crappy, but the first hour was really full of shit. We play songs about poop! We also play songs about super heroes, space, and soup! Tune in for 2 hours of comedy and dementia right here on The Fun Zone! Hour 1: The gang at – Oops, I Farted […]

Duration: 02:00:06

The Fun Zone for 9/17/2017 – Exercise Till You Die!

This week we talk about Star Trek Discovery and give you a taste of the new theme song, we also talk about The Orville, Dark Matter, and other cool stuff. We also play comedy music such as songs about Diets and Exercise! Tune in and SWEAT TO THE FUNNIES! Hour 1: The Firm – Star […]

Duration: 02:00:35

The Fun Zone for 9/3/2017 – Burning Man

This week we pay tribute to Burning Man and all the pot that was smoked there. We also celebrated Labor Day. Join us for 2 hours of comedy and dementia. Hour 1: Electric Apricot – Hey Are You Going To Burning Man Shel Silverstein – I Got Stoned and I Missed It The Toyes – […]

Duration: 01:59:50

The Fun Zone for 9/27/2017 – Balls!

This week we play a bunch of songs about Basketball as Rachy has started shooting hoops with her brother. We also play songs about Trump, Electronics, and different types of balls! Hour 1: Weird Al Yankovic – Your Horoscope For Today Parody Project – Confounds The Science See No Evil – Fox News Rhett and […]

Duration: 02:01:27

The Fun Zone for 8/20/2017 – Eff The Sun!

This week we pay tribute to the late great Jerry Lewis. We also play songs about Stalkers, Nuclear War, and The Solar Eclipse. We end the show with some tunes for National Radio Day. This and your requests and random stuff selected by yours truly! Hour 1: “Weird Al” Yankovic – Genius In France Mike […]

Duration: 02:00:24

The Talk Zone for 08/13/2017 – Too Fat To Dance

This week we play a bunch of requests and the show gets sent off track… again. Somehow the show turned into a big fat… FAT THEME! We also play songs about Dirty Words, Dancing, and Hamsters. Hour 1: Tony Goldmark – Positive Upbeat Song The Simpsons – Planet Of The Apes Musical – Dr Zaius […]

Duration: 02:00:35

The Fun Zone for 08/06/2017 – Pirate Radio

This week we play a bunch of pirate related songs. This is not because of the upcoming Talk Like a Pirate Day as that isn’t until September. The chat room ran a mutiny against me and requested a bunch of piracy songs, thus hijacking the show. It was fun, download this show and become part […]

Duration: 01:59:42

The Fun Zone for 07/30/2017 – Cooking With Byron!

This week Byron decides to take the audience into the kitchen to make Rachel and James’ Chicken Curry. Here is the recipe thanks to Rachy. We also play a variety of weird tunes! Massaman Curry Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 1 onion 2 garlic cloves 3 potatoes 1 jar of Massaman curry 1 can Coconut […]

Duration: 02:03:03

The Fun Zone for 7/23/2017 – Girls Poop Too!

This week we talk about the new TV Shows and Movies being announced at SDCC 2017. We play comedy songs about Poop, Gender Swapping, and Cheese. This and more on The Fun Zone! Hour 1: “Weird Al” Yankovic – Foil Devo Spice – Nothin’ But Truth Sandy Andina – Because We Can Tim Hawkins – […]

Duration: 01:58:29

The Fun Zone for 7/16/2017 – Goodbye, RFD

I am sad to announce that I will no longer be a part of Radio Free Dishnuts. It is unfortunate that it has come to this but it was time to part ways with them. I’ll miss many of the people in that group, and hope they’ll contact me through the many social media networks […]

Duration: 01:56:49

The Fun Zone for 07/02/2017 – The Spotify Version

It’s the week before the 4th of July, so we play a couple Patriotic songs about America. We also play a few songs about Assholes… and we dedicated them to Earl. Hour 1: Taco – Puttin’ on the Ritz Taco – Puttin’ On The Ritz (Re-Recorded / Remastered) Taco – Puttin’ on the Ritz 2017 […]

Duration: 02:00:15

The Fun Zone for 06/25/2017 – Modem Noises

Thank god we’re not in the age of dial-up anymore… we’re free to send as many creepy dick-picks to random strangers as we want at blazing speeds! This show covers everything from Exploding Batteries to Pigeon Poop. Enjoy! Hour 1: Devo Spice – Just for You Big Gay Al – Back that Ass Up Raymond […]

Duration: 02:00:47

The Fun Zone for 06/11/2017 – Vaudeville

Hour 1: Parry Gripp – I Love Bread Dave and Brian – The War on Gluten Heywood Banks – Toast Buckwheat Boyz – Peanut Butter Jelly Time Carla Ulbrich, featuring Steve Goodie – Dr. Pepper Robert Lund – I Eat Prunes “Weird Al” Yankovic – A Complicated Song “Weird Al” Yankovic – It’s All About […]

Duration: 02:00:48

The Fun Zone for 06/04/2017 – Rocka!

Due to technical issues this weeks playlist isn’t available. sorry folks! This week didn’t do a Talk Zone and instead played an LP of all Aussie Rock Songs. So, the Fun Zone got an extra hour this week.

Duration: 03:02:26

The Fun Zone – Technical Difficulties

Byron decided it was time to reinstall Windows as it was getting a little long in the tooth. Unfortunately there were un-forseen side effects…. like… the streaming software was not working properly! We did our normal 2 hour Fun Zone starting a half-hour late. So we kept it going an extra half hour and eliminated […]

Duration: 02:39:22

The Fun Zone for 05/21/2017 – Extra Cheezy!

This week we play a bunch of randomness because I was late getting home. We cover topics such as spam, cheese, and Gilligan’s Island. We also play the last installment of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Part One. Hour 1: “Weird Al” Yankovic – The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota “Weird Al” Yankovic – […]

Duration: 02:00:21

The Fun Zone for 05/14/2017 – Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, did you call your mom today? This show is for my mom! Hour 1: Christine Lavin – Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best Bill Larkin – I’m Just Your Mom Dapper Dans – Remember Dad On Mother’s Day Paul and Storm – Mother’s Day Song [studio verson] Stephen Lynch – Mother’s Day […]

Duration: 02:00:28

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