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The Funnel is podcast focused on sales and marketing. We cover a broad spectrum of topics to help organizations begin down the path to aligning their sales and marketing teams. We believe sales and marketing share the responsibility of revenue growth and should be in step throughout the development of the marketing strategy and sales process.






Why Sales Assessments Should Be In Your Hiring Arsenal | Alignment Group (The Funnel #263)

A proper sales assessment is something all good hiring managers should have in their arsenal. It helps level the playing field, lower the cost associated with a bad hire, helps to avoid the bias hire, and brings in stronger candidates overall. What more could you possibly want?

Duration: 00:19:09

Sales Managers Problems and What Not to Say | Alignment Group (The Funnel #262)

Sales managers problems are the problems that most face sales managers face each and every day. In other words, the 'stuff' that gets you in trouble. So, what exactly are those problems? And what can you do about it? Today on The Funnel we talk about the most common sales managers problems and how to stop the cycle in its tracks.

Duration: 00:16:35

5 Signs You’re About to Lose Your Star Sales Rep | Alignment Group (The Funnel #261)

Although it may seem like it would be obvious when a sales rep is about to leave, you'd be surprised how many managers say they never saw it coming. That's because they were not paying attention to the little things, the small changes, and the patterns even the top tier sales reps display when they are about to leave. Today on the funnel we talk about the 5 signs you're about to lose your top sales rep, and how to see the pattern when it happens.

Duration: 00:15:29

Sales Territory Management is Essential | Alignment Group (The Funnel #260)

Proper sales territory management is essential to revenue growth. Whether you are a sales manager or a sales rep understanding how to properly manage those territories is both important and necessary. Today on the funnel we talk about the overall perspective of territory management, then look at it from a sales management point of view, and a sales reps point of view.

Duration: 00:14:24

Time to Rethink the Sales Proposal | Alignment Group (The Funnel #259)

If you're in sales, you should sales proposals like the back of your hand. But have you ever considered the possibility that it may be time to rethink the sales proposal? Who are you proposing to? What is the sales proposal? Today on the Funnel we discuss the vision and the outcome of the perfect sales proposal and how to move forward with your next steps.

Duration: 00:13:20

A Prospecting Plan for your Sales Team | Alignment Group (The Funnel #258)

We already know it’s difficult to hit or exceed our numbers on an annual, quarterly, monthly, basis without driving new business. The company wants to make more money, the company wants you to sell more. But what about driving new business or hunting for new business? That's where a prospecting plan comes in. Without a proper prospecting plan in place, the companies growth will falter. Today on the funnel we talk about exactly what you need to put a prospecting plan in place for your sales...

Duration: 00:16:54

Do your Reps say 'My Inbound Leads Suck'? | Alignment Group (The Funnel #257)

Are your sales reps saying 'my inbound leads suck!' but the agency is saying otherwise? What's the truth? And how do you expect to fix it? Today on the Funnel we talk about how to make the most of your inbound leads, even if your sales reps think they 'suck'.

Duration: 00:17:37

Are Sales Reps Presenting Proposals too Early in the Process? | Alignment Group

If you work in sales you know that presenting proposals too early in the sales process is bad. As a sales manager, it's your job to discover if your sales reps are making this vital mistake, and figuring out how to fix it. Because even if it may not seem like it, I guarantee you if you start peeling back the layers you're going to find more than a few reps proposing earlier in the process than they should.

Duration: 00:16:29

The New Sales Managers #1 Priority | Alignment Group (#255)

As a new sales manager, your number one priority is to help stimulate the growth of the company. If you are being pulled into the management position, there's a reason why. Today on the funnel we discuss what your #1 priority should be if you are a new sales manager.

Duration: 00:17:22

Do Your Sales Reps Follow Up Enough? | Alignment Group

Having good follow up is the best way to get business in the sales world. As a sales manager, one of the biggest questions surrounding this topic is: Do your sales reps follow up enough? If the answer to that question is no, why? And what can you do about it? As always if you have any questions please schedule a free 30-minute consultation and I'll do my best to help in any way I can.

Duration: 00:16:05

Savy Sales Reps Ask: What's in it for me? | Alignment Group (The Funnel #253)

If you are a sales rep, especially a savy one, you should always be asking "what's in it for me?" It's all about hard work, goal setting, and connecting the dots.

Duration: 00:14:17

How Important is Product Knowledge? | Alignment Group (The Funnel #252)

Product knowledge is the in depth understanding of what your company sells. This includes an understanding of the facts and figures, the benefits, your competitors, your prospects, and the marketplace. Because at the end of the day if you don't understand your product, how do you expect other people to do business with you?

Duration: 00:13:44

Don't Fool Yourself: How a Rainmaker Can Make you Believe All is Well | Alignment Group (#251)

A rainmaker is a person who creates rain using artificial means. In other words, using inauthenticity to achieve a positive outcome. In the sales world, this inauthenticity can often go unnoticed, making you believe all is well. But don't be fooled, or it may cost you more than just revenue.

Duration: 00:15:46

How Healthy is your Sales Teams Pipeline? | Alignment Group (#250)

Previously on the Funnel, we discussed managing sales metrics and what sales metrics you should be tracking. This is a continuation of that discussion where we are going to ask the big question in sales metrics: how healthy is your sales teams pipeline? Today, we will discuss gauging your sales teams pipeline health, pipeline velocity, and the beauty of pipeline velocity.

Duration: 00:16:18

Sales Metrics you Should be Tracking | Alignment Group (#249)

On the last episode of The Funnel, we discussed why you should be tracking sales metrics. Today, we discuss which sales metrics you should be tracking. These specific sales metrics will help you to grow revenue, understand your team, and help you achieve overall success.

Duration: 00:23:15

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure: Sales Metrics | Alignment Group (#248)

Sales Metrics are used to measure success and use data to help you sell more. As a sales manager, understanding your sales metrics is key to overall performance and growth as a company. But just as the title says, you can't manage what you don't measure! If you aren't measuring your sales metrics, it's time for a change.

Duration: 00:18:13

Time Management for Sales Managers | Alignment Group (#247)

Time management is difficult. Time management for sales managers? An entirely different monster. If your current reality has you overworked, exhausted, with barely any time to spend with your team, it's time to come up with a different way of doing things. Today on the Funnel we discuss how you should be spending your time, 'releasing the hounds', and building around the best time management practices. As always if you have any questions please schedule a free 30-minute consultation and...

Duration: 00:22:07

Sales Managers the Shield Between Sales Reps and Executives | Alignment Group (#246)

As a sales manager, you are the shield between the executives and the reps. In other words, the buffer that stands in the middle of the food chain. Today on the funnel we talk about how to be that shield without getting yourself into trouble by avoiding the danger zone, setting the stage, effectively communicating, and understanding the sales rep.

Duration: 00:17:01

Favoritism the Sales Management Double Edged Sword| Alignment Group (The Funnel #245)

Favoritism is a double edged sword, no matter how you twist it. But in the sales world, sales management favoritism can be downright dangerous.Today we talk about the risks of having the favorite and being the favorite, how to get over it, and focusing on your career instead. As always if you have any questions please schedule a free 30-minute consultation and I'll do my best to help in any way I can.

Duration: 00:16:17

Talking to your Boss: A Sales Managers Mine Field | Alignment Group (#244)

Talking to figures of authority can be intimidating, especially if it's your boss. This doesn't get any easier when you are also in a position of authority. Today on The Funnel we talk about how sales managers can learn to avoid the mine filed of talking to their bosses, promoting healthy communication by learning the ropes, what to do, and what not to do. As always if you have any questions please schedule a free 30-minute consultation and I'll do my best to help in any way I can.

Duration: 00:17:41

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