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Content Without Borders: OTT Expands the Content Creation Community

Technicolor’s Brady Woods, Vice President of Production Services, describes how streaming media is driving innovation through the surging volume of content production.

Duration: 00:15:24

Sundance New Frontier Lab’s Kamal Sinclair explains why Sundance has teamed up with the TEC

#Sundance is the latest partner to contribute talent who are leveraging #theTEC’s increasingly popular #Artists in Residency program for immersive media. Sundance New Frontier Lab’s Kamal Sinclair explains why. Apply now to be part of the program too!

Duration: 00:24:04

Next Generation of Telco Broadband Access Technologies: Close-up on G.Fast and 10G-PON

We caught up with Karel Adriaensen, Director of Product Management with Technicolor's Connected Home Division, to get his insights into the latest developments on two compelling broadband access technologies that are maturing rapidly as telcos around the world wrestle with how to bring more bandwidth in to people's home: G.Fast and 10G-PON.

Duration: 00:05:51

How 802.11ax Complements the Next Generation of 10G-PON and G.Fast Broadband Being Deployed by NSPs

The emergence of new bandwidth-intensive services being demanded by consumers all around the world cannot be addressed by simply fielding the next generation of broadband access services. Delivering an excellent consumer experience will require network service providers (NSPs) to integrate the latest Wi-Fi technologies if they are to ensure a consistent high-performance service throughout the home.

Duration: 00:10:18

Why Latin American Service Providers Need Android TV

Doug Strachota, Director of Product Management for OTT Solutions with Technicolor, believes network service providers in Latin America face significant challenges from OTT content providers, but Android TV technology offers a means for them to effectively respond to this threat. We caught up with Strachota, and asked a few questions regarding the matter

Duration: 00:14:40

Migration to DOCSIS 3.1 Can Be Tailored to Regional Cable Operator Market Dynamics

In the race to feed the need for speed demanded by consumers, DOCSIS 3.1 offers cable providers an opportunity to deliver gigabit performance to subscribers that competes effectively with fiber technologies. Moreover, operators can choose from a wide array of migration strategies depending on market conditions in the regions they serve.

Duration: 00:07:30

How Cable Operators Can Capture Emerging Broadband Demand from Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

By combining new cable-based gigabit access technologies with managed Wi-Fi services, cable operators will be well positioned to make further inroads into the rapidly growing multi-billion dollar small and medium-sized business (SMB) market in North America.

Duration: 00:12:58

Edge Computing Enables NSPs to Deliver IoT Services, Creating New Revenue Opportunities

Edge computing is the natural next step from cloud computing and provides network service providers (NSPs) with an opportunity to leverage its unique position inside subscribers’ homes to create new revenue streams .

Duration: 00:14:55

Strategic Collaboration w/ Tech Partners Bring Advanced Managed Wi-Fi Services to Service Providers

"Technicolor is working with chip-set partners to integrate all the necessary parameters, interfaces and other information needed to support managed wireless services in the home – using Wi-Fi Doctor -- into its software development kits (SDKs)."

Duration: 00:09:49

Network Service Providers in EMEA Region Explore Managed Services to Deliver High-Performance Wi-Fi

In the regions of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), adoption of Wi-Fi in the home is on the rise. With that comes increasing pressure for network service providers (NSPs) to deliver Wi-Fi services that meet customers’ performance and quality expectations and also generate new revenue opportunities. The Future Trust recently sat down with Bart Vercammen, Vice President Of Product Management at Technicolor’s Connected Home Division, to hear about the Wi-Fi opportunities for NSPs in...

Duration: 00:17:01

Cloud-based OTT is Changing the Game for Telcos’ Delivery of New Entertainment Services

Network service providers (NSPs) are scrambling to deliver integrated over-the-top (OTT) TV, video-on-demand, and content experiences their customers can enjoy anytime, anywhere, and on any device they choose. But they face challenges. There’s stiff competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers, and telcos and traditional NSPs are struggling with upgrading all of the legacy equipment they have already out in the field.

Duration: 00:15:56

High-Quality “Always On” Wi-Fi: An Emerging Imperative for NSPs Around the World

Consumer expectations for continuous connectivity across a range of devices in the home are elevating the importance for network service providers (NSPs) to offer robust “always on” Wi-Fi services in the home. People around the world have become accustomed to constantly consuming content and services on smart phones and tablets. This is creating demand for in-home Wi-Fi connectivity that is both pervasive and resilient.

Duration: 00:12:44

Collaboration is the Key to Deploying Advanced Wi-Fi Solutions for CSPs Around the World

As Wi-Fi technology continues to advance, opportunities are being created for network operators to offer new services and improved functionality to meet growing demands for high-quality wireless services in the home. Technicolor and Quantenna Communications are working closely to provide communication service providers (CSPs) with the products they need.

Duration: 00:23:49

Euskaltel Finds New Opportunities As Demand Grows for OTT and Other Innovative Content Services

The Spanish television market has become increasingly active and exciting as new players and service providers enter the market. Pay TV, in particular, is at an inflection point, providing new opportunities for telecommunications operators to differentiate themselves from competitors. This is becoming an increasingly important issue as the pay-to-view TV market continues to grow across the board, and new over-the-top (OTT) services penetrate the Spanish market.

Duration: 00:14:54

Standards & Successful Trials are Building Confidence in the Future of High Dynamic Range Technology

The surge of interest in – and deployment of – high dynamic range (HDR) and deep color technologies, such as wider color gamut (WCG), is fast becoming a game-changer for content creators, broadcasters, consumer electronics manufacturers, and consumers.

Duration: 00:13:34

Standards Are More Critical Than Ever in this Technologically Advanced and Video Driven Environment

Barbara Lange, Executive Director, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, discusses how standards are more critical than ever in this technologically advanced and video driven environment.

Duration: 00:15:39

How Approval of Technicolor HDR as an ATSC 3.0 Candidate STD Offers More Options for Broadcasters

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) continues to advance the delivery of next-generation broadcast services by defining how to support mobile television, 3D television, 4K ultra-high definition (UHD), high dynamic range (HDR), high frame rate (HFR), and wide color gamut (WCG) video capabilities. We sat down with Alan Stein, Technicolor’s Vice President for Technology Development and Standards, to discuss ATSC 3.0, the standards process, and how the SL-HDR1 solution creates new...

Duration: 00:09:51

Globalization, complexity, costs, ecommerce spur new business models in logistics and supply chains

Globalization, complexity, costs and eCommerce are creating key challenges and forging business-to-business and direct-to-consumer models into a single omni-channel. To help companies navigate these changes, third-party logistics and supply chain management providers like Technicolor are evolving, and information and the management of that information are core to their services.

Duration: 00:23:16

Jim Brake Explores Mid-Tier Service Provider Wi-Fi Strategies

We caught up with Jim Brake -- Senior Vice President at Technicolor Connected Home responsible for small and medium sized operators in the North American region – to get his take on strategies that mid-tier NSPs are pursuing to address the challenges... and opportunities... presented by consumers growing reliance on wireless networking.

Duration: 00:13:00

How Architecture, Engineering & Construction Communities Will Engage with “Mars Home Planet” Project

The Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) is working with HP and NVIDIA® to realize an ambitious and highly unusual project: to create, in virtual reality, the buildings and vehicles for a planet Mars in the near future that is capable of supporting a human population of one million people. As Sean Young, worldwide segment manager for product development and AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) with HP Inc. explains in a podcast interview for journalists, this will not be some...

Duration: 00:06:09

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