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The Future of Real Estate with Jessica Stoner

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The Future of Real Estate


Duration: 00:53:10

Encore: 3D Printed Homes

3D printed houses is a futurist and rather new idea. It is still very much under development and is in the trial and error stage at this point. However, it is well worth paying attention to.

Duration: 00:56:10

Encore: Drones in the Home of the Future

How fun are Drones!? Now that we're finally embarking on the future with the exponential growth of drones and drone technology, what can we expect from these little guys, in and around our homes, neighborhoods and cities?

Duration: 00:55:16

The Future of Tiny Homes

Tiny Living is a movement taking place in many developed countries. It involves people making a conscious choice to live in small homes. Some choose this out of necessity, as affordability of housing in many cities and towns is increasingly becoming impractical. Others choose it for long term financial reasons, not wanting to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in their housing over their lives. We also have those drawn towards Tiny Living, due to the simplicity of it. Small homes...

Duration: 00:56:55

Urban Farming and Real Estate

In this Episode we explore the many facets of Urban Farming. Urban Farming can be as simple as growing vegetables in pots on the balcony, to a full scale farm in urban settings, and everything in between.

Duration: 00:56:00

Co-Housing in the Future of Real Estate

In this episode of the The Future of Real Estate, we are exploring Co-Housing, an intriguing, growing lifestyle choice.

Duration: 00:56:17

Building the Home of the Future

This episode is about Building the Home of the Future. Specifically, the focus is on In-Factory Construction.

Duration: 00:54:26

The Modern Nomad

This episode of the The Future of Real Estate focuses on The Modern Nomad. There are many variations of mobile lifestyles nowadays, and it is a way of life that is expected to grow and flourish.

Duration: 00:54:36

An Intro to the Future of Real Estate

This is the premier episode of The Future of Real Estate Radio Show. It is an introduction to the topics that will be discussed on the show over the next many weeks and why they are important to the listeners.

Duration: 00:55:08