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Did You Hear That?!

It's wedding season you motor boating SOB's! In this episode we discuss Jimmy Butler giving out his phone number, Miami Dolphins wedding, National Hand Shake Day, The Do's and Don'ts of weddings and OUR UPCOMING LIVE SHOW at Somewhere SOS Beach Bar and Grill on July 11 before giving you our typical Most Interesting Thing and #DrinkUp segments. Find more stories and musings on our website at, and follow us everywhere @thegthour. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy...

Duration: 01:45:13


After a long hiatus, WE. ARE. BACK... and better (worse) than ever! In this episode we discuss the Star Wars Battlefront, Mayweather vs. McGregor, National Bourbon Day, the NBA Finals, and the complete and utter shafting to our beloved Preds by the NHL before giving you our typical Most Interesting Thing and #DrinkUp segments. Find more stories and musings on our website at, and follow us everywhere @thegthour. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy this episode!

Duration: 01:19:46

Ep. 15 - So Was McElwain

In this episode we definitively proclaim that it was Jim McElwain with that shark, we discuss our best graduation moments, talk NHL and NBA Playoffs, and the Do's and Don'ts of horse races in preparation for Steeple Chase before giving you our typical Most Interesting Thing and #DrinkUp segments. Find more stories and musings on our website at, and follow us everywhere @thegthour. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy this episode!

Duration: 01:19:42

Ep. 13 - Speed Round

In this speedy episode which was expedited to ensure we didn't miss puck drop on the Preds game, we talked through some headlines throughout the week, discussed why Mike Milbury is the actual clown, and made our picks for the first ever G&T Hour NFL Draught. It's a quick episode so drink quickly (and responsibly, I guess I should say)! Follow us everywhere at @thegthour, check out our website at and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, Stitcher, TuneIn,...

Duration: 00:54:49

Ep. 12 - Gators And Pterodactyls

Order up! Episode 12, coming in hot! In this episode, we hit some headlines including the new Lion King movie and the March on Science, reminisce on crazy fast food items, recap round one and preview round two of the NHL Playoffs, talk NFL Draft, introduce a new segment called Straight From The Trolls Cave, and end with our normal Most Interesting Thing and #DrinkUp segments. Check us out on all of the social medias @thegthour and on the interwebs at! And be sure to check...

Duration: 01:09:08

Episode 11 - Who Was I To Say No To A Quickie?

Our 11th episode is another long one! In this episode, we talk PREDS! and the Stanley Cups Playoffs, the Fizdale Freakout, some new movie trailers, an old man who's lived a full life, debate another Battle of the Brands, and end with our usual Most Interesting Thing and Drink Up bits. Be sure to subscribe to get each episode directly on your device! We're on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, Podcast Addict, etc. And find us all over the internets @thegthour on social media and at...

Duration: 01:30:02

Ep. 10 - Shoutout Reading/Kylie McSquatSquat

We're back after a weeklong hiatus with our longest episode to date! Join us as we run through some of the week's biggest headlines, give our recap of the Masters, talk some recent movie trailer hype, lambaste Pepsi's newest commercial, and make our picks in the age old Coke vs. Pepsi debate in Battle of the Brands. Fun fact: we recorded this episode on our brand new equipment!!! We're in the big leagues now. Let us know what you think and if we sound at least a little better. As always,...

Duration: 01:28:30

Ep. 9 - What's That, Roger?!

In this episode, Joey celebrates a touchdown responsibly during what may be one of our funniest segments in the podcast to date, Jhawk insults all women, and Martin uses his sound editing skills to recover from problem that he caused. Be sure to subscribe, follow us on the things at @thegthour and visit our website at! Listen. Drink. Repeat. #DrinkUp

Duration: 00:52:21

Ep. 7 - Should we drink some more?

Slow start, but we found our way! Join us this week as we run through our March Madness picks, recap some Game of Thrones news and announcements, review the best item listed on O'Reilly Auto Parts website and the five people most likely to seriously purchase it, and host the Great Starburst Debate of 2017. WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!! Check us out at You can also find us Twitter and NOW on Instagram at @thegthour. Special thanks to Nick Bender for the help, and welcome to the team.

Duration: 00:58:53

Ep. 6 - "And the winner of the Michael Caine Sound-Alike Award goes to..."

IN DIS ONE WE GOT: Joey taking over, Martin not knowing anything, and Josh making insensitive jokes (again). We talk about WKU vs. PIKE, the US Soccer Federation, terrible Michael Caine impressions (sorry bout dat), The Great Disney Movie Debate, and a hilarious back and forth on the stupidest idea in the world. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! @thegthour

Duration: 00:58:27

Ep. 5 - I'm Your 1% And Your 99%

In this episode, Joey drinks a weird mixture of drinks, Josh gets his thunder stolen by Joey, Producer Petcu checks facts and hits the dab one time, and Martin learns what happened at the Oscars. Enjoy this episode with a (couple) G&Ts, because we sure love to drink while recording this bad boy! Also, WE'RE ON TWITTER NOW! FIND US @thegthour!

Duration: 01:04:12

Ep. 4 - Somebody Get Me A Scone

In this episode, we make tough choices in #DECISION2017, wrap up the Super Bowl, talk KD's return to OKC, make our picks for the big GRAMMYs categories, and talk Valentine's Day. What we learned: Trump likes scones and Josh hates gay people. If anyone is offended by Josh's stance, please yell at him on Twitter.

Duration: 00:42:34


(Recorded 2/4/17) In this episode, Josh very loudly discusses all things Super Bowl, while Martin and Joey unsuccessfully attempt to enter the conversation between his voluminous bantering. He argues about the G.O.A.T. QB, discusses why he is #out on Super Bowl commercials, talks movie trailers, and makes his picks for the big game (UPDATE: correctly, bravo sir). Prepare to have your eardrums pierced with the sharp timbre of Josh's interrupting voice, and hear Martin and Joey try their...

Duration: 00:53:14

Ep. 2 - 3 parts egg, 4 parts nog (MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!)

Ep. 2 - 3 parts egg, 4 parts nog (MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!) by The G&T Hour

Duration: 00:42:25