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The Game of Inches: Helping your business thrive one step at a time.

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Consistently Grow Your Business One Step at a Time.Inspiring Action. Join the inchman Nigel Collin for a series of down to earth interviews with business leaders, individuals and entrepreneurs.. This podcast shares stories and interviews with successful business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs who are growing their business one step at a time. There’s a myth in the business world that to succeed or grow your business you need to invent the next iPhone or disrupt your industry in one explosive moment. Having interviewed 100’s businesses, one thing is evident. Success is a ‘Game of Inches'. The big explosive moment makes a nice story but it’s hard to incorporate into everyday business life. These interviews and stories are not of the leviathans of industry or celebrity business gurus but businesses like yours and people like you, who have built, or are building, incredibly successful businesses one step at a time. And we can learn from their stories, their insights, and their advice.







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