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Welcome to The Gamers Talk Podcast, Where we talk everything Game related, New releases, Old favorites, etc. If you have ideas on how we can make this better!? Want us to talk about one of your favorite games? or you just want to say Hi. Lets us know Be Sure to follow us on your favorite site. Twitter @TgTpodcast Host @tgtRick Co-Host @captaintassin Website Blogger Facebook iTunes TheGamersTalk Podcast And right here On TuneIn






Season 2. Ep 39: F-Bomb?

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk, Kevin has a bad weekend (LSU & Saints).. Rick Win's something incredibly awesome that's not released yet. Rick and Kevin discuss their top 10 favorite GameCube games. Rick covers the latest Nintendo Direct. We talk about a new PlayStation that is coming out and how early adopters got hosed with the 500gig. Rick explains why he's excited for DOOM on the Switch. Rick gives us his review on Mario + Rabbids battle Kingdom and a lot more!

Duration: 02:30:45

Season 2. Ep. 38: Promo Edition

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk Podcast, Kevin and Rick (Try) Prove that they're ready to take on big sponsorships, by doing random ones. Kevin talks about all the work that he poot into Marvel future fight and how it might have been for nothing, Rick talks about playing the new PSN space shooter Dreadnought, We talk about Wal-Mart scalping the NES classic themselves, Nintendo promising Production of SNES Classic ‘dramatically increased’ and lot more.

Duration: 01:51:06

Season 2. Ep. 37: Beat 'em Up's

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk, Kevin discusses his disdain for Taco Bell and does a live Xbox One X text in code! (does he win?!) Rick gives a guarantee of "45 mins". We discuss who the best Joker is, Kevin finds out that Rick doesn't know crap about DC. Rick gives us his review on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. We cover this weeks gaming and movie news. This week's topic is Beat'em Up's and how they're a forgotten art, and share some of our favorites

Duration: 01:46:10

Season 2. Ep. 36: Resurgence

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk Podcast, with the recent success of Sonic Mania, Kevin and Rick discuss what other franchises from the past we'd like to see make a resurgence and give our top 5. We cover this week's news in the videogame world. We discuss what we think the Nindies are going to be, a new Age of Empires, final Fantasy XV Assassin's Creed crossover DLC, and a lot more. Kevin has a heartfelt speech for the people affected from hurricane Harvey.

Duration: 02:03:15

Season 2. Ep. 35: Video Game Soundtracks

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk.. Rick and Kevin discuss their favorite video game soundtracks and play some of them for you. Kevin explains his displeasure for Lids. Rick explains how you can successfully be busy while really doing nothing.. Rick and Kevin talk about their experiences playing Sonic Mania and all the latest video game news from throughout the week and more!

Duration: 02:13:09

Season 2. Ep. 34: Too Deep To Repeat

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk, Kevin and Rick explains why it's been almost 2 weeks since the last episode, Rick goes on vacation for his birthday and warns of the dangers of eBay under the influence.. Kevin accomplishes a feat that he's been trying for months. Rick runs into Bigfoot and the Titanic and lot more. This week we take a look back at some of our favorite party Games (and we use the term loosely) from our childhood along with all the video game news from this week...

Duration: 02:18:54

Season 2. Ep 33: The N.X-Files

On this week's episode of The Gamer's Talk. With some Help from Wood Hawker and his friends from BeatEmUps, Rick and Kevin dive into a new conspiracy theory that you guys might not have heard about.. Hundreds of NES classics and Switch consoles just sitting in a warehouse and being sold by a liquidator. Thanks to Wood, RGT 85, Smash JT and Ryan from for shining light on this issue and for letting us be a part of it and sharing some of our own theories. Kevin talks...

Duration: 01:41:33

Season 2. Ep. 31: Saucykickervslife (4 Year live podcast)

It's that time of year again.. It's our anniversary show!! This year we decided to do something different, a live podcast on (Kevin's first time ever) and you the fans did not disappoint! On this week's episode. Kevin and Rick look back on the past 4 years and share some of their favorite memories. Kevin get's challenged to a Sing-Off by one of the viewers. Rick and Kevin find themselves in the middle of some fanfiction.. and SophievsGaming names this week's show and lot more! If...

Duration: 02:23:49

Season 2. Ep.30 : Video Game Cartoons

On this week's episode, the guys reminisce on their favorite cartoons and TV shows that were based off of video games and if they stand the test of time. Rick and Kevin also bring you the latest news including updates from the D23 Expo while Skype and the Internet test their patience.

Duration: 02:29:57

Season 2. Ep.29: Girthy Mc Tiger Sheeps

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk. We get a behind-the-scenes look at a brainstorming session for the four year anniversary. Kevin fills us in on what his porn name would be and what his voice would sound like (Voice after the end song) Rick tells his retro video game garage sale hunting stories. We cover this week's latest news in the video game industry. Kevin goes and sees Spiderman: Homecoming on opening night. And Rick covers SGDQ and lot more!

Duration: 01:54:13

Season 2. Ep: 28 (88) MPH

In a recent realization that Kevin and Rick may be addicted to video games with Rick's recent addiction to Gwent and Kevin's ongoing addiction to Marvel Future Fight, we take a closer look to video game addictions. We initially wanted to bring a light hearted discussion on this to this topic by talking about games we've been addicted to, but the research shows there are more levels to this. We also bring the latest news, updates, and Rick discusses his growing dislike for Square-Enix and...

Duration: 02:16:57

Season 2. Ep 27: For just a dollar a day

Welcome back. On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk, Rick and Kevin talk about their amazing weeks, Rick goes to Stonehenge, Kevin meets superheroes and drinks beer with them. Rick and Kevin attend a live podcast recording with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob) and a lot more. The topic this week is what games would you like to see get a remastered? (and if you know the show then you know Rick and Kevin hate remasters)

Duration: 01:55:39

Season 2. Ep 26: E3 Roundup Part 2

It's the most wonderful time of the year! That's right E3 2017 has ended and In this week's episode, Rick and Kevin cover the back half of the press conferences, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. Rick and Kevin share how their weeks have gone (All one day). Kevin gets really excited about a pin. Rick admits that he has an addiction.. Rick and Kevin reveal what they thought about E3 in general and who won E3! Also we find out who Won the E3 predictions and a lot of stupid little things in between.

Duration: 02:33:03

Season.2 Ep 25: E3 Roundup Part 1

It's that time of the year! That's right E3 2017. In this week's episode, Rick and Kevin break down EA's, Microsoft's and Bethesda's press conferences. Rick loses track of what day it is. Kevin sings.. Rick goes to voodoo doughnuts without Kevin and all out madness insures! and a lot more. Who will win the E3 predictions? Part 2 coming in a few days!

Duration: 02:24:19

Season 2. Ep 24: E3 predictions

That's right it's our 4th annual E3 predictions show!! This time Rick gets a new Challenger to the plate.. How will Kevin fair with his first E3 predictions show?! tuin in to find out. Plus for the first time this year YOU the fans have a chance to win! Over 75 comments and predictions were sent in! So sit back and enjoy and if you have any predictions let us know @tgtpodcast

Duration: 02:10:26

Season 2. Ep 23: Covfefe

Surprise Friday edition! On this week's episode of The Gamer's Talk (ep 83 overall), Kevin finally snaps on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Square Enix. Rick talks about testing out his beard in the outdoors and shares his first real camping experience in 10 plus years. We talk about the new Sonic Mania trailer and release date, A new Need for Speed game (payback) Square Enix has announced a new JRPG, Lost Sphear. Far Cry 5 and how Rick called it in the last episode. A gold-colored PlayStation 4? and...

Duration: 01:44:55

Season 2. Ep. 22: Mouth Melter

On this week's episode of The Gamer's Talk, Rick talks about going to his first baby shower for a former guest host back in season 1. Kevin talks about his Uncharted withdraws, We learn what a CED is, We talk about the Resident Evil movies and them getting a reboot, We talk about Tom Holland playing Young Nathan Drake, and 14 other news stories! (news heavy this week) Our topic this week is Now that you're older do you find that you don't have as much time to senk into video games or do...

Duration: 02:00:12

Season 2. Ep. 21: Legal and Cursed

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk, Rick and Kevin talk about the Madden Curse and how we both want it to happen this year, Kevin runs down the lisa of the cursed. Rick talks about experiencing Space Jam the game for the first time which in turn leads to Kevin professing his love for someone other than Jodie Sweetin!.. Kevin finally plays a video game other than Marvel future fight. Rick talks about catching up with an old friend. We cover the news for this week and also breakdown...

Duration: 02:09:57

Season 2. Ep 20: Freakishly Fast

On this week's episode of The Gamers Talk, Rick and Kevin go into this week's episode with no per-game prep and power through it. Rick talks about finally being able to play a new Sonic game that has taken 12 years to develop! Kevin explains how he fed himself for an entire week on just $10 and survived. We talk about a $900 Chun-Li statue and what it would have to come with in order for Kevin to buy it. Bob Ross teaches us a lesson in painting and Smite, We talk about the NBA eSports...

Duration: 01:53:08

Season 2. Ep 19: Pre-Bonus

On this week's episode of The Gamer's Talk, Our topic is, is the console wars dead? and if so what does that mean to the industry. We talk about the free games for Xbox and PSN for the month of May. Rick talks about playing a New Legend of Zelda game that was only available for a week. Kevin shares his excitement for Nintendo? We finally learn where Spider-Man is hiding in a non Marvel movie. Kevin Smith "stops by".. and lot more!

Duration: 02:06:48