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TGP Xtra 1.2 - Start The Conversation

Over the years, we have recorded some amazing content during our time on the original Garbage pod Podcast.The majority of our listeners, since we moved over to Shout Engine probably haven’t had the opportunity to hear these episodes, so we have decided to re-package some of our favourite classics and give them another airing.Hopefully listeners who moved over from our old RSS feed will enjoy listening back to our escapades too.For this episode of TGP Xtra, we rewind back to September 2014...

Duration: 00:32:03

TGP Xtra 1.1 - Celebrate Diversity?

Once again Mark Taylor and John Berger (an American who watches The Eurovison Song Contest) wade through the 42 entrants of the 62nd edition of the competition (So you don't have to) and try to pick who they think maybe contenders in 2017.Visit the TGP Xtra Podcast Page

Duration: 01:18:03