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Episode 229 - Jerked Off In Every Way Possible

It turns out the Harambe story at the Cincinnati Zoo has an extremely interesting new angle. Meanwhile, a Canadian could has come up with an interesting new angle for paying for their wedding. Plus, it's probably not a good idea to make any firm plans for Monday.

Duration: 00:47:48

Episode 228 - Pregnancy Dress Code

A Florida woman who was evacuating from Hurricane Irma got some very good news when she hit the North Carolina state line. Meanwhile, a pregnant woman says a restaurant refused to serve her because she was wearing a crop top. Plus, a designer is charging people $2000 for a piece of clothing missing some critical components.

Duration: 00:44:34

Episode 227 - The Cancer Corral And The Magic Forest

Stores are making an effort to diversify their content, but things may have gone a little too far. Meanwhile, a teacher in Missouri allegedly kicked a girl out of class for a dress code violation after calling her too "busty" and "plus-sized." Plus, a group of Florida police officers went viral for their good looks in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Duration: 00:48:51

Episode 226 - The Waffle House Index

Down in Florida a nun was spotting clearing a fallen tree out of the road with her trusty chainsaw. Meanwhile, it's not clear who is having a worse week: Equifax or Denny's. Plus, with "Man Spreading" taken care of, New Jersey had to crack down on "Beach Spreading."

Duration: 00:44:17

Episode 225 - Tech Expert Dan Fedor

News coverage of Hurricane Irma has exposed yet another problem with network news. Meanwhile, the possibility of pilot-less airplanes taking over the friendly skies has some listeners nervous. Plus, technology guru Dan Fedor from Nauto joins Garry to share some tech news and gadgets that will change your life this fall.

Duration: 00:53:05

Episode 224 - Horseback Riding With Mr. Nuts

Pilot-less airplanes might be taking to the air soon. How you would feel if you got on a plane, looked in the cockpit and saw no one? Meanwhile, Dennis Rodman wants to step in to mediate the brewing fight with North Korea. Plus, it turns out Equifax and Starbucks have similar problems.

Duration: 00:48:04

Episode 223 - Throwing Chairs At Dragon Con

The British Royal Family has a new addition on the way, but there's also a potentially controversial relationship. Meanwhile, the movie IT is causing a resurgence in creepy clown stories around the country. Plus, producer Keith Conrad talks about his experience at Dragon Con in Atlanta over the Labor Day weekend.

Duration: 00:51:25

Episode 222 - Your Brain Pan Was Not Meant To Take This Kind of Jarring

It turns out one of Garry's listeners has a connection to a song that has probably been stuck in your head more than once. Meanwhile, a lawmaker in Wisconsin has come up with a new way to fight drunk drivers who rack up multiple offenses. Plus, in Thailand they have come up with a way to put stray dogs to work in the community.

Duration: 00:46:39

Episode 221 - What Are We All Fighting About?

Once again, Garry has to mediate a dispute between two listeners over their perceived territory. Meanwhile, a drug dealer in Mexico found a sexy way to move their crystal meth. Plus, the machine that sold the $700 million lottery ticket has now been retired

Duration: 00:49:04

Episode 220 - Alligators On A Driveway, A Front Porch & Underneath A Car

There's something brand new for the people in Houston to worry about as the waters continue to rise. Meanwhile, a couple took their quest for a hole in one on the golf course a little too seriously. Plus, a burger giveaway in the Philippines ended up going south in a hurry.

Duration: 00:43:28

Episode 219 - A Haircut Passing For A Man

There are some horrific images coming out of Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, but also some heartwarming acts of kindness. Meanwhile, dating sites are starting to look at people's credit scores when matching up couples. Plus, a rapper decided it was a good idea to watch the solar eclipse without glasses, with somewhat predictable results.

Duration: 00:42:54

Episode 218 - Astronaut Scott Parazynski

Garry meets former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski, who might actually be the Most Interesting Man In The World and talked about his new book "The Sky Below." Meanwhile, Garry thinks the winner of the Powerball might be in serious trouble. Plus, stop us if you've heard this story before, but there is a shark terrorizing a beach community in Massachusetts.

Duration: 00:55:23

Episode 217 - Idiots Walking The Earth

There's been a disturbing rise in stories of people who are using technology to multitask while they are driving. Meanwhile, new data suggests there is a time and place for using emojis and others where it's not such a good idea. Plus, Garry has a fool-proof idea for any small business.

Duration: 00:48:33

Episode 216 - Making This Little Blue Marble Even Smaller

Sleepovers seem to have gotten a lot more dangerous in recent years thanks to stupid Internet "challenges." Meanwhile, a VFW raffle has gotten so big it's become a target of gambling opponents. Plus, the animal oddities are continuing despite the fact the eclipse has passed.

Duration: 00:49:47

Episode 215 - Solar System Shenanigans

Some people may look at the total solar eclipse and see that the universe makes sense, Garry just sees it as more evidence that this is all one big joke. Meanwhile, Garry continues to forensically follow in the footsteps of a local lottery winner. Plus, a bus travel horror story.

Duration: 00:52:26

Episode 214 - A Nail In My Summer Coffin

A man in Wisconsin had an incident with a nail gun but didn't let that stop him from driving himself to the hospital. Meanwhile, the younger generation seems to have become a generation of hermits. Plus, new grooming trends are beginning to cause some problems.

Duration: 00:48:41

Episode 213 - I'm A Seagull And I Know You're An Idiot

With all of the negative stories flying around out there, Garry has one that will make happy. There's more evidence, mostly from Florida that the animals may be up to something. Plus, the rat problem in one area of New York has taken an epic turn.

Duration: 00:49:15

Episode 212 - Duck and Cover

Garry thinks the people in Guam have probably suffered enough being in the middle of the Pacific without having to deal with threats of being nuked by North Korea. Meanwhile, Serena Williams seems to have been unimpressed with her first check for a million dollars. Plus, a woman in Ohio went to extraordinary lengths to fake that her three year old son had cancer.

Duration: 00:44:49

Episode 211 - Tech Expert Dan Fedor

A Wal-Mart employee made a strategic mistake when placing some back to school signage in their store. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a new house there's an exciting new option hitting the market. Plus, Technology guru Dan Fedor from Nauto joins Garry to share some tech news and gadgets that will change your life forever this summer and also shared his experience using a couple of apps.

Duration: 00:51:31

Episode 210 - International Cooties

A new study looks at the most germy places on airplanes and it may have you terrified to fly the friendly skies. Meanwhile, Mexico City has run into a problem with their newly acquired double-decker buses. Plus, a man in Minnesota has racked up nine DUI's.

Duration: 00:50:22

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