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035: Dina Mishev on Chasing Dreams and Taking the Scenic Route to Get There

Today, travel writer Dina Mishev joins us and we’re going to talk about finding and pursuing your passion, not the direct route, but taking the scenic, if not altogether, more difficult way of getting there. Dina deferred entry to law school to move to Jackson Hole with the hopes of learning to ski and running into Harrison Ford. The detour opened new doors for her that eventually led to her becoming a travel writer for magazines and online publications such as Sunset Magazine and the...


034: Brian Harder on Training Principles for Your Next Big Leap

I invited my friend Brian Harder back to the show to share his training advice he had for me in preparing for that 7-day backcountry ski trip I told you about in last week’s episode. Along the way we also talked about what happens when you suddenly find yourself on a career track and you wonder what else there is in life. (So, maybe you ditch it for a different lifestyle, one that makes you happier even though it might mean you have to live in a car.) You’ll also learn about skimo racing...


033: Saying Yes to Adventure: Preparing for, Surviving, and Enjoying a Seven-Day Backcountry Ski Trip

Hi everyone, we are BACK. After taking the past two months off the show to take some time to interview a whole bunch of new guests, I’m excited to bring you episode 33. I have been having so much fun talking to outdoor active professionals and athletes about what makes them tick, how they overcome hurdles and make ideas happen. The only reason, after a year that I’m on episode 33 and not 52 is because of the time it takes to source and schedule interesting guests. If you know of someone...


032: Ash Bocast Going All In on Business and Adventure

I have some year- end/year-beginning inspiration for you today! Ash started Roam Events with her savings and retirement plan. She was literally all in. And she took some calculated risks along the way to bring something new to the market - women specific bike events held around the country partnering with the top outdoor and bicycle brands. We’re going to get a peak into how she thought creatively to make things happen, what goes into creating and managing events, and building no BS,...


031: Mark Paulsen on Looking Ahead to a Healthy and Productive Life

Mark Paulsen took an NFL career and evolved it into a passion - nutrition to not only improve athletic performance, but so we can all have a long and productive life. He founded The Wilderness Athlete, the authority on Outdoor Performance Nutrition®, to accomplish this mission and he has a great deal of wisdom to drop on us today. We start by going behind the scenes in launching a nutrition and supplements products company from scratch and what that looks like, get a peek into the good...


030: Brian Harder on Comfort Zones and AT Boots

Listen, the first thing when it comes to comfort zones are your feet. Because if you don't have happy feet, how can you possible be happy? Today due to some technical difficulties but far from being a “backup plan,” we are rerunning one the very first episodes of The Gear Show, a nice chat with friend and former Exum mountain guide Brian Harder about backcountry skiing, exiting out of the comfort zone and the most brutal of all tasks, finding the right alpine touring boots - What...


029: Dan Fogarty on Travel and Life: Less Overthinking, More Serendipity

Hiking and playing in the mountains of Europe is so civilized and Dan Fogarty is here to talk to us about it. Dan Fogarty is a brand consultant who has created a flexible lifestyle that allows him to travel the world. He has worked for brands you just might have heard of: Chipotle, Potbelly, Dig In (originally The Pump in NY) and Noodles and Company. Today we’re going to learn how overthinking is overrated and by simply letting go just a tad of control and having faith all will work out....


028: Tracey Creedon, Japan Ski Guide with Skiing Beta on Japan, New Zealand and Australia

Who wants to dream with me of skiing in faraway places? I have a long conversation with Tracey Creedon, an Australian ski guide based in Hokkaido, Japan and New Zealand and Australia depending on the time of year. Tracey is a soul sister, so to speak, who loves snow as much if not more than I do. Maybe more because she’s figured out a life where much of it is spent on snow. I met Tracey in Hokkaido Japan where she took Patrick and I on one of the best ski tours of our lives. We’ll tell...


027: Chris Rubens on Ski Movie Shoots and Training for Ski Season

I really enjoyed talking to today’s guest Chris Ruben - a professional skier whom you’ll find in many ski movies if you just search for him on Youtube. We get a peek into what it’s like as a ski movie star for the lack of a better term but don’t call him a ski porn star wait till you hear his response to that. Today you’ll get a cool perspective into what it’s like to be in the ski movies, what it takes to get there, and how to train for ski season. Chris is also out to deliver a message...


026: Greg Hill on The Paradox of Taking Adventures and Trying to Be Environmentally Responsible

Revelstoke-based Greg Hill’s linkedin profile simply states “Adventurer” He is sponsored by many brands such as Arc'teryx , Salomon, Suunto and Gore-Tex. You can find him skiing in Salmon Freeski movies and in 2010, he skied 2 million feet - was . That’s a lot. Greg has had a dilemma - he’s felt guilty about loving the wilderness to death. Those adventures are bad for the planet as it turns out. So he’s been doing what he can to reduce his carbon footprint. By shifting to a plant0-based...


025: Jordan Giarratano on Practical Self Protection and Defense in the Face of Sexual Harassment and Assault

Last March, Seattlite Kelly Herron fought off an attacker (a registered sex offender she later learned) in the middle of her mid-day run. I read this in the news and was rattled to the core by the story - that could have been me, that could have been any of millions of women who go for a run on any given day. It turns out, she used the skills she had just learned in a self-defense workshop she had taken the week before taught by todays guest Jordan Giarratano . You should go read the ...


024: Where to Find Outdoor Gear at Great Prices: The Dirtbag Shopping Network

Shopping season has arrived and if you’re like me, maybe you hate shopping. Not only does the change of the seasons come with the need for new gear but also? it’s time to find gifts for the holidays. I cajoled my good friend Jason Munzke, former river guide, to share with us some of his best shopping tips because he my friends, is a professional dirtbag shopper and he’s going to open up his tool kit for us today. Links: Ski specific TGR Gear swap Bikes MTBr Pinkbike Deal and...


023: Joe Johnson on Making Choices, Taking Leaps and Getting After Life

Today, Joe Johnson - Salomon’s outdoor marketing manager in the Americas joins us to share his long and winding journey to a very cool job, and even cooler lifestyle. It’s a story of survival on free breakfast burritos, taking risks, and dedicating oneself to good work and good relationships. Also discussed: How to keep work you love from keeping you from doing other things you love. Listen up, then go out, do what you want to do, make connections and be memorable. Where to find...


22: Dan Abrams on Entrepreneurship, Perseverance, and a Goal of No Missed Powder Days

Today’s episode will change the way you think about thinking big and what success really is. Dan Abrams had an idea. He didn’t know how it would happen or what would come of it. He took calculated risks, he made backup plans in case of worst case scenarios, he overcame “down-on-his-luck moments,” and didn’t think too much about where it was headed. Dan is the founder of Flylow Gear, backcountry ski apparel. And today he we talk about: How do you take an idea as a college kid and make it...


21: Jill Damman on Moving Onward and Upward from Traumatic Injury

Jill Damman had a biking accident that would change her life forever. She could let the incident define her, or she could decide how she would let it define her. Jill shares with us a very difficult time in her life and how she made it into something better than she was before. There are so many silver linings in this story, I hope it changes what a “bad day” means to you. We discuss: Links: for Healthy MindsMindful Find Jill online at...


20: Staying Motivated Through Adversity to Finish Your Own Ironman

“Encouragement doesn’t have a price” We each have “our own Ironman.” It might be a 5k. It might be climbing Everest. Doesn’t matter. today, my friend, Tom Garrity, owner of The Garrity Group, the leading PR Firm in New Mexico, joins us to share how he trained for and competed in the Ironman 70.3 Boulder, crossed the finish line with his arm in a sling, and still achieved a personal record. Tom’s story of getting active didn’t even start until his late forties. From couch to...


19: Boosting Creativity and Trail Running in France

Research by Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, found that immersing yourself in a country outside your own can prompt mental change, including increased creativity. Creativity is related to neural pathways and influenced by daily life, including your habits or surroundings, The Atlantic reports. Experiencing new things can create new connections in the mind.” - Thrive Global, How Travel Can Get You Out of a Creative Rut It turns out the travel bug is good for...


18: What’s in Your Summer Backpack?

Today’s episode is going to give you gear barn envy and if you are the type to love type A organization, you are going to love the way Jeff Thompson plans his summer camping trips. Jeff is director at Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center, a husband and a dad to a five year old girl. We’ll talk about packing lists, and lists of lists, and refining those lists. He’ll share with us what he carries in his backpack and we even talk about how to get kids stoked to love the outdoors. Learn more...


17: The Hydration Debate: Does Thirst Indicate Need? Or Not?

Today's episode might change the way you think about hydrating. I like to overthink things. I often wonder if I need to be more methodical about how I’m hydrating when I go out for whatever it is I’m doing for longer than an hour. Do I need to calculate my height/weight, distance, number of calories needed and then figure out the formula for my water and/or sport drink? There are a few schools of thought when it comes to hydration while adventuring in the outdoors. Some say drink...


16: Think Your Way from Mediocre to Elite

Today’s episode is going to help you summon the mental strength to not crumble under pressure. Do you ever wonder how the professional athletes do it? Make the foul shot when the stadium is thumping? Drive the golf ball on the cutthroat round of the Masters Tournament? I do. Because my version of that foul shot is hopping into a new business client meeting, or the moments before a webinar starts, or I take the stage to give a speech. We all have our “foul shot” moments that could take...


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