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This Ain't Right Movie Podcast - Face Off

It's finally happened we've gone nuts, grab some popcorn, tissues and Whisky really Whisky doesn't have an E. It's time to begin our study into Nicolas Cage..... First up is the Classic Face/Off This is a Classic one Ash never saw before despite owning it for 5 Years. Best $1.99 ive spent. Listen to us as we watch Nicolas Cage being his Cagiest The hilarity of this movie is only topped by its ridiculousness. A Venerable thrill ride for the eyes and soul Enjoy our first Sampling of Nicolas...

Duration: 02:21:17

Down The Rabbit Hole - Conspiracy Theories 3-The Guy Fieri Chronicles

It's time once more to go Down the Rabbit Hole its time for Conspiracy Theories 3-The Guy Fieri Chronicles We look at the RFK Assassination Sirhan Sirhan-MK Ultra Victim Multiple Shooters The Woman in the Polka Dot Dress. Regan Assassination Bush responsible-Bush family ties to the would'be Assassin What did Bush gain MK Ultra John Lennon Was Mark David Chapman a CIA Mole? Challenger Disaster If everyone is dead why are there people living with the crew's identities And allegedly how does...

Duration: 01:01:11

This Ain't Right Movie Podcast - Reefer Madness

Marihuana is a scourge that will cause the degradation of society. Ash "Hash" Thomas, Glen "Sweet Leaf" Wolfe and James J Bonez 420 O'Donnell take you on a journey into Reefer Madness...... Will we be become Degenerates are we already there? Listen to find out IF YOU DARE...... Happy 420

Duration: 01:15:49

The Geeked Gods - Interview - Cullen Bunn - Danny Luckert - Marie Enger

Special Editon of the Geeked Gods Podcast all about Regression #1 coming via Image Comics We chat with the Creative team Cullen Bunn, Marie Enger and Danny Luckert all about their new series Regression #1 We chat about Regression #1, how they collaborate, past lives, Hypnosis, how the art sticks with you, elements of horror, How the Art and Colors add to the horror effect, How the partnership with Image came about and how Cullen's childhood played a role in the creation of Regression and...

Duration: 00:23:17

The Geeked Gods - Interview - Jim Rugg

Hello Welcome to a special edition of the Geeked Gods Podcast Jim Rugg Twitter @Jimrugg Instagram @Jimruggart Tumbler We had the pleasure of having Jim Rugg on this edition of the podcast to talk about the upcoming Street Angel After School Special Find out about the upcoming special learn all about Jesse "Street Angel" Sanchez Learn about the Street Angel After School Kung Fu Special Making Comics, advice for Writers and Artists, Book Design Stand Alone...

Duration: 00:26:56

Down The Rabbit Hole - Aliens

We're going to Space.... No, a douche bag cut our funding..... We're looking at all things aliens..... Examine who might be aliens.... Remember the Truth is out there..... It is......... One of us might be an Alien bet you can't guess who it is.... With Ashish Thomas, Madison Worm. Glen Wolfe and James O'Donnell Recorded at the Mothership Platinum Wolfe Studios Green Blood, Green Jizz is it all the same? This and more answered not really but still listen.....

Duration: 00:45:23


We look at Super Hero TV shows.... Hosted by Ashish Thomas With Glen Wolfe, James O'Donnell, Mario Candelaria and Madison Worm We discuss our favorite Superhero TV, how Superhero TV has evolved and what comic properties we want to see on the small screen (Ashes, Saga, Letter 44) Also Skype can suck a dick.....

Duration: 00:39:22

This Ain't Right Movie Podcast - The Leprechaun

Hello Boyo Tudaleydoo So for Saint Patricks Day, we were looking for a film that showed the Irish Spirit, Determination and struggle, unfortunately, we couldn't find that film so we decided to watch... Leprechaun This is pre Rachel-Jennifer Aniston so this is before she got the Nose Job in Druidia..... Warwick Davis in his most notable role..... Remember just giving him his pot of gold or you might get pogo sticked. With Shitty Kevin Bacon/Joey Lawrence type With Ashish Green not Irish...

Duration: 01:36:50

The Geeked Gods - Interview - Kyle Starks

Hobo Fights Hobo Fights on a train... Seriously how can you not pick up this book We at the Geeked Gods got to Interview Kyle Starks about Rock Candy Mountain and other things.... Today is the Final Order Cutoff do yourself a favor order it at your LCS or where ever you order books In Stores 4/5 Do it, it's a great book.... We talk all about Rock Candy Mountain Kyle might sing the song ---Only way to know is to listen. We Answer Audience questions and Talk Wrestling and Making Comics Order...

Duration: 01:09:53

This Ain't Right Movie Podcast - Total Recall

Come with us if you want to live... Shit Wrong movie ..... Oh yeah were going to MAAAAARRRRRSSSSS and what a lovely trip it was........ We discuss the existential meaning behind total recall-Was this a coma dream, is everything happening in Quaid's mind or really happening, did Quaid die during recall?... Only one man knows but we had fun pontificating..... Check it out With Ashish Thomas, Glen Wolfe, James O'Donnell Recorded at Platinum Wolfe Studios...... MAAAAAARRRRRSSSSSS

Duration: 01:56:03

Down The Rabbit Hole - Rock & Roll Myths & Legends

Rod Stewart Bisquick Baby Batter Incident Now that we have your attention Welcome to Down the Rabbit Hole-Rock & Roll Myths Hosted by Ashish Thomas with James O'Donnell, Glen Wolfe, and Madison Worm We look at a few Rock and Roll Myth's and see if they are really true or not. These Myth's Allegedly happen Did Axl Rose have sex with Steven Adler's Girlfriend while recording Appetite for Destruction? Did Led Zepplin have fun with a Female Fan using a Mud Shark? Did Rod Stewart go to the...

Duration: 00:48:46

This Ain't Right Movie Podcast - 50 Shades Of Grey

Welcome to the This Ain't Right Movie Podcast For Valentines day Ashish Thomas, Glen Wolfe and James O'Neil tortured ourselves to watch 50 Shades of Gay... I Mean 50 Shades of Grey Seriously we don't get it this is the worst movie ever Glen Wolfe says "This is my Birdemic" Find out why that's hilarious and very true.... Never have we seen two people who were supposed to be sexy and have lots of sex look so uncomfortable and no chemistry. Do Women really like this... Listen to our misery...

Duration: 02:09:05

The Geeked Gods - Interviews - Ashley Robinson

Welcome to this special Edition of the Geeked Gods Podcast On this episode, we chat with Ashley Victoria Robinson about the Jupiter Jet Comic Kickstarter. Check out the Kickstarter here The Website for the comic here Check out the kickstarter many great pledge tiers available including a script review from Ashley Robinson, Mark Andreyko, Heath Corson, Brenden Fletcher. A portfolio review from...

Duration: 00:30:20

THE GEEKED GODS PODCAST - Royal Rumble Predictions

Remember Remember the Rumble........ The Geeked Gods Podcast makes predictions for the 30th Royal Rumble With Ashish Thomas, Special Guest Mario Candelaria (Twitter-TheOtherMarioC) Glen Wolfe and James O'Donnell In this snippet, we make predictions for the 30th Royal Rumble Were we right, Does it matter....... We talk about what our gimmicks would be if we were wrestlers How many of our favorite wrestlers from the 80's and 90's are gone? We Wonder how Ric Flair is still alive and what's...

Duration: 00:21:44

Down The Rabbit Hole - Conspiracy Theories 2

It's time for Conspiracy Theories II Hosted by Ashish Thomas With James the Truth is out there O'Donnell, Glen "Area 51 ate my homework" Wolfe and Madison "wheres the Dip for the Project Artichoke Dip" Worm. On this podcast we talk Conspiracy Theories. Project Artichoke-(Manchurian Candidate) Flying Saucer Crash at Roswell The...

Duration: 01:00:16

The Geeked Gods - Interviews - Corey Lewis

We got a chance to record another Geeked Gods Podcast with Special Guest Corey Lewis Hosted by Ashish Thomas Recorded at Platinum Wolfe Studios We talked to Corey about the Anthology Sun Bakery about his inspiration for the Sun Bakery Anthology, We talked about each story he created for Dream Skills, Arem and Bat Rider How Arem reminded us one of our favorite Videogame Characters? (It's Not Samus) How he moved his art process to be completely digital How the collaboration with Image came...

Duration: 00:21:27

The Geeked Gods - Interviews - Gabriel Hardman

Check out a Special Edition of the Geeked Gods Podcast We talk about Gabriels Inspiration for the Belfry, how the Belfry came to being, what the process was like writing and doing the art for the Belfry. Also talked about the Design process and some great advice for people looking to break into comics. Check it out and Enjoy

Duration: 00:27:14

This Ain't Right Movie Podcast - Batman & Robin

Uh-Oh, we've done it now.... It's time for Batnips We had a blast watching what some call the worst Batman movie ever? is this the Worst Batman With Ashish Mr Freeze Thomas Glen Batnips Wolfe and James Boywonder O'Donnell Can you survive Batnips and Boy Blunder

Duration: 02:07:19

THE GEEKED GODS PODCAST - Cards Against Humanity Trump Edition

Now we've done it might be the End of the World as We know It We play some of the New Cards Against Humanity Packs I am Ashish Thomas, your host for the Trumpocalypse With Glen Wolfe and Paul Aloisio The New Cards Against Humanity Packs Post-Trump Pack Designer pack-Themed to George Carlin's 7 dirty words Vote for Hillary Vote for Trump Fantasy Pack A lot of ridiculous things were said but most important we had fun especially with what is coming into power January 20th.....

Duration: 00:30:31

THE GEEKED GODS PODCAST - Year End Review 2016

2016 sucked balls so many great people left the earth.... But it's time for the Year end review 2016 Hosted by Ashish Thomas with Glen Wolfe and James O'Donnell Recorded at Platinum Wolfe It's time first up Music What the Hell is this have we all gotten out of touch with Music today No it's the Children who are wrong.... Who is Frank Ocean is his dad Billy Ocean Did Frank Ocean's Mom get into Billy Ocean's Car and surprise Frank Ocean.... Music has changed but thanks to Radiohead,...

Duration: 01:02:52

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