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The ideas podcast where we untangle the new masculinity and femininity.

The ideas podcast where we untangle the new masculinity and femininity.
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The ideas podcast where we untangle the new masculinity and femininity.






Live Show: Can women break into Boys’ Clubs?

Former Apprentice contestant Michaela Wain and journalist Chris Hemmings help us figure out if women can break into boys clubs – those industries where men favour each other for jobs and create an atmosphere which makes it hard for women to get ahead. Michaela runs several businesses in the construction industry, which is also very male, and her assertive drive and ability to crack on and get things done inspired many people during her stint on The Apprentice. Chris has written about macho...


Homophobic gay men: why are some gay men homophobic?

James Barr, co-host of the hit LGBTQ+ podcast A Gay and a Non-Gay, posed this question to us and joins as a special co-host for this episode. Gay men have been gaining more rights and visibility, and yet homophobia exists, both in and outside the community. Why are some gay men still homophobic despite the strides that have been made for acceptance, and exactly what forms does this type of homophobia take today? **Host and producer:** Nas aka Nastaran Tavakoli-Far **Co-host:** [James...


Should men be involved in feminism?

We have our [live show on Monday 26th February](! We’ll be joined by guests [Michaela Wain]( (entrepreneur, contestant on The Apprentice) and [Chris Hemmings]( (journalist, author of ‘Be a Man’) as we discuss: can women break into boys’ clubs? As we’re busy with our live show, we revisit the season 1 archive again this week and bring you our...


Masculinity Crisis? Mark Manson weighs in

We’re gearing up for our first live show next week, so are replaying one of our favourite episodes from season 1. Mark Manson is a self-development expert and the author of the book ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’. He writes about how to improve your career, relationships and life in general. He told us about the so-called masculinity crisis that is going on right now; whether it exists, and if so what the crisis is exactly. He also tells us about the struggles of masculinity and how...


Men and feelings: what’s the deal?

Many men seem to struggle with expressing their feelings, and with generally dealing with their feelings in the first place. It’s a complaint women often have, but how much truth is there to this? What’s the deal with men and their feelings? Why do so many men struggle, and what can be done about it? Note: **Live show in London on Monday 26th February** – get your tickets [here]( and join our Facebook group...


Does gender shape business?

[]( world of work was mostly made by men for men. As more women enter and rise through the economy, there’s a lot of dissatisfaction and discussion about how things are done; why is everything about achievement? Is making money really the be all and end all? And what’s the obsession with competition anyway? Many women are forming their own ways of working to suit how they want to do business, which brings forth the question: does gender shape business?...


Are women too compassionate?

Being understanding, empathetic, seeing the other side of the story, being compassionate: these are many very classic feminine traits. But the upside of a someone who is too compassionate is often also someone who let’s other walk all over them, or someone who doesn’t hold other people accountable for poor behaviour. Women are often expected to be compassionate and to keep the peace is social situations. Why is this, and what are the consequences if they don’t? And should women simply stop...


Can men fail?

The pressure to achieve is often a big deal for men across many cultures. Notions of success and failure are closely tied in with masculinity. At the same time, the past decade has seen huge changes in the global economy, and together with the rise of women, many men are losing their places in society. An MC and a teacher help us delve into this question of whether men can fail, a question that is key to so many men’s personal lives, as well as the big social and political changes taking...


Sex and self-worth: Can we get self-worth from sex?

We explore some differing experiences: from a young man who tried to get respect from men through sleeping with women, to sex in a long term monogamous relationship, to the in-betweens. And can we ever really get self-worth from sex in the first place? Host and producer: Nas aka Nastaran Tavakoli-Far Co-host: Jonathan Freeman Co-producers: Sam Baker and Jonathan Blackwell Guests: Matt Rose and Gail Reid, hosts of the podcast Details Please Related links: Details Please...


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