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An unfiltered Wrestling Podcast based from New York speaking the truth about today's wrestling such as Evolve, Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor, and more!








Episode 45 - ONE YEAR LATER.

One year ago the GAWP was born One Year Later the Boys are still going strong and this week they discuss Asuka going to RAW the Good amp The Bad of the Mae Young Classic and the prospect of Braun Strowmann as Champion Also in an emotional segment the boys break kayfabe and reveal the Secret Origins amp BTS Secrets of the show Click that Subscribe button and JOIN THE MADNESS

Duration: 01:38:05

Episode 44 - Punk's Law Takes Over (W/ TJ Marconi)

This week Punks Law hijack the show and with Whole Milk Mike in tow interview a celebrated member of the NYCNJ Wrestling scene the Blue Eyed Devil TJ Marconi They discuss many things including his affinity for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the SWF show this friday Also they discuss all manor of Indy and WWE Wews in this off the wall episode It dont get no madder than this

Duration: 01:25:57

Episode 43 - #JusticeForRosemary (WWE RAW & SDLive Reviews)

The GAWP Boys Discuss the Sexy StarRosemary incident at this past weekends AAA Event some concerning news about Mike Kanellis AKA Bennett and shoot the shit about the Newest WWE 2K18 News Then they discuss the Highs and the lows mostly the the lows of this weeks RAW and SDLive Episodes All this and more on a BRAND NEW GAWP EPISODEFollow us on Twitter theGAWPshow and at Facebook The General Admission Wrestling Podcast

Duration: 01:19:29

Episode 42 - The Good, The Bad And The Beachball (NXT Brooklyn & WWE Summerslam REVIEW)

After a crazy ass weekend of NYC pro wrestling the GAWP Boys unpack all the highlights from NXT Summerslam RAW and SDLive They discuss the highs the lows and the Beachballs of four crazy days in Brooklyn Also they discuss the proper way fans should treat wrestlers in public Finally the boys give their thoughts on the Mayweather VS McGregor Fight this weekend All this and more on this crazy ass episode of GAWP

Duration: 01:36:54

Episode 41 - The Return of GAWP (Summerslam & NXT Brooklyn Predictions)

The GAWP Boys are BACK After a Summer Break they are back to discuss a crapload of wrestling news On this Season Premiere they discuss such news as Alberto El Patron being stripped of the GFW Belt Adam Cole being signed to NXT the results of the 2017 G1 Climax their experience at PROGRESS NYC and more On the WWE side of things they discuss the announced roster for WWE 2K18 which includes Paige WTF and make predictions for WWE Summerslam 2017 NXT Brooklyn III It39s good to be back

Duration: 01:51:18

GAWP Interview - Simon Grimm (Formally WWE's Simon Gotch)

In this GAWP Interview Ben gets to chat with current Indie Star former WWENXT star and former NXT Tag Team Champion Simon Grimm formally Gotch Hear about where the Vaudevillians Gimmick came from and if hes kept up with Aiden English since departing WWE Also hear about Simons taste in Horror Cinema his thoughts on the 2017 Death Note Trailer his ideal casting for the Joker and why he decided to get into Wrestling in the first place Enjoy this interview that is almost as awesome as Simons...

Duration: 00:11:27

Episode 40 - The End of GAWP? (Feat. The King of NY EC Negro)

On this Special 40th Episode Edition of GAWP the Boys interview Former or current in his opinion PWM Heavyweight Champion the King of NYC EC Negro Hear about his influences his relationships within the biz his current beef with Pinky Sanchez and MORE Also the boys discuss the PaigeDel Rio Debacle the announced entrants in this years PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2017 their predictions for the Mae Young Classic and MORE

Duration: 01:40:09

Episode 39 - Great Balls of F*CK OFF! (WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions)

This week on the GAWP the boys discuss Impact rebranding as GLOBAL FARCE I mean FORCE WRESTLING the USA G1 SPECIAL from NJPW NEW IWGP US Champion Kenny Omega and NEW WWE 2K18 Features Plus the boys recap the ONE Highlight from an abysmal RAW the couple from a decent SD LIVE and they give their predictions for Seriously GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Hit that Subscribe Button Download and JOIN THE MADNESS

Duration: 00:55:37

Episode 38 - Beat Dat N**** Ass!

This week the GAWP boys go through some wrestling news including the CornetteRusso Feud Also they discuss the return of the Punjabi Prison Match and go over the complete clusterfuck that was the LeVar Ball Miz TV Segment on RAW Also Ben shoots on a commentary controversy the boys give their predictions for HOG Never Trust a Snake and give a quick review of Netflixs GLOW Hit that Download Button amp Join the Madness

Duration: 01:16:43

GAWP Interview - "The Man of Steel" Mike Verna

At BCWs And Then There Were Eight we got to have a conversation with NYC Indie Star amp WWE Prospect Mike Verna Hear about his reasons for getting into the business his favorite places to work and his possible future with WWE Follow Mike at ManOfSteelMV on Twitter

Duration: 00:13:23

Episode 37 - Ok, we spent 30 Minutes trying to come up with a name that wouldn’t offend you guys so... here you go.

This week Ben and Ray filling in for Mike talk about the Ten Year anniversary of the Benoit Tragedy and discuss its impact on wrestling over the last decade Also their memories of the event as it happened Next on a lighter note they discuss Cody Rhodes winning the ROH Championship Big Casss Heel Turn the use of TWITCH as a wrestling streaming service and announce a special guest for Episode 40 Plus the DEBUT of BooBoo Jay Shnagenheimer

Duration: 01:01:13

Episode 36 - Hulk Hogan’s Word of the Day (WWE MITB 2017 Predictions)

This week joined by the Law of Daddy Ray amp Matt the boys predict WWE Money in the Bank discuss some recent online controversies review WWE RAW amp SDLive and Mike shares his favorite words Also the boys answer some viewer questions regarding the NY Giants and Classic WWEF Video Games amp Announce the FIRST GAWP Contest Smack that Download Button amp Join the Madness on this INSANE new EpisodesdknsiefvnilwueriwerfiALLWILLBEREVEALED

Duration: 01:30:39

GAWP Interview - Nikki Addams

GAWP INTERVIEW Nikki Addams of BCW WOW and MoreEnjoy this brief but fun interview Avenging Ben conducted at BCW A Champion Will Rise with female indie talent Nikki Addams Find out about where her career began what her influences were how she met Candy Cartwright and most importantly where her catchphrase OKAYEST came fromFollow Nikki at TheNikkiAddams on Twitter

Duration: 00:08:15

Episode 35 - Late Night Low-Ki!

WARNING MIKE WILL PISS YOU OFF THIS EPISODE anyway On this new GAWP episode Mike amp Ben are fighting off sleep in order to shoot the shit about Dolph Ziggler dodging a bullet known as Tracey Paytas Austin Aires taking some time off and Cody Rhodes Awful Indie Experience They also discuss Samoa Joes AWESOME Promo on RAW and the build for the MITB matches on SDLive including whether or not Nakamura can hold a briefcase while doing his entrance They also answer some Fun and off putting...

Duration: 01:13:52

Episode 34 - Something-Something.. Cody Rhodes!

This week the GAWP boys joined by Rockstar Referee Four Eyes Ed from Grims Toy Show tear WWE a new asshole and Mike gives the WWE Writing Department a verbal bitch slapping Also the boys review BCW A Champion Will Rise amp HOG Adrenaline and Ben discusses his 2nd encounter with Thomas Odin Formally Toasty Tomm All this and more on this new episode of GAWP Slap that DOWNLOAD Button and JOIN THE MADNESS WeWantEdLISTEN TO GENERAL ADMISSION WRESTLING PODCAST FOR FREEON ITUNES STITCHER OR...

Duration: 01:57:02

Episode 33 - Clusterfuck 2: Electric Boogaloo

Warning Viewer Discretion is AdvisedThis week the GAWP Boys facilitate a HEEL TURN Reunion with special guests Ray Raymundo amp Jarren from Small Afro Games on YouTube They discuss NXT Takeover Chicago Asuka breaking Goldbergs streak The Return of Lucha Underground and of course THE NEW WWE CHAMPION JINDER MAHAL They debate the pros amp cons of his title victory and much more Tune in and Join the Madness

Duration: 01:11:40

Episode 32 - Balls Out for Backlash! (feat. Tommy Salami from GTS Wrestling)

This week on the GAWP the boys are joined by the King of Salami Style Tommy Salami to predict NXT Chicago amp WWE Backlash they talk about some recent WWE developments then joined by Ray Raymundo they talk about CZW Marty Scurll joining the Bullet Club and CM Punks Million Dollar Offer Finally they all celebrate being blocked by JBL on twitter amp discuss the Netflix GLOW trailer

Duration: 01:23:46

Episode 31 - Who should be released from the WWE Roster? (feat. ROH Predictions / NXT Review)

This week on the GAWP show the boys forego talking about WWE RAW or SD Live in favor of doing some Spring Cleaning for the WWE mid card rosters Also the boys discuss the most recent NXT episode Hideo Itami as a main eventer Ben tries explaining PROGRESS wrestling to Mike they predict War of the Worlds 2017 and witness the GREATEST AUDIO BOTCH IN GAWP HISTORY Download and JOIN THE MADNESS

Duration: 01:12:55

Episode 30 - Nudes & Dudes

This week on GAWP Ben and Mike discuss the trend of leaked nudes of pro wrestlers review WWE Payback 2017 and the horrifying result of the house of horrors matchup NUDES the evolution of NXT NUDES The Top list of Indy Wrestling Talent today ALSO MORE NUDES and much more comedy on this weeks informative episode of the General Admission Wrestling Podcast

Duration: 01:31:56

Episode 29 - Who's That Gawpémon? (Official WWE Payback 2017 Predictions)

This week on the GAWP the boys joined by the Law of Daddy Matthew Koffler amp Ray Raymundo discuss recent wrestling news including Codys NJPW deal and updates on the MauroJBL Situation They also review BCW World War 360 amp HOG New World Rising Finally the boys do a roundtable prediction session for WWE Payback 2017 Shenanigans abound when Matt amp Ray get into the audio controls and being trolling the GAWP Boys see what goes down when the GAWP Boys match wits with the Law of Daddy on this...

Duration: 01:58:08

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