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Ep. 64 - Vaudevillian Magician Adam Parisi & Illusionist David Garrity (Part 2)

That's right, one and all- we're back with part 2 of this epic conversation between Host Daniel GreenWolf, Co-Host Ken Briodagh and Magicians Adam Parisi & David Garrity. In this conclusion of our discussion, we tackle creativity, competitions, mixing Magic with other Variety arts, and we air some grievances with the community we truly Love. It's a little naughty, it's a little thought-provoking, but it's certainly a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Episode. To find out more about Adam...

Duration: 01:26:53

Ep. 63-Vaudevillian Magician Adam Parisi & Illusionist David Garrity (Part 1)

We're back baby! This time, we brought the thunder AND the lightning. This week, we have the first part of our two-part episode with Award-Winning Magician Adam Parisi and Illusionist David Garrity. Along with co-host Ken Briodagh, Host Daniel GreenWolf talks with the magicians about originality, horrible people in magic, movies, the internet in more. You're gonna need a roadmap to keep track of all the places this episode goes. To find out more about Adam Parisi: He also...

Duration: 01:17:44

Ep. 62- The Epic Irish Pub Band Three Pints Shy!

"I remember when I was 10." "I don't remember. Thank YOU Weed." This week, Daniel GreenWolf sat down with 3/4's of the Irish Pub band Three Pints Shy (Specifically David Mikofsky, Robbie Taylor, & Jonathan Siregar. David Anthony could not be there because of an impending lawsuit involving farm animals. We're pulling for you David! We don't believe the Newspapers for a second!) They talk about Renaissance Faires, Music, Depression, Racism, Killing Former Band Mates, Drugs,...

Duration: 01:11:55

Ep. 61: Fantasy Author Conri!

"Wow, I am creating divides in my own interview. I'm off to a great start and I blame you!" This week, Co-Host Ken (with random interjections by Co-Host Vanessa) and I sat down once again with the fantabulous Fantasy Author Conri! This episode is chock-full of insane ramblings about all aspects of Geek culture, we imagine Faith Middleton having a mental breakdown, and talk about Conri's new book, The Chronicles of An Domhan! To find out about how you can help Conri get published...

Duration: 01:14:29

Ep. 60: Washing Well Wenches Danielle Dupont & Genesee Spridco

This week, which is the last of the Sherwood Forest Series recorded back in March, Daniel GreenWolf got to sit down with Danielle Dupont & Genesee Spridco of the Washing Well Wenches and so many more things that they get into in this episode. They talk about breaking into Renaissance Faires (literally), the performing life, creating an entirely new kind of show, a very cool discussion on feminism in entertainment, the RESCU Foundation, and so very much more! (Special Guest Host Paolo...

Duration: 01:14:42

Ep. 59: Musician, Juggler, Magician, Jester, Gypsy, Renaissance Man Carl Asch

"It was literally like I was channeling someone with a Death Wish" This episode was recorded during the Sherwood Forest Faire back in March, and Daniel got to sit down with the fantabulous Renaissance Man, Carl Asch. With special co-host Paolo Garbanzo, we talk about getting into Music, the old days of Renaissance Faires, traveling the world, raising children in this insane world- and so much more! Join us in our little NSFW adventure! (Naughty words ahead) To find out more about Ren...

Duration: 01:02:30

Ep. 58 The Insane Italian Juggler Paolo Garbanzo #2

We're back and so excited that our first interview back is the awesometastic Paolo Garbanzo! During this interview recorded back in March 2016, we talk about traversing Europe, Performing at Renaissance Faires, Burlesque (The Good, the Bad, and the... Dear Gawd Why), and everything in between. And we were joined as a Guest Co-Host by Carl Asch, who will be next week's guest. CRAZY! To find out more about Ren Adventures, go to To find out about the Virginia Burlesque &...

Duration: 01:00:48

Ep. 57- Magician and Comedy Writer Geoff Williams

"Part of me goes, 'You shouldn't be here and if they ever found out'..." This week, Daniel sits down via the webernetz with Magician and Comedy Writer Geoff Williams! They talk about swearing (a completely SFW conversation about it), Geoff living in Venezeula, writing for David Letterman's Top Ten Lists, and so very much more! To find out more about Geoff Williams, go to Or you can follow him on Twitter...

Duration: 01:02:07

Ep. 56- Magician Matthew Holtzclaw

This week, Daniel GreenWolf had a one-on-one with Magician & Magic Consultant Matthew Holtzclaw! They talk about their magic heroes, Burlesque, Magician social awkwardness, and Matthew's appearance on Penn & Teller's Fool Us! It's a gorram fine episode indeed! To find out more about Matt, you can go to Or you can follow him on Twitter @MattHoltzclaw ------------------------------- You can also become a sponsor! Contact for...

Duration: 01:09:58

Ep. 55- Magician & Certifiable Genius Pop Haydn!

This week, Daniel and Co-host Ken sit down with the Eight Time Magic Castle Stage Magician of the Year and Scoundrel Pop Haydn! They talk about his life in magic, almost joining the ministry, Pop's existence in the DC Comic Universe (Seriously), they geek out about old comic movies and so very much more! To find out more about this insanely talented and interesting character, go to: Magicians, you can go to and check out stuff just for Magicians... (But you...

Duration: 00:56:17

Ep. 54- A Hositcity Yultide Miracle 12-15-16

Welcome back treasured listeners! Hold onto your stockings for this very NSFW episode of bad child-raising techniques, James Bond, Subway, Nightmares about 90s music and so much more! Join Host Daniel GreenWolf, Co-Host Ken, Partner Vanessa, and Head Swag Wench Kim as they have a full episode of joyous Holiday...cheer? Chippy is on the chopping block in this very special episode of the Gingerosity Podcast! Find out where Daniel GreenWolf will be performing so far in 2016 by going...

Duration: 01:20:14

Ep. 53- Political Podcaster & Director Tim Bristol (Again!)

"Timothy Bristol does not necessarily support the viewpoints expressed on the Gingerosity Podcast." So this week Daniel and Ken sat down with Tim Bristol of "Speaking From the Center Radio" Podcast and things went political. So WARNING, WARNING, WARNING- They talk about Politics in a hopefully entertaining way. If politics isn't your thing... please consider making it your thing at least a little, but otherwise- you have been warned. They slap democrats, republicans, tragedy "hoaxers",...

Duration: 01:08:29

Ep. 52- Director, Creator, & Actor Keith Fiermonte!

"It's Sad and it sucks but I can use that!" This week, Daniel, Vanessa, & Kim sit down with long time-friend, Director and Creator behind the webseries Wardens: Dark Conspiracy Keith Fiermonte and they talk about why children suck to work with on film, Keith & Daniel's brief foray into Magic-based Pro-Wrestling together, Professional Poker, really cool conversations about film and a lot more. Strap in kiddos, it's a good one! To find out more and to watch Wardens: Dark Conspiracy online...

Duration: 01:09:37

Ep. 51- Hostisity Strikes Back

We're back folks! After 5 long months of being stranded in a Post-Apocalyptic world without access to podcasting equipment (Yeah... we'll go with that), we're back. In this episode, Daniel, Ken, Kim, & Vanessa talk about Las Vegas, why Rockets are bad for you, and meatballs for some odd reason. Episodes will now appear every Monday so make sure to look for them! ---------------------------------- And if you want to make sure we never disappear again, go to

Duration: 01:04:14

Ep. 50- Model, Photographer, & Geek Goddess Kassandra Leigh Purcell!

Tagline 1: "So I could still kick people in the face and not trip over myself to do it." Tagline 2: "I embrace the creeps. They are my people" Tagline 3:"Your daughter should be nowhere near this" Tagline 4: Ken-"Does anyone want to hear my favorite pun?" Everyone Else-"NO!" This episode was so frakkin awesome. The main guest this week was Model, photographer, Geek Goddess, and Cosplayer Kassandra Leigh Purcell and aside from Daniel and Ken interviewing, we also has special...

Duration: 01:00:52

Ep. 49- Author, Photographer & Cosplayer Patrick Purcell!

"Why are you slapping me in the face with sausages?" This week, Daniel and Ken sit down with Author, Photographer and Cosplayer Patrick Purcell! They talk about Role-Playing games, they honor the memory of Sir Terry Pratchett, and everything geek in between. You can follow Patrick on Facebook Here: ---------------------------------------------- Friday, March 13th, Daniel will be performing "Celtic Magic" at The Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT. Go to...

Duration: 01:00:23

Ep. 48- Hosticity on Ice 3-6-15

"Go ahead! Demand me to take off my pants!" -Ken This week, the Podcast tries to fight the fridgid temperatures of the North as Daniel, Kim, and Ken talk about the Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire, Ken getting a new job, Daniel becoming a caregiver of actual human children, and Daniel getting arrested. Listen to the end of the podcast for how to enter into this week's contest with the hashtag #GingerChildAdvice ---------------------------------------------- Friday, March 13th, Daniel...

Duration: 01:03:19

Ep. 47- Witchdoctor And Magician Christopher Thisse

"Admittedly, I've developed Bad Habits." This week, listen to Daniel breaking it down with Magician & Witchdoctor Christopher Thisse (Which, based on pronounciation, should totally be spelled THEECE, just sayin'). They talk about growing up weird, why Chris is called "Witchdoctor", and what it's like to work for one of the biggest internet Magic companies in the world, Ellusionist. Find Christopher Thisse on Facebook HERE. ---------------------------------------------- You want to see an...

Duration: 01:11:15

Ep. 46- Vlad the Gothic Magician

"I have a Small, Tiny Midget that makes sculptures of me." This week, Daniel sat down with his long-time friend and amazing, truly unique perform Vlad. They talk about how Vlad chose such a different persona, his life in the Haunted House industry, and recount his performing for Clive Barker at the NYC Premiere of "Lord of Illusions". They also go very much so insane during this late night interview at the East Coast Spirit Sessions in Myrtle Beach, SC so you don't want to miss this...

Duration: 01:06:24

Ep. 45- Mentalist & Mystery Performer Alain Nu!

"The World will change to greatness if we don't kill ourselves first.'" This week, Daniel got to sit down with the awesometastic Mentalist and Mystery Performer Alain Nu. They talk about the most amazing store in the world, The Uri Gellar / James Randi Feud, Real Mysteries, and so much more! Find out about Alain by going to: And Follow him on Twitter @Alain_Nu and Facebook Here ---------------------------------------------- This episode was brought to you by The...

Duration: 00:56:27

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