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Hosted by Ash French, The Girl Crowd LGBT+ Podcast takes a look into LGBT+ interests, personal journeys, art, music, etc. Every other week a new interview takes place with interesting contributors to the world that we live in. Queer. Culture. Entertainment.




Ep. 30 (S3.E1) Michelle Hanson, Red Rue Series

On this episode we speak with Michelle Hanson, writer and director of the new YouTube supernatural lesbian series, Red Rue. It premieres on YouTube Monday, September 18, 2017. I got the privilege to chat with Michelle about the upcoming series.

Duration: 00:19:18

Ep. 29 (Bonus) Julia Diana Robertson, Beyond the Screen Door

This week we speak with Julia Diana Robertson, author of Beyond the Screen Door. We talk about when she got into writing, her influences and her background in music. Check out her new book, available Sept. 30, 2016: Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:12:03

Ep. 28 (S2.E14) Erin Judge, Author of Vow of Celibacy

In this episode we speak with Erin Judge, an author and comedian located in LA. Her debut novel, "Vow of Celibacy" is out August 9th. For more info check out her website and follow her on Twitter. Also check out her upcoming shows and book tour dates! Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:23:57

Ep. 27 Natalie Nicole Gilbert, Musician, Songwriter

This episode we speak with musician and songwriter Natalie Nicole Gilbert! You can check out her music on iTunes or on Follow her on Instagram at NNGMusic and follow her on Twitter! Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:28:36

Ep. 26 YouTubers, Elle is for Laura

This week we speak with YouTubers and couple, Elle and Laura, located in the UK. Check out their videos on their YouTube page, Elle is for Laura! Follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their content. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:26:41

Ep. 25 Deena Kaye Rose, Some Days Are Diamonds

This week we speak with Deena Kaye Rose who has a book out titled "Some Days Are Diamonds" - a memoir of Deena's transgender journey. You can find her book on Amazon and follow her: Twitter / website. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:26:47

Ep. 24 Meera Amin, Bull & Dagger Fashion Label

This week we speak with Meera Amin, creator of Bull and Dagger Fashion Label, UK's first genderqueer fashion label. She speaks about her experience at New York Fashion Week, where the name Bull and Dagger comes from, and her love for men's wear. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:12:28

Ep. 23 Cheska Bacaltos, It's Complicated Series

This week we speak with Cheska Bacaltos, writer and director of "It's Complicated" web series. It's a comedic series about complicated relationships and discovering one's sexuality. Their second episode was released this weekend, so be sure to watch it and give some love to their YouTube page. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:26:50

Ep. 22 Britt Kusserow

This week we catch up with Britt Kusserow. She's been on a previous episode last year, but in this episode she fills us in on her music life since then, her new awesome merch, and talks about her album, Absolutions, which is available now on iTunes and Spotify. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:19:13

Ep. 21 Miranda Sajdak

Today we speak with Miranda Sajdak, a writer, director and producer. She's working on a TV pilot script, she's co-producing a couple feature films in the horror genre, and she's directing an action short which she also wrote. Be sure to check out her GoFundMe page to help support! Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:28:14

Ep. 20 Christina de Leon, Nasty Habits

Today we speak with Christina de Leon who is a writer and director in LA. She is the force behind the amazing short video series titled “Nasty Habits: Stories that last as long as your cigarette”. Season One contains four short films and the series has collected many web awards throughout 2015.

Duration: 00:28:57

Ep. 19 Katherine Brooks

Katherine Brooks is a filmmaker who is the creative force behind the movies Loving Annabelle, Waking Madison, Face 2 Face and her most recent film, Lost In Time. We speak about her experience filming Lost In Time, in Louisiana and Asia, and how the story came about. Support Lost In Time on their GoFundMe page. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:19:31

Ep. 18 Lacie Harmon, Robin Greenspan and Amanda Yenglin

This episode we speak with Lacie Harmon and Robin Greenspan who have their own comedy YouTube channel, Lacie and Robin. We speak about how they started their channel, their 2004 movie Girl Play, and how they got their start in comedy. We also speak with Amanda Yenglin who is doing a project about young LGBT+ people. Amanda speaks about young LGBT+ spaces and about some of the responses from her research.

Duration: 00:28:10

Ep. 17 Erin Vivers Ferguson, Take 2 - It Got Better

This week we speak with Erin Vivers Ferguson from Scotland. We spoke with her on our second episode of the The Girl Crowd podcast, and today we speak about her new album coming out titled “Take 2: It Got Better” which will be released on Valentine’s Day. She also sings a snippet of Tegan and Sara’s “Call It Off” and gives us a sneak peek of a new song off her album! Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:32:57

Ep. 16 Out Late But Great and Savannah Burton

This week we speak with Michelle Jessogne and Savannah Burton. Michelle is the creator of the Out Late But Great YouTube channel where people answer questions online and tell their stories of coming out later in life. Savannah is a transgender actress and athlete who lives in Canada. She talks about some of her acting roles (IMDb), who inspires her, and her experience as a member of the Canadian National Women’s Dodgeball Team. Check out the Out Late But Great YouTube channel and follow...

Duration: 00:27:31

Ep. 15 Jenn T. Grace, Professional Lesbian

Happy 2016! In this episode we speak with Professional Lesbian, Jenn T. Grace: "Where straight people learn how to market to gay people and gay people learn how to market themselves." She's been featured on Huffington Post and CNBC -- we speak about Jenn's marketing background and some of the books she's written: "But You Don't Look Gay" and "No Wait, You Do Look Gay". Check out her website for more information and check out her podcast on iTunes! Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:27:14

Ep. 14 Audrey Johnson from the K&A Series

This week we speak with Audrey Johnson from the K&A (Karly and Alex) Series. We talk about filming Season 1, the cast and crew - and some of their plans for Season 2! Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:25:47

Ep. 13 Tessa Kennedy and KA Moll

This week we speak with Tessa Kennedy and KA Moll. Tessa Kennedy is a YouTuber and author out of the UK. KA Moll is an author of lesfic from Illinois. Follow Tessa and KA Moll on Twitter and be sure to get their books on Amazon: Tessa's Books, KA Moll's Books. Music: Goo.

Duration: 00:36:09

Ep. 12 Karen Crusher

This week we talk with Karen Crusher, a singer-songrwiter currently in Scottsdale, Arizona. We discuss her music, performing on stage, feedback she's received after her shows, and her future exciting adventures. For more information, check out her website and listen to her music on iTunes, Spotify, and Reverbnation. Music: Goo

Duration: 00:30:16

Ep. 11 Danielle and Alicia, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

This week we speak with Danielle LoPresti and Alicia Champion. They recently released a music video, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus on YouTube. The video came out of a need for a produced video of a mixed-raced, LGBT+ family. They also created San Diego IndieFest, which "celebrates and advocates for outstanding independent music, film, art, business and ideas." Follow their work to keep up to date on their future projects! Music: Goo

Duration: 00:39:45

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