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A show full of provocative pop culture commentary topped with humorous sexcapades. We go deep & hard into the week's f*ckery infusing sexual innuendo whenever appropriate, but especially when it's inappropriate. Hosted by @EbTheCeleb with weekly guest co-hosts that include everyone from vine stars & porn stars to athletes & recording artists (if they aren't afraid to throw a little shade and aren't too prude to get a little nude.) Follow @thegirthpodcast on twitter and instagram daily to be bussed wide open in-between episodes.




Episode 36: Battle of the Sexes

We hilariously tackle the follies of dating. Everything from wyd texts to fellatio we try to bridge the gap of understanding why and how men and women date the way they do and try to understand each other better when it comes to sex, relationships and everything in-between.

Duration: 01:50:41

Episode 35: Trans Etiquette Continued with Venus Lux & Kyle Applegate

Eb the Celeb tries to bridge the gap between cisgender and transgender with an open and honest conversation about etiquette, having humility and compassion, and recent things in the news that have affected the transgender community.

Duration: 01:19:44

Episode 34: Dildos, & Butt plugs and Nipple Nibblers… oh my!

May is Masturbation month so Eb brings on 2 experts in the industry to help you enhance pleasuring yourself, but all can definitely be used with a partner as well. Nicole from and Samantha from also have a special gift for 1 our listeners.

Duration: 00:49:35

Episode 33: Girl Talk - Faking It & Other Follies

Sexperts, Tyomi and Miasha join Eb The Celeb on The Girth to talk about Tyrese's need to shut up forever ass and also share some faking it stories. Somehow butt plugs enter the conversation and nothing was the same.

Duration: 01:14:52

Episode 32: Owning Your Sexuality At Your Own Pace & On Your Own Terms With Naomi Banxxx

Semi-retired porn star, Naomi Banxxx shares how she got into the industry and how setting goals and boundaries early on in her career led to her success. Hear funny stories that happened throughout her journey, having a successful personal relationship during her entire career, and what she is currently up to know. She also reflects on her first as it pertains to porn i.e. anal & threesomes.

Duration: 01:06:41

Episode 30: #GirlTalk - Seduction Through Dance

We tap on sex in relationship to 2 very different spectrum of the dance world. Ksyn, a traditional dancer that has been on tour with everyone under the sun including Beyoncé and is currently on Lip Sync Battle and Poison Ivory who is breaking barriers for African American women in the burlesque world. We dive into dances correlation with sex, do dancers have better sex, preferences in sex and bi-sexuality in the dance community and more. They even give tips to women who may want to seduce...

Duration: 01:29:14

BONUS: Best of Season 1

A mash up of some of Eb's favorite moments from season 1 of The Girth that includes hilarious and or raunchy clips from porn stars, musicians, reality tv personalities and more.

Duration: 01:30:06

Episode 29: #GirlTalk on HBO's Insecure

Not your typical recap of HBO's hottest new TV show, we take a WWYD or what have you already done approach to different scenarios played out in Season 1 of #InsecureHBO. Ladies, would you date a man that had been with another man sexually? Do you have a "what if" guy? Have you ever had revenge sex? Eb brings on fellow podcasters Cleverly Chloe and Shawna of 2 Assholes to answer these burning questions and more.

Duration: 01:25:52

Episode 26: #GirlTalk With Girls Can't Geek

Eb breaks in the ladies of Girls Can't Geek who are new to the podcast world. They talk cosplay, double standards in the industry, weigh in on pop culture divorce disasters and take questions from our male listeners who want to know the real when it comes to the female perspective on sex and we give it to them like no other.

Duration: 00:50:02

Episode 25: She'll body you in bed w/ Muscle Goddess Kelli Provocateur

Kelli Provocateur comes on the girth to give tips to ladies that want to be more dominant in the bedroom and how she got her start in dominatrix, BDSM, and ultimate surrender.

Duration: 00:22:07

Episode 24: Dick Detox to Ay Papi

In the Season 2 premiere, Eb the Celeb explains why she's been MIA and shares her quest to break her latino man virginity before the close of 2016. To help her make a final decision on what type of latino man to pop her cherry she has model Miguel Perdomo on to represent for all the Dominican men and around the way guy Angel to represent for all the Puerto Rican men.

Duration: 01:00:08

Episode 23: The Cast of Sex Tips For Women From A Gay Man

To kick off Pride Month, Eb the Celeb calls on the hilarious cast of Sex Tips Play for a fun and informative interview.

Duration: 00:25:41

Episode 22: Eb's Birthday With Wax

Its Eb the Celeb's birthday! She regretting having Wax on for her birthday who takes it upon himself to further plead his case on why they should have sex to no avail. He also has a squirting class, explains using dick pumps to help his small penis grow, and why something has to be wrong with any woman that wants some of his community penis.

Duration: 00:46:17