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Minisode 2: Mamet’s WTF Interview

The fellas recap and review David Mamet’s interview on a recent episode of the WTF podcast with Marc Maron.


GGGR Inaugural Minisode

Using a recent article as a springboard, the fellas rank the major performances in the film. The results may surprise you.


Minute 61: We’re all on a spectrum of “fucked-UP”

Buckle-up for a marathon episode of the GGGR minute. Matt wants to clear the air and Bill mocks him for it. Coen bros. movies are playing in Bill’s head, on a continuous loop. Matt would bring Marvin Gaye to Bill’s house to prove a point. The air is cleared… until it isn’t again, because Bill doesn’t know Dylan’s highway61. This whole place stinks with Bill’s farce for (at least) a week. In this minute, Davey gives us the best exit in movie history and maybe the rangiest bit of acting in...


Minute 60: Li’l Ricky and the Moss Train

What are the fellas babbling about this week? Well, it’s Roma and Moss coming to loggerheads. The fellas need a small child to punch up the cute factor for the sake of ratings. Matt needs a minute after handling Bill’s microphone. Burt Lancaster gets cast this week. Shelly just can’t get thru his war story. Dave is fighting back what seems to be gallons of anger spittle. The boys have some fun with a new song Bill made for funsies (that’s @billwinegardner) Matt helps us all understand the...


Minute 59: Deuteronomy!? Deuteronomy!?

Bill, not surprisingly, sells Matt out AGAIN, to start an episode. The fellas have a new million dollar merch idea. An early WWTP brings Mr. T into the fold but not before some good old-fashioned bickering. Matt might be a racist. There’s no number 59 worth discussing. Bill re-innovates “Cats” as effectively as he innovates everything else. We’ve all got a mean streak in us. The fellas love how nonchalantly Ricky speaks about the robbery. Shelly just wants to get thru his war story. Dave...

Minute 58: Comin’ in Hot

Bill is riding high after the big Eagles’ Super Bowl win. The fellas discuss the coming misfortunes of Davey Moss. Bill has no clue what his mattress consists of. Matt wonders what he should do with all the money in his mattess. Wait, the cop has two whats and a map? Dave is deluded enough to believe he did not rob the place. Ricky will not stop poking the Moss bear. The Nyborgs finally open the checkbook. Dave is specious about the timeline of Shelly’s big sale. The Machine has to wait in...


Minute 57: To boldly go… and get the chalk

The fellas are very excited about the “get the chalk” minute. There’s WAY too much time spent on the pronunciations of “katsup” to open the episode. Shelly comes in with the greatest victory cry known to man. Shelly’s subterfuge has Matt at sixes and sevens. A new day is dawning for Shelly. Lunch break comes up quick at Premiere Properties. George is so earnest and true in his congratulations of the machine. Is this the first utterance of “the machine” that occurs in the film? Hollywood...


Minute 56: Tainted by Patel

Bill’s life is in no imminent danger, but he does want to kill himself eventually, which Matt is totally on-board with. Matt’s got a lot of great gummy ideas but Bill claims he would not eat them all. Lawrence Taylor gets a lukewarm, coked-up “atta boy.” What do George Aaranow and a Roomba have in common? Ricky throws the penalty flag on Williamson… 15 yards for roughing the saleman. Williamson “Vanna’s” the leads in Ricky’s direction. In an attempt to prove he can sell anyone, Ricky tries...


Minute 55: Those Were V@ginas!

The fellas are rounding off the rough edges this week with some 120 grit fun! Dikembe Motombo politely requests that you cease bringing what you have, into his general area. White Chocolate is no murderer. Bill introduces a new title to Matt’s numbers segment (with a jingle to soon follow… joy of joys), and it goes just how you’d expect. Roma continues to meander throughout the office. George, who is never not stating the obvious, is nervous about talking to the cops. Ricky’s calculated...


Minute 54: Bring Your Own Sharpie

Is there too much Ricky on the podcast? Perhaps, but Zumbo don’t care. The new, upstart streaming service, Holo needs the fellas to provide some of their trademark mediocre content. Elia Kazan gets spontaneously ushered into the quote corner. This episode goes out to Brad “the rad” Lohaus. How would George fare selling insurance? Ricky forgets for a moment that Williamson is a shit-head. Matt is not friends with any hit-men, to his knowledge. It’s really up to all of us to decide what...


Minute 52: Duck And Buck or Overwhelmed by Underwoods

Matt loves old typewriters and hopes to one day, pending Hanks’ interest, host a podcast about them. Bill prefers the company of older folks when ringing in the new year. Matt shouts out the Buck-ster this week. Bill will happily go all-Duckworth on you without missing a beat. Baylen smiles like he wants to take Ricky out back for some some real Bond-esque, testy torture. Bill gets all “theater professor” on us for a spell. George looks to seek comfort in the loving reassurance of Richard...


Minute 51: Please Don’t Leave!

This week we learn Bill apparently takes on all comers and he clearly doesn’t judge. Relationships get redefined, again. Innuendo-y names abound. Bill unveils his finest jingle to date. A new ride at Romaville is born, ya know, for kids. The fellas enlist Jude to help keep the listeners they have already. This is by far the most x-rated GGGR minute to date. The boys giggle and grin at “Bubbie.” Bill has done some exhaustive Cadillac research. Ricky heads out to the Six Flags safari with...


Minute 49: Halfways and Bifurcations and Midpoints, Oh My

Bill wants to drop it like it’s… something? It’s Act 2 people! Matt wants an “Old Saint Pacino” dropping down the chimney and the elf on the shelf seems to be an NSA operative. Bill tells us all how the midpoint is the essentially the halfway point and that it often comes between the two acts of a play… We are all overwhelmed with his tutelage. Matt thinks Al is at his most Scarface-ian at the top of this minute. The boys talk about being personally stole-robbered. Matt had myriad clues to...


Minute 48: An Infinity of Perhapses

The boys are agog at how the minutes are lining up and they revel in their good fortune. It’s no surprise at all, to discover that Bill is more polite than Matt. Ricky wants to show Jimmy something and he “whips out the brochure.” The fellas cast Cleavon Little. Bill tears thru an IMBD page and wants no chiming in from Matt. Matt wants Bill to enjoy more episodic television. Jere Burns gets a lotta chatter and rightfully so. The boys break down the brochure and the continuing Roma sales...


Minute 47: All Aboard the Roma-Rail!

The fellas are back in the bucket seats of the Buick Middle Manager and they are ready to ride again after a brief hiatus. First things first, a Glenister check in. This week, the seeds are planted for a Roma theme park. This episode goes out to sickly-Drago. In a post-apocalyptic world Bill still thinks that what he’s doing is good. Roma shows us, once more, the quintessential salesman. The fellas wonder “What do you keep?” Jimmy Lingk can’t get a word in edgewise. Matt wants to someday...


Minute 46a: The Half-Through Review

“You can’t look back because you don’t know your history.” Having reached the approximate halfway point of the film, the fellas look back at some of the fun, fits and fights they’ve had along the way so far. What does it mean to “come correct?” What are George Aaranow’s hobbies? Who belongs to the lectern? Haven’t I heard this stuff before? Well, yeah. But now you can hear it again! It’s a clip show!


Minute 46: Getting Cozy with Glenister

Van “The Super Fan” Cahill starts us off with some encouragement, a recommendation and something Matt is unwilling to deem an actual observation. Bill has a bevy of costumes at home that he doesn’t use for anything but jokey-fun-times. Matt is staunchly anti dog/clothes. The fellas rejoice in (nearly) reaching the half way point. The oft maligned McDLT gets some four-finger, chatter this week. Bill wants to help get Matt checked in to Roma-addicts anonymous. Bill is tracking the part in...


Minute 45: Predators and Alibis

Bill claims too much is never enough ’cause he’s a hedonist, but Matt ain’t buyin’ it. The controversy surrounding a member of the film’s cast reminds the fellas of The Jesus and somehow involves one of the Coreys. Matt wonders what to do when our heroes fail us. Moss admits he has a big mouth for his own gain. Matt gives a taste of the Como Inn while Dave’s alibi is evaluated. James Foley is invited to join the fun. George declines Dave’s invitation to rob the office. What is the maximum...


Minute 44: The Mad Moss Bomber Strikes Again

Ambient ice jingling noise satiates Matt’s anger… until he remembers Bill is to his immediate left. Bill doesn’t quite know how to properly enter a domicile. The top of this minute is just the tip of the Dave Moss being-a-huge-pile-of-shit iceberg. Matt has engaged in some B&E’s and Bill seems very judge-y about it. Bill hates smoking but loves the look of smokers. The mad Moss bomber strikes again, “Tonight is the thing.” Matt finds a bit of specious occurrence in the progression of the...


Minute 43: I gotta get dat paper, boo-boo

You can’t tee up the music of the soul. Bill thinks Matt’s segment needs a jingle and Matt is, as usual, anti-jingle. Matt reminds Bill that his Grandma “got down.” Cigarette machines continue to be a reminiscing point for our heros. Bill wants an agent smith multiplicity applied to George Aaranow. Matt wants the same with Roma, mainly for the aroma of Roma. Matt is done with the wet-Shelly-in-the-car motif. Bill, it seems, could sit and look at a wet Lemmon in a nondescript sedan for days...


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