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Interviews with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors about the startup ecosystems and communities in their city.




Silicon Valley's leading Latin American Seed Funds Managing Partner Jonathan Lewy

Meet Jonathan Lewy, Managing Partner at Investo. In 2010 Jonathan co-founded At the end of 2011 the team sold the company to and realized that they lacked strategic advice during our venture. At the end of 2012 they decided to create a VC fir that would help other founders where they were lacking. Investo is a seed capital firm investing in tech startups with high-growth potential. The companies they've funded have gone on to create over a 1000 jobs in different...

Duration: 00:22:26

From Building the World's Largest Domain Marketplace to Angel Investing Across Europe with Chairman at Eyeo, Tim Schumacher

Meet Tim Schumacher, Chairman at Eyeo the makers of Adblock Plus. Tim is the Co-founder and Chairman of and he's made various angel investments in his career. Eyeo, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is the company behind popular ad blocking software Adblock Plus which has been downloaded over 400 million times world-wide. In 2001, Tim co-founded, the world's largest domain market place. Since selling the company, he is an active as an Entrepreneur and/or Investor in...

Duration: 00:23:24

The Future of Commercial Real Estate and the Impact of a Globalized Workforce

Meet Frank Cottle, Chairman and Founder of Alliance Business Centers. The Alliance Business Centers Network and the Alliance group of affiliated companies is globally involved in all aspects of Office Business Centers and Virtual Office industries. They are headquartered in Newport Beach, California with other global offices and operations. Their mission optimize knowledge and empower business center operators with information and insider knowledge critical to the office business center...

Duration: 00:25:20

The Cofounder of Amsterdam's premeire startup accelerator, Rockstart on the Amsterdam Startup Ecosystem

Say hello to Rune Thiell, CEO and Co-founder of the Rockstart accelerator in Amsterdam. Rockstart, one of Europe's first multi-vertical startup accelerators, was founded in Amsterdam in 2011 with a goal to provide startups with access to the market, capital, knowledge, and community. Since then Rockstart has become the specialist in building entire ecosystems around specific domains—such as Digital Health, Smart Energy, and Artificial Intelligence. Rockstart is actively building up...

Duration: 00:21:42

Australia's Internet of Things Ecosystem with Eitan Bienstock, Founder of Everything IOT

Say hello to Eitan Bienstock, Founder and CEO of Everything IoT. Eitan is an experienced executive, investor and entrepreneur. He founded Everything IoT in 2015 to provide focus and global perspective for the Internet of Things in Australia. With the mission to propel IoT innovation, Everything IoT quickly became a global platform for IoT innovation connecting corporates with startups. Before founding Everything IoT, Eitan spent over 20 years working for fortune 100 companies, venture...

Duration: 00:20:19

How to scale across Africa and why VC'S should pay attention to rural Africa with Kago Kagichiri

Say hello to Kago Kagichiri, CEO and Co-founder at Eneza Education. Kago is an internet-less space advocate, having built technologies for last mile mobile handsets. Eneza Education is preparing the next generation of leaders in rural Africa. They deliver affordable, high quality education as interactive lessons, live tutoring and a gamified personal experience to over 1.8M learners irrespective of the mobile device they own in their home. Eneza's learners access nationally aligned primary...

Duration: 00:20:14

Biotech, Ireland's Startup Ecosystem, and Industry-focused funds with Bill Liao of SOSV

Meet Bill Liao, entrepreneur, philanthropist, diplomat and author, is a co-founder of the social network service XING and CEO of Finaxis AG, a privately held company in the financial services industry. Bill is a special diplomatic envoy for St Kitts and Nevis, with a special interest in sustainable development and the environment. He is also founder and co-ordinator of, a global citizenship initiative, and WeForest, which will reforest twenty million square kilometers of stripped...

Duration: 00:18:46

How Karen Boers connected the Belgium startup ecosystem and the Vision for a Single European Startup Ecosystem

Meet Karen Boers, founder of the European Startup Network and Karen holds a degree in German philology and started her career with View Interim. She went from an interim consultant to office manager and HR consultant, before making the transition to iMinds (formerly IBBT) in 2005. In January 2013, Karen joined forces with Dirk Peusens and became fully self-employed. She now specialized in team dynamics and organizational development from a people angle. She believes allowing...

Duration: 00:23:09

Paris Venture Capital and the Future of Self-Driving Cars with Drivy's Founder and CEO Paulin Dementhon

Say Hello to Paulin Dementhon founder and CEO of Drivy. Drivy offers occasional drivers a better alternative to car ownership, while allowing car owners to cut down on car expenses. They are a community of neighbors and travelers who share their cars and like to use their resources more efficiently. They have over 2 million rentals a day. Prior to Drivy, Paulin founded Quivaou. Quivaou was a dynamic ridesharing project. The objective was to match drivers and passengers in real time for...

Duration: 00:19:19

Building a product for developers in Africa with Cofounder and Chief Product Officer Julius Odai

Julius Odai is Cofounder and Chief Product Officer for Devless. DevLess is a platform that allows developers to easily build robust backends for your web and mobile applications by piecing together plug and play backend modules in as little as 10 minutes. Devless, has been in the MEST incubator since 2015 and is one of the very few African startups with a product targeted at developers.

Duration: 00:17:18

African UX and consumer tech in Accra with Ashwin Ravichandran

Say hello to Ashwin Ravichandran, GM of MEST Accra. Ashwin is from India, and has been working with startups since he graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2011. He has worked with startups in the recruitment, lifestyle, education and data + social impact sectors. Ashwin has worked in almost every vertical in a company because he believes every single member of the team counts and their skills can be utilized in every way. His favorite being user experience/user interfaces and...

Duration: 00:14:32

A conversation on Nigeria's startup scene with Neku Atawodi, GM for MEST Lagos

Neku Atawodi has extensive experience as a self-starter entrepreneur, having spear-headed the launch-to-market of companies in various sectors under her watch. She is also the founder of Malaik, an impact-focused approach to equity crowdfunding in Africa, which gives investors access to the continent’s opportunities, and mediates its risks through a very thorough due diligence process. Previously, Neku worked as a Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja,...

Duration: 00:19:33

African Ed-Tech, raising capital in Accra, and selling to African Higher Ed with Ammishaddai Ofori

Meet Ammishaddai Ofori, CEO and Co-founder of Flippy Campus - a social app for tertiary students. Ammishaddai is excited about technology and how it can improve the lives of everyday people. He consult's for start-ups and companies on their branding and go to market strategies. His love for tech got gim co-hosting on Citi Trends, a weekly podcast on Citi 97.3 FM on technology trends from around the world. When He's not being a tech nerd, Ammishaddai write's and perform's poetry and MCs for...

Duration: 00:21:29

Entrepreneurship in Accra, the story of Skrife, and more with MEST Head of Communications, Kelechi Udoagwu

Say hello to Kelechi Udoagwu, Head of Communications at MEST and Cofounder at Skrife. She's a mentor/coach focused on African graduates and young adults in transitional phases in their lives. Skrife is an online platform that provides brands, startups, digital agencies, entrepreneurs with quality written content by leveraging on an exclusive curated community of freelance writers and editors. In 2016/2017, Kelechi worked with 20+ startups/teams and over 60 individual entrepreneurs to...

Duration: 00:23:48

How entrepreneurship helped rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina with Launchpad's Chris Schultz

Meet Chris Schultz the founder and CEO of Launch Pad, a startup community and workspace for entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals. Launch Pad was born in New Orleans and is on a mission to help people across the country be successful building their businesses and careers while working in a community where they feel like they belong. Chris is an active angel investor through Voodoo Ventures, investing in a number of rapidly growing companies in New Orleans and elsewhere including...

Duration: 00:24:45

Albert Stepanyan, founder of Munich-based accelerator Develandoo on AI, Germany startup landscape, and European startup talent

Say hello to Albert Stepanyan, founder of Develandoo. Albert is an A.I. Evangelist and Entrepreneur who loves code. He has an entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for coding. Currently, he acts as the CEO and lead strategist at Develandoo. Develandoo is a software accelerator that is changing the way companies build products. His experience includes acting as CTO of a Munich-based Startup accelerator, lead engineer at various enterprises, and lead engineer or technical co-founder on more...

Duration: 00:21:35

Growing up as an entrepreneur in war-torn Sarajevo with the founder of Parttimerz, Dzenan Skulj

Meet Dzenan Skulj, founder of Parttimerz. Parttimerz is a kickass freelancing platform featuring premium grade freelancers of diverse background and specialization. Unlike other freelancing platforms, they believe that less is more and are determined to give their clients the best in class freelancing service that money can buy. They've built a freelancing platform that’s unconventional and disruptive. While everyone who’s got something to offer in terms of services to their freelancing...

Duration: 00:19:28

The Future of Mobile Gaming and VR with Yat Siu

Meet Yat Siu, Director and Co-founder of Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is a Game Developer and Publisher for branded content such as Garfield, Doraemon, Ultraman and others that went public on the ASX in January 2015. Yat moved to Hong Kong in 1996, where he set up Hong Kong Cybercity, the first free web page and email provider in Asia. In 1997 he joined AT&T Solutions' System Integration practice, but left in 1998 to set up Outblaze, which developed innovative web-based multilingual...

Duration: 00:22:47

The Portugal ecosystem, machine learning, and the future of sales with Attentive's CEO and Cofounder, Daniel Araújo

Meet Daniel Araújo, Daniel worked at Google for almost 5 years as an Analyst in the Branding Sector, where he studied Internet trends and consumer behavior. is building the first fully fledged information assistant for any professional. To do that, they first need to understand the right context of each one of them, their priorities and which companies would benefit most from their product at this point in time. Attentive is starting with one specific use case in mind: sales...

Duration: 00:21:12

The Costa Rican ecosystem and the story of Slidebean with CEO and Founder Jose Cayasso

Meet José Cayasso (commonly known as Caya). A Costa Rican graphics designer and entrepreneur. Jose was a Trainer and Senior Support Agent for Intel, covering Desktop Boards and Processors for the North America Region; he obtained extensive experience with hardware and software support over the course of 6 years. In 2011, Jose founded Saborstudio, a creative content company. Their first startup, Pota-Toss, was an iOS game crowdfunded on Kickstarter and released to the App Store on October...

Duration: 00:17:07

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