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The Glue Guys: The Billy King Interview

The Glue Guys talk with former Nets GM Billy King about his time with the team. We spent a good bit on the Garnett-Pierce trade: how it originally started with just Pierce and mushroomed into more, why the deal was made, what Garnett and Pierce brought to the team, why the Nets ultimately did not re-sign Pierce, and Billy's biggest regret involving the trade. Other topics covered include: Nets attempted trade for Chris Paul before Deron Williams, the Dwightmare, the reasoning behind the...

Duration: 00:46:38

The Glue Guys: A Zeal for Zeller!

The Glue Guys chew over the Tyler Zeller signing and what it means in the broader context of what Sean Marks is trying to do with the Nets. Also discussed is how the Houston Rockets sale impacts the Nets and CJ McCollum's #FakeNews style attack of the media

Duration: 00:48:49

The Glue Guys: Debating Nets Win Total

The Glue Guys look at the Nets over/under for wins this upcoming season, where that puts them in the league and how far past that total can they go. Also, what’s behind the uncertainty in the Kyrie Irving trade, why is Kobe so weird and a great listener submitted Killer Komparisons: NBA players as Politicians […]

Duration: 01:03:20

The Glue Guys: Nets Themed Cocktails

The Glue Guys create cocktail recipes that represent certain Brooklyn Nets players. Also! Killer Komparisons makes a triumphant return – describing the NBA’s off-season via words that have no English translation. (Warning: Kyrie Irving may be traded to Celtics by the time you listen to this. We talked about the Cavs and Celtics before knowing about the trade {face palm}. So whatever, there’s still other stuff, just skip around a bit when we talk Cavs/Celtics) Subscribe to the Glue Guys...

Duration: 00:54:39

The Glue Guys: Irina Pavlova Exit Interview

The Glue Guys are joined by Irina Pavlova, the former President of ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment, to talk about her seven years with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets. Starts with her final team dinner with the Nets referenced in the Zach Lowe story, (7:30) making the move from NJ to BK, (14:45) the hiring process for Sean Marks and how he ...

Duration: 00:43:00

The Glue Guys: Nets Net Crabbe

The Glue Guys look at what Allen Crabbe brings to the Nets, whether the trade was worth giving up their cap space and what it means for the team’s future that they made this deal. At 21:00 they’re joined by Chris Axmann, a major Allen Crabbe appreciator, to dig deeper in the Crabbe trade. Subscribe to the Glue Guys on ...

Duration: 00:48:44

The Glue Guys: Nets Playoff Chances

The Glue Guys: Nets Playoff Chances The Glue GuysThe Glue Guys: Nets Playoff ChancesThe Glue Guys iTunes Android RSS TuneIn Stitcher Google Play The Glue Guys breakdown how realistic the Nets playoff chances are plus Caris LeVert’s ceiling, what the Nets should do with their cap space and a new game: Apolo-tweet! Subscribe to the Glue Guys on iTunes Follow the ...

Duration: 00:47:18

The Glue Guys: Nets Free Agency Check-In

The Glue Guys: Nets Free Agency Check-In The Glue GuysThe Glue Guys: Nets Free Agency Check-InThe Glue GuysThe Glue Guys run through some major listener email questions regarding the Brooklyn Nets free agency including first impressions from Summer League, (15:30) How much is reasonable to expect from DeMarre Carroll, (25:30) What’s a reasonable contract to sign KCP at, (37:45) Who among ...

Duration: 00:54:59

The Glue Guys: Free Agency Preview - Otto V. KCP

The Glue Guys get into the greatest single debate raging amongst Nets fans right now: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope vs. Otto Porter. Which of them is worth the max, should the Nets even give them the max, and what the team would look like with them on it. Later TGG runs down other Nets free agent targets including JJ Redick and Paul ...

Duration: 01:06:42

The Glue Guys: Jarrett Allen!?!?!?

The Glue Guys fire off a quick pod talking the Jarrett Allen pick for the Nets, how it kind of came out of nowhere, what that means, what type of player they’re getting and how this Allen pick may impact their free agency plans. Subscribe to the Glue Guys on iTunes Follow the Glue Guys on Stitcher

Duration: 00:45:55

The Glue Guys: Emergency Brook Lopez Trade Episode

The Glue Guys issue an emergency episode to talk out all the angles of the Brook Lopez-D’Angelo Russell trade including what type of player the Nets are getting, uneasiness over Timofey Mozgov’s inclusion, what this trade means for Jeremy Lin and the rest of the veterans on the roster, how it impact the Nets draft on Thursday, and overall – ...

Duration: 01:05:39

The Glue Guys: The Spencer Dinwiddie Interview

The Glue Guys are joined by Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie for 24 minutes of fun, including (7:30) the secrecy surrounding how the Nets operate (9:45) the special veteran move Spencer taught Jeremy Lin, then at (14:30) Spencer plays Killer Komparisons: Dragon Ball Z edition, comparing current NBA players with Dragon Ball characters. (26:00) Takeaways from the Daily News story ...

Duration: 00:48:17

The Glue Guys: Answering Big Nets Draft Questions - The Glue Guys

The Glue Guys begin with final thoughts on the NBA Finals including how this doesn’t really impact LeBron’s legacy and the thing that will actually lead to the demise of the Golden State Warriors dynasty. Then (20:00) Net Income for some insight on the Nets draft process; including why the Nets are working out so many likely 2nd round picks, ...

Duration: 01:01:16

The Glue Guys: Summer Refresher - The Glue Guys

The Glue Guys play out the likely result of a Golden State Warriors NBA Finals Win, (18:00) Brian’s big idea on where the next evolution in the NBA is coming, (33:00) News Around The League: LeBron and Durant’s super secret hip hop track and how...

Duration: 00:50:09

Glue Guys - David Pick Interview

The Glue Guys are joined by international basketball insider David Pick (@IamDPick) to discuss the Nets interest in Milos Teodosic and whether the Nets have a chance at signing him (10:00), how European players translate to the NBA and what skills work in the NBA...

Duration: 01:01:55

Glue Guys - Myth of Milos Teodosic

The Glue Guys start with the Nets intense recruitment of Euro-Star Milos Teodosic, plus talk about other names linked to the Nets for free agency. Then at 40:55 Killer Komparisons: NBA Round 1 Playoff Series as classic movies.

Duration: 00:59:32

The Glue Guys: Big Ole' Inbox of Listener Emails

The Glue Guys special LISTENER EMAIL pod, answering some of the biggest questions from the biggest pod fans about the biggest basketball team in Brooklyn. Questions include what type of trade package would it take to give away Brook Lopez, how will the Nets use...

Duration: 01:01:52

The Glue Guys: Enjoyment Rankings

The Glue Guys rank the Nets players in terms of enjoyment/happiness/gleefulness watching them this season. (35:30) Mail Time: Nets possible new look and was Vince Carter better in Toronto or NJ. (50:30) News Around The League: Angry as Russell Westbrook and ROY awards.

Duration: 00:58:15

The Glue Guys: Nets; Conquerors of April

The Glue Guys begin with Brian’s second attempt to catch a t-shirt during a game, (4:30) how the Nets turnaround happened and who gets credit, and (21:00) who of the end-of-the-roster Nets should return next season. (34:30) News Around The League: Ewing returns to Georgetown and...

Duration: 00:43:22

The Glue Guys: Importance of Winning

The Glue Guys talk about why the Nets actually doing well matters, (7:00) is Rondae Hollis-Jefferson a good or bad player, (15:20) the sneaky KJ McDaniels contract decision. (24:00) Killer Komparisons: All-Disney Basketball Team. Then they end the pod with talking about proper bus and...

Duration: 00:44:37

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