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Straight from the mouths of Adam Gobeski and Charlie Wallace; Two great minds, one great podcast! Subjects of discussion include (but are not limited to): movies, music, television, video games, lesser known holiday traditions, people we dislike, getting Jason to do things for us and playing weird board games for your amusement.






Episode 92 - Dumb Redbox

Tony, Paul and Alex join us to conceive if a new Nathan-Fielder-inspired Stouffer's delivery system, the Dumb Redbox! Just select a movie, then get a Salisbury steak (heating required). It will save you the trip from the Redbox at the front of the store to the freezer which is invariably in the back of the store. No need to thank us, just enjoy your frozen packaged meal while not watching a movie!

Duration: 00:45:44

Episode 91 - MMMM #6: Fantastic Four

Time for our sixth installment of our Merry Marvel Movie March, with the unreleased 1994 film "The Fantastic Four"! Listen to us describe a movie that we're honestly a little surprised WASN'T released in theatres. After all, they released "Cabin Boy" AND "In the Army Now" that year! Plus, a new "Chippin' with Charlie" segment, and Adam tells us about a conspiracy theory from one of his trivia players!

Duration: 00:53:05

Episode 90 - Adam Saves the Day

Paul Wilcox joins us, and strangely no OTHER Pauls show up on this episode. Adam regales us with his story about traffic obstacles, ill fitting pants and how he saved a woman's life (sort of). THen we talk about our most anticipated movies of the summer, except they've mostly come out already!

Duration: 00:49:01

Episode 89 - MMMM #5 Captain America (1990)

In our fifth installment of our Merriy Marvel Movie March, we revisit the 1990 Captain America movie that never got a full theatrical release, yet somehow we've seen it twice. Doug and Paul haven't, though, so they experience the choppy editing and fake-vomiting-pull-the-car-over scenes for the first time. And that wonderful animated gif is back in action!

Duration: 00:54:31

Episode 88 - Joe Piscopo Day 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

SNL alum Joe Piscopo was generous enough to sacrifice some of his family time to talk with us about his abandoned governor's bid, his horse-related cruise tip and he even revisits one of him old sketches with us. Then Paul Wilcox joins us in the "studio" to talk birthday hauls, zebra mussels and a few new flavors of Lay's potato chips.

Duration: 00:43:11

Episode 87 - MMMM # 4 The Punisher (1989)

Welcome back to our Merry Marvel Movie March! This episode, we explore torture, explosions and bad faux-Shakespearean dialogue by reviewing "The Punisher" (1989). As usual, we dive a little bit into the comic book lore and the Netflix series. And did you know Dolph Lundgren is a genius? Look it up!

Duration: 00:43:26

Episode 86 - 40 Years of Star Wars

Adam gathers a roundtable to talk about the 40th anniversary of the release of "Star Wars". We talk about our first experience with the orginal trilogy, what we thought about the prequels (then and now), our favorite Star Wars video games and how we'd change the trajectory of the film franchise. And Digg.com, for some reason.

Duration: 00:56:37

Episode 85 - Shenanibananaganza Portmortem

Tony and Paul join us again to talk about all the great memes and bits that defined this years Shenaniganza. We finally find out how that Four Corners trip went, we get engrossed in r/place andTony acquires every season of "Frasier". And yes, we talk about Smash Mouth.

Duration: 00:58:15

Episode 84 - Shenanibananaganza Part I

Shenaniganza Mark III kicks off with some baggage problems, both physical and emotional! Tony, Paul and Adam discuss their impending trip to the Four Corners and how they will lie to children. After all, they ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. They were looking kind of dumb with their finger and their thumb...

Duration: 00:58:56

Episode 83 - Tabletop Table Talk

Finally, the episode where we really delve into board games. We talk about the cutthroat player, cheaters, and board game devotees, and the games we both love and hate. And the game that caused Adam and Brianne marital strife ON THEIR HONEYMOON. Plus, Jack the Ripper makes the "Dumb Criminal" reel.

Duration: 00:54:08

Episode 82 - Chem Lab Blues

Brianne and Adam regale us with their story of a Scottsdale area escape room. Did they manage to get out? Or did we record the whole episode INSIDE THE ESCAPE ROOM?? And of course, ear sex jokes (but not the obvious ones!).

Duration: 00:54:44

Episode 81 - DVD Conspiracy

Our old pal Qbert stops by to talk about Moore's law. And Charlie has a genuine conspiracy to discuss. I mean, who sends Amazon gifts without a gift message inside? And we predict the Best Picture mixup at the Oscars (sort of).

Duration: 00:52:41

Episode 80 - Off the Rails

After 80 episodes, things can get a little awkward. Good thing we have a great list of questions to break the ice! By the way, isn't Ice Breaker a great name for an American Gladiator? Charlie sings two songs, plus Conspiracy Corner AND Cruise Tips!

Duration: 00:45:25

Episode 79 - MMMM #3 Howard the Duck

We continue our Merry Marvel Movie March in another galaxy with "Howard the Duck", but we're only there long enough to see duck boobs. If you like your ducks anthropomorphized AND hypersexualized, this is the film for you. But seriously, it's really weird.

Duration: 00:57:24

Episode 78 - The Recounting of the Gifts

Doug and Charlie record on location in Grand Ledge, Michigan! We all exhaustively discuss our gifts, as is the Chrimbus tradition. Do we discuss politics? Nope! Look out for at least one musical transition!

Duration: 00:57:39

Episode 77 - Merry Marvel Movie March #2: Captain America Part 2

We conclude our review of the 1944 Captain America Serial, and the body count keeps rising. Join us as we witness the rise of America's lesser known serial killer, Captain America! Part 2 of a 2 part review.

Duration: 00:38:35


What starts out as a discussion of Thanksgiving cuisine quickly becomes a star-studded extravaganza. We're visited by New York legislator Aaron Burr, Chief Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Frankie Muniz as well as some quasi-celebrities, though "Alex" Baldwin does NOT make an appearance.

Duration: 00:51:35

Episode 75 - A Chip Quip Clip Trip

We've finally made it to 75 episodes, and we celebrate with ALL NEW MATERIAL! That's right, there's nothing here you've heard before, and it's split up into tiny digestible comedy gold chunks for you to consume! To put it less disgustingly: it's a clips show!

Duration: 01:34:47

Episode 74 - Merry Marvel Movie March #1: Captain America (1944 serial) Part 1

We start the daunting and thankless task of reviewing every Marvel movie ever created! We begin with the 1944 Captain America serial, which is surprisingly entertaining. Part 1 of a 2 part review.

Duration: 00:44:59

Episode 73 - Workers Against Needless Guidelines

On the eve of the 2016 US Election, we consider a third party candidate, as Daniel Baker of the Workers Against Needless Guidelines party outlines his vision of a better America - as well as his thoughts on Justin Trudeau, Ryan Gosling, and the best way to heal the nation!

Duration: 00:47:20

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