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The GoodCast is a conversation about life hosted by Daniel Gettis. Join the journey to discover the goodness and beauty that is all around you.

The GoodCast is a conversation about life hosted by Daniel Gettis. Join the journey to discover the goodness and beauty that is all around you.
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The GoodCast is a conversation about life hosted by Daniel Gettis. Join the journey to discover the goodness and beauty that is all around you.








Episode 15 - Hillary McBride - Body Image and learning to love ourselves as we are

Hillary McBride joins The GoodCast to talk about body image, hand-me-down masks, feminism, rediscovering voice and her new book Mothers, Daughters, & Body Image.


Episode 14 - The Heretic - Rob Bell And Andrew Morgan

Rob Bell and Andrew Morgan dropped into the GoodCast to chat about the release of The Heretic which is released on March 1. The Heretic is a documentary film following the life and work of Rob Bell, one of the most polarizing figures in modern day Christianity. Listen in as we chat about the film, surfing, faith the bible and the future.


Episode 13 - Anna McGahan - Sexual harassment in the Australian entertainment industry

Anna is an Australian actress, poet, writer and theology student who talked candidly with me about the realities and normality of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.


Episode 12 - The Wrap-up with Ryan Smith

The Wrap-up with Ryan is an uncut conversation where we talk about some of the previous episodes. In this Wrap-up episode we chat about all things ranging from art to male gender bias, women in leadership, growing up and some good old fashioned banter.


Episode 11 - Jarrod Mckenna and Delroy Bergsma - Love Makes a Way

I woke up this morning to see our friend Jarrod Mckenna and his pal Del suspended four stories above the Subiaco office of Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, on a hanging tent. The peaceful aerial sit-in is calling on the Australian Government to take immediate action to evacuate Manus before more people die. We needed to chat, so listen in here to our conversation.


Episode 10 - Paul Nevison - Order / Disorder / Reorder

Paul Nevison is a hugely talented filmmaker who travels the world finding stories that connect with our common humanity. He is also a prolific writer who frequently writes blogs detailing his faith journey. And oh yeah, he is also my book dealer... It was awesome to chat with Paul more about his faith journey of order, reorder and disorder. This is a challenging conversation but there are so many transformational truths found within it. Find more of his work here...


Episode 9 - Jessica Le Clerc - Awakening imagination

Jessica Le Clerc is described as a “narrative impressionist realist” which I think is artistic jargon for a ridiculously talented artist and human. The fascinating thing about Jess, is that she is completely self-taught. Art to her is deeply spiritual and confronting. Jess caught up with me to talk about the power of imagination and the need for us to continually awake ourselves to this. Jess teaches art and imagination and has found the process of 'waking up' to bring about healing and...


Episode 6 - Iain Provan - Seriously Dangerous Religion

Iain drops in to talk about the sacredness of work, reframing creation, the fall, evil, eternity, perfection and everything else. He talks about his most recent book 'Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Says and Why it Matters'. This conversation has so much goodness within it and must be heard.


Episode 5 - Hayley Jenkin - Wholehearted Studio

Hayley Jenkin is the founder and creative director of Wholehearted Studio. She is an incredibly creative and talented young lady who specialises in styling and photography for wholehearted brands and interiors. She has faced and overcome many challenges as she finds a balance in directing her own company, teaching primary school and embracing all the ups and downs of being a single parent. Hayley's story inspires many of us to dream big and pursue our hopes regardless of our circumstances....


Episode 4 - Nato Sauer - A life of many perspectives

Nato Sauer is a good friend who has lived a crazy life so far. Nato's experiences have allowed him to see life through perspectives that are unknown to many people in the world today. Nato has a huge passion to live a life that matters and makes a difference. Nato loves his wife, surfing, beer and people. Hence, he owns a bar on the Sunshine Coast of Australia called Stoker Brewhouse. In this episode, Nato shares his journey and the lessons he has learned along the way. You need to listen...


Episode 3 - Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd is the founder and pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. Brian hung out with Daniel this past week to chat about his new book, Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God. Brian’s book reveals the love of God in a beautiful and fresh way and deals with a great deal of the violence found in the Bible. In this episode, Brian explores a wide variety of age-old questions: How should we read the Bible? Who killed Jesus? What’s up with all the violence in the Bible? What...


Episode 2 - Holly Lovell

Singer songwriter Holly Lovell shares her story with us and encourages us to be still and listen to that voice that reminds us of both who we are and inspires us to dream.


Episode 1 - New Things

Have you ever wanted to try starting something new? Often times we talk about starting new things... In the very first episode of the GoodCast Daniel talks through some of the challenges, risks and fears we often face when starting new things.


The GoodCast Intro

This is the Introduction to the GoodCast!!! Stay tuned as we will launch on August 7th!!!! We will be available on Soundcloud, Itunes and Youtube... Come along on this adventure! It's going to be sooooo much fun!


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