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The Grand Geek Gathering Network, based in California, consists of podcasts, live streaming, and insights to geek culture. Gatherers welcome and GGG!

The Grand Geek Gathering Network, based in California, consists of podcasts, live streaming, and insights to geek culture. Gatherers welcome and GGG!
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The Grand Geek Gathering Network, based in California, consists of podcasts, live streaming, and insights to geek culture. Gatherers welcome and GGG!




The Gathering Ep 53: A Tale of Two Gatherers

DC movies, on screen bromances, casting, conventions, and reminiscing. This episode is a very quaint and fun episode between two good friends who have known each other for many years and love to geek out. Enjoy episode 53! This episode includes Tyler, Haley spectating, and Evan moderating. Enjoy this very special episode! Reminder that next week is Thanksgiving and we will have a special episode for you as well! We are on iTunes, so review us!! Don’t forget to share us, like us, follow us,...

Duration: 01:26:29

IndiComix w/ Jeff Ep 21 Comikaze Pt. 2: Art Baltazar, Richard Starkings, Brandon McKinney, Free Isabelo

Art Baltazar, Richard Starkings, Brandon McKinney, and Free Isabelo are guests on our show this week on an action packed episode of IndiComix! Jeff and Tyler swoop around the booths of Comikaze 2015 on a mighty adventure to get you guys some amazing interviews! You can reach the artists here:

Duration: 00:54:39

GamerKulture Ep.2 “The Classiest of Meat”

High Society of GamerKulture presents… “The Classiest of Meat” Episode 2 GamerKulture is the video game division of the Grand Geek Gathering network which includes articles (, Facebook, Twitter, occasional streams and podcasts. This podcast welcomes the diverse and large society that has been developed from this gaming [...]

Duration: 00:40:29

The Gathering Ep 49: Star Wars Trailer Terror!

This week we have a jam packed episode just for you! Come and listen in to the Gathering talk the new Star Wars Trailer, time travels movies and shows, and more! A very opinionated, rumor-ific, and drunken fest just for your listening pleasure! Join this week with Aelynn, Barba, Eric, Paul, Tim, and moderator Kathryn! #TeamTim #TeamEric #TeamDrunk We are on iTunes, so review us!! Don’t forget to share us, like us, follow us, and subscribe! Facebook: [...]

Duration: 00:58:53

The Gathering Ep. 44: Corona-ology

Terrence Howard’s math skills, shaving veterans balls, musicals, South Park, and suing people are some things Corona gets pissed about in this week’s episode! Join in an a very funny episode of The Gathering! Join Albert, Corona, Eric, Tyler, and moderator Evan on the 44th episode of The Gathering! We are on iTunes, so review us!! Don’t forget to share us, like us, follow us, and subscribe!

Duration: 00:57:35

GGG Spot: Overwatch Junkers

Junkrat & Roadhog Spotlight - Character Overview With beta coming up in the fall, Blizzard announces two new characters for Overwatch. The highly anticipated first-person shooter (which we love incredibly) gets a little bit bigger and diverse with this duo of scavengers. With the revelation of a new turret-less defense and un-shielded tank characters comes with a new affiliation which might be as exciting as the characters themselves. Join Dan, Jon, and Barba as we excitedly discuss and...

Duration: 00:27:41

The Gathering Ep. 44: Batman v Bourne: Dawn of Gangster FIlms

Holidays, Nintendo, Batman vs Jason Bourne, Black Friday, Mallrats 2, Kevin Smith films, Black Mass, gangster films, Super Mario Bros, Tyler’s hate for Scarface, and so much more! Enjoy this new episode of The Gathering! Join Ashley, Evan, Jesus, Tyler, and moderator Eric as they get ready for the holiday season! We are on iTunes, so review us!! Don’t forget to share us, like us, follow us, and subscribe![...]

The Gathering Ep. 43: Summer Movie Draft Results & #TimsBack

Movie draft results, our favorite Louis Lane, the Blade Trilogy. Oscar movies, Disney live action movies, our lives in IRL, college life, Roku vs Apple TV, cord cutting, and so much more! Join Albert, Katheryn, Tyler, and moderator Tim!

Duration: 01:00:12

IndiComix w/ Jeff Ep. 16: 2000 A.D. and Carlos Ezquerra

In this episode, Jeff discusses the British sci-fi comic 2000 A. D. and its preeminent artist and co-creator of Judge Dredd, Carlos Ezquerra. For more information on the comic itself, consult For more information on Ezquerra, consult

Duration: 00:19:42

XPG - The Podcast Ep.10 “Bungie Jump”

Bungie Jump// TTK Patch. Celebrating Mario, Platformers, Balance in VG, Donkey Kong 64, Armello playthrough, MGS:TPP fun!Xperience Gaming with Dan (DaSilvanator), Barba (Kuma) and a Louis (Decafzzz). This week we wipe attempting a 4-person dungeon with 3 people, celebrate Mario 30th anniversary, compare our platformer experiences, talk about our anticipation for the Taken King Patch released, and share an exciting Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain story! All this and more on this episode...

Duration: 00:49:28

The Gathering Ep. 42:High Horses & Star Wars Sex Toys

Come and listen to this new episode where the Gathering, in honor of Wes Craven, answer who is their favorite movie monster. They also discussinnocent topics like Debating 101, Eric’s high horse, the end of summer movies, Star Wars sex toys, CG animated movies vs. traditional (2D) animated movies, monster movies, Netflix vs. TV, music preferences, vinyl vs. digital music, Cheers and M*A*S*H*, ads on online streaming, ancestry, and a little bit more! [...]

Duration: 00:48:49

XPG - The Podcast Ep.9 “Remastered”

Remastered // FFVII remake Top 10 changes, MGSV:TPP First Impressions, Ape Escape Remastered, PSnow changing the future of Sony consoles, “Spam Sushi”Xperience Gaming with Dan (DaSilvanator), Jon ( Wyldkard), Kyle (Lord of VVaffle), Barba (Kuma) and a new addition Joseph (IndicaPenguin).We ask our new Gatherer “What kind of gamer are you?”, discuss a silly thing as sushi in video games, advertise our Star Wars: The Old Republic guild (The Grand Geek Empire on Harbinger[US]), have a very...

Duration: 00:43:23

The Gathering Ep. 41 A Hipster Nazi Comedy Hour!

Welcome to this episode where the Gathering discusses Ferris Bueller, Karate Kid, all 80’s teens, antagonists, Marilyn Monroe, stand up comedians like Patrice O’Neal, Robin Williams, and Greg Giraldo, Comedy Central Roasts, the ‘Fat Jew’ debacle, hipsters, and more! Join Aelynn, Albert [...]

Duration: 00:53:35

IndiComix w/ Jeff Ep. 15: Ben Edlund and the Tick!

Description: In this episode, Jeff looks into Bed Edlund’s contribution to comics with his parody superhero series the Tick and what successes it spawned in the industry. For more info on the Tick series, consult For more info on Edlund, consult

Duration: 00:16:09

XPG - The Podcast Ep.7 “D23 & JRPGs”

D23 and JRPGsXperience Gaming with Dan (DaSilvanator), Jon ( Wyldkard), Kyle (Lord of VVaffle), and our new Gatherer (Barba) as we tackle JRPGs coming off of D23 Expo and Disney Interactive’s presence. From our first experience with JRPGs to our time playing Disney/Star Wars games, from Battlefront to Disney Infinity, all this and more on this episode of XPG(Xperience Gaming): The Podcast!

Duration: 00:41:40

IndiComix w/ Jeff Ep. 14: The Walking Dead & Robert Kirkman

IndieComix Episode 14: Robert Kirkman and The Walking Dead Description: In this episode, Jeff looks into the career of Robert Kirkman and just what wonderful creation he brought to the comics world with his magnum opus, The Walking Dead. For more information on Kirkman, visit

Duration: 00:12:29

IndiComix w/ Jeff Ep. 13: TMNT and Kevin Eastman

In this episode Jeff discusses the impact that the heroes in a half shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their co-creator, Kevin Eastman, had upon the indie comics world and how their legacy continues to endure in the industry even to this day. For more information on Eastman, consult and

Duration: 00:20:14

The Gathering Ep. 38: Supernatural Dice Rolling

Peter Dink-less Destiny, D&D Film, Comicbook costume to Film Adaptations, and a lot Super talk about Superman! Hello Gatherers! Welcome to episode 38 of ‘The Gathering!’ Join our host Aelynn with Gatherers Tyler, Joseph (IndicaPenguin @ twitter), Corona, Albert from Who’s What Where’s Why, and XPG’s Dan (aka DaSilvanator) as “The Engineer” as they discuss such geeky topics like Bungie’s debatable success with Destiny, Deadpool marketing, a roundtable’s best comic costume film adaptation,...

Duration: 00:48:47

GGG Spot: Deadpool Trailers!

Chimichangas, Gatherers! Join Joe, Corona, and Tyler as they talk about the Deadpool trailer for the trailer and the trailer trailer! Listen to our thoughts and how excited we are for Deadpool and what we want FOX to do with the character in the future! We are on iTunes, so review us!! Don’t forget to share us, like us, follow us, and subscribe! Facebook:

Duration: 00:16:45

IndiComix w/ Jeff Ep. 12: Bryan Lee O’Malley and Scott Pilgrim

In this episode Jeff illustrates the career of Canadian comic book creator Bryan Lee O’Malley and his landmark work Scott Pilgrim and just what impact it has made in combining American comic book styles with Japanese manga styles. For more information on O’Malley, see

Duration: 00:18:39

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