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Episode #26 "Grappling with bullies"

The boys talk about the Keaton Jones bully video and delve into the dark world of bullying and the various kinds of it. Paul talks about his daughter and her experience with exclusion bullying and how they’re trying to deal with that. Speaking of bullying, Nick wrote into the show to bust Kip’s balls, and rightfully so. It was quite hilarious and very well written, as per usual. The boys talk about a couple of fight videos as well as bullshit martial arts. Paul still stands by his decision...

Duration: 01:19:06

Episode #25 "How do you flow roll anyhow?"

The boys got some new intro music! We got our new Grappling Dads shirts done! Get at us and order the ones you want!!! The boys finally have an address for their sponsor and gym Black Lion BJJ! Paul gets more completed on their studio and it’s echoey as hell! The boys talk about flow rolling and how damn hard it is. Paul related it so something no one will understand. Paul mocks how kipperdoodles rolls and blames all his injuries on that. The boys revisit SSRI’s and what Paul learned by...

Duration: 01:08:14

Episode #24

The boys argue about Paul’s lack of care when it comes to Star Wars The boys talk about anxiety and how they both deal with it, with prescriptions and without. Kip enjoys life much better on SSRI’s and thinks Paul would benefit from them. Paul doesn’t like taking pills of any kind and probably won’t try them regardless of their benefits. The boys describe the blue belt test that their buddies just had at their BJJ school. Kip was sick and couldn’t join the fun but came to show support...

Duration: 01:04:25

Episode #23 "Dealing with the lows of BJJ"

The boys get the episode started by congratulating Neil on his big T-shirt win. The boys then talk a bit about kipperdoodles' wife and some of the other white belts and how they’re progressing. They talk about how it’s fun to watch someone go from totally inept to the point where they are starting to really get it in the first few months of training. Paul talks about his bad dad moment and how he’s trying his best to raise kids that are better than him despite all his own shortcomings. Kip...

Duration: 01:09:18

Episode #22 "Epic BJJ email questions and advice show"

The boys start of talking shit as they do and basically congratulate themselves for their interview with "average black belt" Kroyler Gracie. Paul gets entirely way too excited over the fact they they got emails to their show. Kip doesn’t let on, but he’s just as excited. Paul reads Ann’s very well written questions about different aspects of BJJ and the boys try and answer them to the best of their ability, which is to say they probably sound stupid. Ann’s first question dealt with folks...

Duration: 01:11:19

Episode #21 "Interview with black belt Kroyler Gracie, who drops knowledge...and jokes"

The boys start the show out right away by tempting fate and busting Kroyler’s balls. We get the interview going, finally, by talking about him growing up as a Gracie and what that was like. Paul asks Kroyler if he got bullied or tested growing up by his peers because of his name. Short answer...of course not. Kroyler talks about what makes a good training partner and how to best use your time to get better. Chad and Kroyler talk about how they met and get into what makes a good training...

Duration: 01:31:41

Episode #20 "What do you mean “just a white belt”?"

We have sponsors!!! Check out Tap Tape and buy the death grip kind on Amazon. Also, if you live near Grand Rapids, Michigan sign you and your kids up at Black Lion BJJ or stop in to roll with the boys. Just don’t hurt us. 😁 Kip gets super fussy about people discrediting him because he’s just a white belt and he is supposed to suck. At first Paul vehemently disagrees with Kip, but eventually understands where he was coming a point. Paul come up with a super awesome BJJ analogy...

Duration: 01:10:53

Episode #19 "BJJ Private Lesson, Foiled"

The boys talk about their first two actual sponsors, Black Lion BJJ and Taptape. Kip gets maybe a bit too overzealous about both and potentially picks a fight... The boys get some amazing reviews on iTunes and Facebook. They were impressed with them and did a reading on the show. You really need to listen to Nick’s Facebook review. It made us laugh so hard it hurt. They talk about how their kids are doing in class. They tell the story of trying to make it down to Kroyler’s for a private...

Duration: 01:00:45

Episode #18 "Interview with fellow grappling dad Ben Graf"

The boys interview Ben Graf, brand new purple belt and co-owner of Grand Rapids Jiu Jitsu Lab. Ben is a former training partner of Paul's from Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu. As a fellow grappling dad we discussed the importance of having your children involved in BJJ. Ben talks us through is own BJJ journey, a term he’s come to hate as it is overused. Paul tries to get recovery tips from Ben only to find out that he’s a savage and doesn’t bother with that. You know, because real man and all that... We...

Duration: 02:01:29

Episode #17 "Average BJJ Blackbelt vs. Bear"

Black Lion Studio The boys talk about the new addition to Black Lion, Andrea, and how she was showing Paul some lasso guard. Paul decided to suck for a few months while trying to learn it. Chad took Paul's advice and did rolls after warmups and before technique. It was great! The boys think better of the idea of having Chad crank the heat unless everyone in class can tell what the previous podcast was about. They don’t want to get their asses kicked. The boys discuss the “girl destroys...

Duration: 01:06:55

Episode #16 "Interview with beauty and the beast Morgan Henley"

What the hell just happened? The boys interview Morgan on the show It was a rough start because of all the shananagins before we hit record. We all seemed a bit punch drunk on this show, but eventually got it together. Morgan talks about her first Jiu Jitsu class with coach Chad. He seemed creepy at first, but hey, this is Jiu Jitsu... We talk about how BJJ can change the coarse of your life by giving you confidence you never thought yourself capable of having. Morgan gives her two cents...

Duration: 01:10:50

Episode #15 "Why you and your family need Jiu Jitsu"

The boys and Nicole talk about the importance of self defense in today’s society. Paul brings up an article he shared on Facebook about a woman who overcame a sexual assault by using the self defense lessons she recently learned. Paul brought up his recent active shooter training he had to do at work. This was both enlightening and sad at the same time. Unfortunately also necessary. The boys bring up how their girls are progressing in BJJ and how their lates rolls in class. Kip and Nicole...

Duration: 01:04:57

Episode #14 "Monster Trevor Morris Interview"

The boys have their second guest on the show, Monster Trevor Morris. Kip decided to immediately throw Paul under the bus about being butt hurt over getting his ass whooped by Trevor. Paul retaliated by mentioning the fact that while Trevor has lost a few cage fights he in fact is undefeated. This goes over like a lead balloon. Trevor talks about how he got involved in martial arts and his many fights over a relatively short period of time. Trevor talks about rolling with Kroyler in the gi....

Duration: 01:50:32

Episode #13 “Atomic drop belt promotions“

The boys talk about the growing conversation about gauntlets in BJJ while they go over the latest video of a horrendous belt promotions video. Paul has a story about beer, because of course he does. The boys discussed how not to be a BJJ jerk and that your Jiu Jitsu doesn't lie about the type of person you are. Paul apparently has some sort of death wish as he bust the balls of the great and powerful Kroyler Gracie. Kip decided to steal from others and talk about gym stereotypes. They make...

Duration: 01:11:27

Episode #12 "First Interview, Our Coach"

The boys welcome their own coach Chad Pomeroy, a Kroyler Gracie Brown Belt. (He actually showed up) Some of the topics they cover with Chad. How he connected with Kroyler Gracie, Promotion testing and the differences between schools. (Black Lion BJJ is the best!). They nerd out on whiskey for a minute (Chad brought a present). Chad schools Paul on his self hatred of his bjj skills (Kip threw Paul under the bus on that one). They close the show with some blast from the past from Chad (he...

Duration: 01:57:18