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Episode #39 "The value of stripes - Part One

The boys kick off the show talking about their own thoughtisms on Jiu Jitsu and perhaps why they aren’t getting any better. Maybe due to the fact that we don’t go enough...? Paul ruined his own wrist and got destroyed by a purple belt. It was a good confidence boost to him. They talk about Morgan and Adam testing for their purple belt. It was an epically hard test and worth hearing about. Kip says “anyways” way too many times in a row because he can’t get through a single thought without...


Episode #38 "The problem with just rolling"

In this episode we talk about the guy/gal who only likes to roll, rather than train and drill. While it’s Paul’s prefered method of training, it’s not doing him many favors according to Kroyler. First tho, the boys talk about the fact that they and some teammates got some stripes this week. Paul lamented that he just recently was comfortable with his third one... Black Lion BJJ had a few competitors go to the Arnold Classic and bring home a bunch of shiny medals!!! The boys get into the...


Episode #37 "How to be happy as a white belt"

Paul talks a bit about the Kroyler seminar this past weekend. He lamented that he should’ve taken notes. He had a great speech about why white belts suck so much because they try and overcome lack of technique with physicality and shit form and learn bad habits. Paul asked Kroyler for a Kroyler’s Corner concerning white belts and to give them a little love, as we just had an episode for blue belts. Turns out he thought I meant tough love... Paul reads his essay in his usual butchering way...


Episode #36 "Why do blue belts quit?"

We ramble on a bit about stuff and things vaguely related to Jiu Jitsu and eventually get to the main point of the show. The boys take a Kroyler’s Corner (not pro tip) and expound upon it through the entire episode. The main reasons people quit at blue belt have to do with: 1: Having a hard time physically with complex techniques 2: Having a hard time recalling said complex techniques 3: Realizing that upper belts have thus far been taking it easy on you 4: The difficulty of watching...


Episode #35 "Awesome interview with fellow grappling dad Steve Dickson"

Paul gets drunk on whiskey part way through the episode. See if you can tell when... We discuss how we attempt to roll with people as we start to age and everything starts to hurt. Steve talks about how and why he got into BJJ. Steve tried not to disparage other types of martial arts...except maybe tai chi push hands. He also talks about what it was like just taking private lessons for self defense up until he got a blue belt and what it was like rolling with an actual class after that. We...


Episode #34 "Why is my Jiu-Jitsu getting worse?"

Paul talks about a couple of guys at work who clearly haven’t ever gotten a proper ass beating. The boys talk about how it’s nice to get beat up on a weekly basis to stay humble and keep your head on straight. Apparently there is no Kroyler’s Corner this week because “someone” (read Kroyler fucked up) forgot to send it in... So why in fact is my Jiu-Jitsu getting worse? The short answer is it’s not. The long answer has to do with a bunch of variables... Like: I don’t take notes I train...


Episode #33 "Is training through injuries a good idea?"

The boys read a very long and in depth Kroyler’s Corner where he gives the audience a call to action. We get into the weeds a bit about asking the right question and getting proper help for any problems you might be experiencing. The boys get another email from Emil in Norway with a couple questions attached to it, like about cauliflower ears. We discuss Jen and Mel’s injuries and how to train through them and how to rehab them. We cover the difference between muscle and tendon problems as...


Episode # 32 "Are women’s self defense classes worth it?"

Bullshit martial arts videos are fun and we talk about our appreciation of them. The boys segway their bullshido talk into questioning why finger locks aren’t a thing as long as wrist locks are. Kroyler’s Corner happens a bit earlier in this episode where of course we butcher it. He talks about why you should take notes as well as not chase the belt. Kip and Paul suck at note taking. The boys tangent about watching YouTube videos rather than taking notes. There are both good and bad...


Episode # 31 "Interview with Morgan Henley and Erik Stauffer after they went to the Gracie Nationals"

Paul starts out the interview with a question from Kroyler Gracie that immediately puts Morgan on edge. We talk a bit about the circumstances behind why Morgan wanted to compete on the other side of the country. Erik and Morgan talk about their experience training at the Gracie Academy and the people they got to meet. Morgan tries to be humble about winning gold but the boys and Erik won’t let her. Paul isn’t sure how to pronounce Rose if it’s a Brazilian name... Morgan and Erik talk about...


Episode # 30 :Getting smashed in BJJ....with grace"

The boys open the show discussing "can opener" guard passing. For sure don’t do that! They dive into the fact that their friends and training partners flew out to the Gracie Nationals in California where Morgan won gold in no-gi! Our other teammates Ben and Ryan competed in Lansing with a lot of support with them from our gym. Paul tries to help out a couple women at the gym get smashed by others a bit more gracefully. Everyone wants to learn how to do things to others but rarely want to...