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​082 - Leanna May - A "Million-ista" and successfully raising the bar in Health and Wellness

Please join me in welcoming a very special power-house Leanna May. Leanna is a self-made millionista who built a legacy on helping others. She is your peaceful soul alchemist, powerhouse, wife, mother and master womanifestor. Founder and CEO of the leading edge wellness spa Temple Siren, a very well known sanctuary located in Seattle, Wa. Leanna has raised the bar in the health & beauty field. She is here to tell you that you have what it takes to heal from the inside out and create beauty...


​081 - What is your mind movie saying about your future? And changing generations...

Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of The Inspiration Show, co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP, and co-founder of Mind Movies, the hugely successful and revolutionary Personal Development company that has reached over 4 million people worldwide. She is currently working on her brand new, groundbreaking program entitled, “Self-Growth Studies”, which is a powerful children’s curriculum designed to help youth from ages 5-18 in establishing a strong foundation that will give them...


080 - Determine your most fulfilling and successful life direction with Marc and En-May

Marc and En-May will share how a unique combination of head (intellect), heart (intuition) and a noble higher purpose can help anyone determine their most fulfilling and successful life direction.


079 - ​Live Call in show

Welcome back Goofy and all! We spoke to grandma, we spoke the helicopter parents and enabling. Lotsa of education. Tune in to hear


078 - An artist searching for his voice and a writer searching for his story

Part Anthony Bourdain, part Deepak Chopra, it’s the book Elizabeth Gilbert or Cheryl Strayed might have written had they been born with a penis... A Curious Year in the Great *Vivarium Experiments, Author Tim Shields *vivarium [vahy-vair-ee-uhm, vi-] a place, such as a laboratory, where live animals or plants are kept under At the heart of A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiments an artist searching for his voice and a writer searching for his story. It’s a journey about becoming a...


077 - ​Spirit meets real life coaching

When spirit comes we have much to share, to love and to heal. Today we shared from spirit and we also did allot of education. Tune in to hear If you are finding that worthiness and and personal value is a hurdle for you. Great show, brave callers and brave spirit!


076 - ​Spoke to spirit today - magic!

Tune in to hear not only some goofy technical difficulties (spirits energy) and an amazing education.


075 - Loving messages from spirit and Empathic vs. Empathy

Great show full of love and guidance. We spoke to empathic vs empathy. Then we took many callers for free readings and guidance. It was so wonderful to connect with your loved ones- thank you to "all" that joined in!


074 - ​Education, wisdom and readings with Sue and Nadine

What a great show! As alway every thing you hear is for a reason. Gain some wisdom and education from our time together. Reminder that I am opening up my 1:1 coaching calendar. Please be sure to reach out, send me an email and lets see if we are good match! Little ditty about me and my work... Can’t see your blind spot? Sue can! She will help you get clear, prepare a life style program and help you shed old patterns, both emotionally and energetically. She carefully holds space for you...


073 - ​What is it about the cigars and socks.... tune in to get the answers

We started with some light fun then moved into education and then spirit had some fun with us. Tune in to hear the great messages of love and healing and education.


072 - ​Are you seeing the signs? Today is a teaching day!

It was all about teaching today....We spoke to signs and symbols. Trust in your abilities, boundaries, trust in general: trust in the signs, trust in what you are asking for.


071 - ​Back from Italy and a new call in show

We spoke to my trip to Sardinia Italy, Florence, biking in Tuscany region and her hills, and then off to Rome. I feel so full of joy and love towards all the amazing people I was able to help and love on as a team leader with Dr. Joe Dispenza and his team (ps. I got so much love in return) Our team leaders are some of the best and I love them dearly! I included a couple images of Team Infinite Love (my team) so you could see these beautiful...


070 - Wait what.... My Brain health?

Lisa Marini, a leading Brain Health Coach, will take us through the journey of stress and how today’s society traps us in our fight or flight limbic responses. Lisa will also explain the emerging practice of Brain Health Coaching and its benefits for anyone with a brain. We dive into topics like: What is Brain Health Coaching? How did you get into it? Who can benefit from Brain Health Coaching?/ Is it only for people with brain injury? What sort of things do you teach? What are some of...


067 - ​Call in show LIVE!

I offer these Radio show as a loving free service for all of you to learn from. That service being one of education, clarity, awareness, new thoughts, new perspective, new idea's, a new you. Just vrs. 2.0


066 - Anita Boyd is Back Showing us How to Thrive in Your Relationship

I am so excited to bring back Anita to my show. We are discussing relationship from male and female perspectives, vulnerability, safety, compassion, boundaries and how to thrive in your personal relationships. Do you find yourself spinning out, not getting the relationship you desire, are you in balance? Are you speaking your unique voice-and what does that all look like? We answer this all today with Anita Boyd, Please find her free and very generous offer "while supplies last" at...


065 - You sexy goddess! Ava Miles to give you practical tools for you to re-write your story

WOWSA-What a great informative guest today. I spoke with Ava Miles and boy does she have quite a story. She literally comes from re-building in war zones. This is fitting metaphorically and literally. You have got to tune in tot hear all theses FREE and sustainable tools for positive change. Are you perpetuating and attracting the same and wrong persons, places, things in your life? How long has it been since you have felt your true self? What does that look like? Feel like? We can help...


062 - Your space says a lot about you.... and a mother daughter team at Sonic Creation Coaches

This week I have two interviews with some amazing women. First up is Maggie Minor. She believes that what we surround ourselves with has a profound affect on our subconscious and that by simply making a few changes in our home décor we can uplift ourselves and open up our mind to new possibilities. Then we have Kathy Murphy & Alex Taylor ~ Life Mastery & Sonic Creation Coaches! As a rare mother-daughter team they integrate the highest quality available in sound therapy, meditation,...


061 - ​The Healer within and the Forever Letter

We had an amazing show this week with two incredible women guests.... For our guests today, we have two! First we have Anysia Marcell Kiel, discussing her latest book Discovering the Healer Within. She is a lifelong healing medium who has been able to communicate with spirits since she was a very young child. Join in on our fascinating conversation! Second we have Elana Zaiman and her book The Forever Letter. Elana Zaiman (Seattle, WA) is the first woman rabbi from a family spanning six...


060 - Live Calls - Gooooofy show today so be prepared to laugh​

Wow one Gooooofy show today so be prepared to laugh and shack your head (squirrel). First-off, I want to tell you about a great opportunity for you local peeps. I will be hosting the Heal documentary at the NW Mind, Body, Spirit Connection Expo on January 201th and would love see you there. "We are offering free tickets to our callers over the next two shows so be sure to tune in for your chance to WIN." ..........For more information please go to: Now to the...


057 - ​​LIVE From Mexico City, Merry Christmas Every Tuesday in December

Yes LIVE Radio From Mexico City. I was in Mexico City mostly on a pleasure trip but also some business too. As promised every Tuesday in December Nadine and I are taking calls and connecting you to your loved ones for the Holiday season. As for Mexico City, Thank you Mexico City for taking such good care of me. To my Soul Tribe Robert & Rodolfo Thank you so much for loving on me, meditating on Pyramids, and my first Balloon Ride over Mexico.