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A horror podcast hosted by SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror. They dig up fresh horror news, rumors, reviews, special guests and more. New episodes every other Wednesday.






94 - Death Note/It (2017)/Jimmy George

Oh, but they’re back. They’re the men behind the masks. And they’re out of control. Another episode of The Grave Plot Podcast is here with a couple of new adaptations of old favorites. We discuss Adam Wingard’s new take on the manga series Death Note as well as Andres Muschietti’s remake of Stephen King’s It. How does the live action adaption compare? How does the new Pennywise stack up to Tim Curry’s iconic portrayal? Listen to hear our thoughts, plus our pal Wizdom calls in with his...

Duration: 02:13:02

93 - Puppet Master/Bloodstone: Subspecies II

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a solar eclipse? No, it’s a Full Moon! Today we’re talking about two movies from Full Moon Features. First up we’ve got arguably the company’s most famous film, Puppet Master. Next up we skip right past Subspecies to Bloodstone: Subspecies II. Have a listen as we determine if these movies rise or fall. That was an attempt at a moon pun and it failed. Sorry. We also discuss the loss of another horror legend, an all-clown screening of It, and the future of...

Duration: 01:54:20

92 - Demons/City of the Living Dead

Ciao e benvenuto ad un altro episodio di The Grave Plot Podcast! Today is our salute to Italian horror! We start off today’s show by going on a long, rambling rant about James Wan. It’s mostly just a lot of bitching and complaining so enjoy that! Next up is Horror Business, where we talk a Real World Horror story about a chupacabra. Probably. Not. We also discuss which Stephen King adaptation Andres Muschietti wants to do next, a new documentary about the making of Beetlejuice, and...

Duration: 01:44:56

91 - Horror music w/ Jensen Cowart and Jeremy Edwards

We’re doing something a little different today, as instead of talking horror movies, we’re talking horror MUSIC. To that end, we’ve brought in musicians Jensen Cowart and Jeremy Edwards to help us talk about everything from punk to metal to hip-hop. We discuss bands like The Misfits, Iced Earth, Slayer, and Nekromantix. First things first, though, we’ve got to talk about Horror Business. In Real World Horror, we talk about a one-armed clown wielding a machete through the Maine woods. We...

Duration: 01:33:42

90 - The Langoliers/Sleepaway Camp (Patreon Picks)

The horror community lost a legend and an icon last weekend as the godfather of zombies, George Romero passed away. This episode is dedicated to his memory, as well as that of Martin Landau, Randy Schell, and John Bernecker. RIP. Today we let our Patreon patrons pick our movie reviews and the Kevins came through, for better or worse. First up was Kevin Nesgoda, who selected a made-for-TV miniseries based on a Stephen King book. No, it’s not IT, it’s The Langoliers. Three hours of Balky...

Duration: 01:34:55

89 - Uncle Sam/Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter/Ronnie Angel

I know we’re all still reeling from our Independence Day hangovers but wake the fuck up and use whatever fingers you have left to hit play on a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast. Today’s episode is dedicated to the birthday girl herself, the good ol’ US of A. These colors don’t run so love it or leave it and other such platitudes. America! In honor of the event, we busted out a six pack of Zima. That’s right, Zima’s back. From there things got a little crazy as we talked about...

Duration: 01:58:53

88 - Beyond the Gates/Pool Party Massacre

The dream of the 80s is alive at The Grave Plot Podcast. Today we’ve got two movies that are new, but you’d think they were straight out of a bygone era. Beyond the Gates is about a VHS (a what?) board game from another dimension and Pool Party Massacre is a throwback slasher of the best kind. We’ve also got that good Horror Business for you, including not one, not two, not three, but EIGHTY Peruvian teenagers being simultaneously possessed in Real World Horror. We also discuss the...

Duration: 01:41:42

87 - Happy Birthday to Me/Happy Birthday

Taylor was gone for this episode and he is missed dearly. How can the show possibly go on without him? …Is he gone? Okay sweet. Because the show is definitely going on without him, and good news guys, this episode is awesome. In Taylor’s absence, Tony tapped his dad John to fill the chair for his fourth time on the show, and we’re having a birthday party up in this bitch. And as things tend to go when John’s around, the episode ran a little long. Tony and John talk about some Horror...

Duration: 02:03:27

86 - Alien/Alien: Covenant/Neil Cohen

In this episode, we talk about everything from A to Z. That is, we talk everything from Alien to zombies! For our movie reviews, we talk about the brand new Alien: Covenant and compare it the 1979’s original Alien. Ridley Scott is back in the director’s chair, how does Covenant stack up? Before that, we talk to author Neil Cohen about his zombie novels Exit Zero, the upcoming Nuke Jersey, and the series finale, Zombie Democracy. Neil breaks down how his zombies are different and what...

Duration: 02:04:15

85 - Crypticon Seattle 2017 in 3D

Gather round, one and all, and hear tale of Crypticon Seattle 2017. Hear the legends of three straight days of chills, thrills, and frights. Hear of beasts, creatures, and killers illuminating the big screen with short films such as Luchagore’s “Bestia” or Timothy Troy’s “Ding Dong.” Not Timothy’s… never mind. Where was I? Oh yeah. Hear the terrifying tale of a puppet come to life, hellbent on murder. Listen close as we tell you all about the monsters that roam the halls of the Double Tree...

Duration: 01:32:04

84 - From Beyond/The Void

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded with the microphone on Tony’s laptop so it’s not up to our usual quality standards, however the content is the same old absurd irreverence that you’re used to. After talking about “Cosmic Monster” on the Beyond the Void podcast earlier this week, we decided to continue the trend by discussing the cosmic horrors of From Beyond and The Void! We also took care of some Horror Business, including United Airlines’ worst week ever in Real World Horror. We...

Duration: 02:07:46

Drunken Cinema, Vol. 12: Transylvania 6-5000

Hello friends! The time has come once again for us to drink too much and jabber through a movie. It’s the latest edition of Drunken Cinema! Today for your viewing pleasure, we have the 1985 cult classic Transylvania 6-5000, which features Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley, Jr., Michael Richards, and more. Let’s get weird.

Duration: 01:47:28

80 - Get Out/A Cure For Wellness w/ Carlos Rodela

Hello again, friends. We’ve returned and we’ve brought Carlos Muertos back from the dead. Carlos, also known by his “real” name Carlos Rodela, makes his fourth appearance on the show to help us discuss the films A Cure For Wellness and Jordan Peele’s horror debut Get Out. Things get a little deep as we discuss race in America and horror’s impact on society and vice versa. We also have Horror Business for you, including real (?) Sasquatch prints found in central Washington, the seventh...

Duration: 02:18:32

78 - The Axe Murders of Villisca/Pitchfork

Here we go again. Taylor and Tony get back behind the mic to talk about a couple of indie horror flicks. First up, we discuss the “based on a true story” film The Axe Murders of Villisca, about a group of paranormal investigators breaking into the real-life scene of one of the most brutal mass murders in history. We also talk about what some have dubbed a slasher icon for a new generation, Pitchfork. Have a listen and hear if we agree. When it comes to Horror Business, we have a Real...

Duration: 01:40:34

77 - Blood Brothers/Underworld: Blood Wars

Good morrrrrrning, Neverland! After going off about the Seattle Seahawks, Donald Trump, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we finally get down to business. Horror Business, that is. We have a Real World Horror story about an Aussie axe attack, plus updates on new installments of the Child’s Play, The Purge, and Jeepers Creepers franchises. And is another Behind the Mask movie on its way? Listen and find out, and also find out who will be directing the big budget Slenderman movie. Our...

Duration: 01:55:30

76 – Grave Plot Awards/Abattoir/The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Get ready to hobnob, whatever the hell that means, with the stars, because it’s the second annual Grave Plot Awards! Discover the best horror had to offer in 2016 as we hand out the coveted Golden Shovel trophy to stars of both the big and small screen. Discover the best actors, actresses, directors, and more! Then when all that nonsense is done, we go on to do Horror Business, including which The Walking Dead star was detained at the local airport. We also discuss updates on three major...

Duration: 01:47:56

75, part 2 - Red Christmas/Craig Anderson

Click here for part 1 Christmas may only come once a year, but the Grave Plot Podcast Christmas special just keeps coming! Phrasing? In today’s second part, we start things out with our annual gift exchange. We don’t know why you guys would want to hear that but, you know, it’s tradition at this point. We also give a call down under and talk to Australian actor/writer/director Craig Anderson about making horror movies and specifically his new story of yuletide terror, Red...

Duration: 01:36:41

75, part 1 - Christmas Horror Business/Secret Santa

Ho ho holy shit! Dem Grave Plot boyz be back with a brand new episode for dat ass! This year, all of our Christmas cheer couldn’t be contained in just one episode, so dig in to part one now. Wake up to a nice warm cup of Horror Business, including a Real World Horror story about a game show that sounds more like The Purge than The Price is Right. We also discuss the latest Stephen King adaptation, a film adaptation of the BBC One show Jekyll, a book based on Freddy vs. Jason, a remake of...

Duration: 01:09:43

73 - Fear, Inc./I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House w/ Wizdom

Good morning all! Congratulations, you’ve survived long enough to see another episode of the Grave Plot Podcast hit the airwaves. Today we’re joined in the studio by rapper Wizdom as we discuss the latest horror happenings. In Real World Horror, we discuss what’s sure to be the next Asylum franchise. In Horror Business, we talk about a couple new remakes, some updates on Stranger Things season two, and some new books for you to bury your nose in. For our reviews, we discuss the latest...

Duration: 01:43:26

72 - The Greasy Strangler/Phantasm: Ravager

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program. Octoberama is over and we’re back to normal (eh…) with episode 72. In today’s Real World Horror, we talk about an NBA player who was flagrantly fouled by a ghost. In Horror Business, we give you the latest on Friday the 13th, tell you about the newest installments in the Cloverfield and Sharknado franchises, a “spiritual successor” to a 90s classic, and a graphic novel based on the Hellraiser series. For our reviews, we discuss the...

Duration: 01:56:36

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